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You sighed tiredly as you unlocked the door to your apartment and stepped in. The lights were off, and you leaned over and switched on the main lights in the living room before taking off your shoes. You had just come back from another late night of tiring work, just to scrap by. With how the economy was going, you weren't sure if you'd be going anywhere…At least not in society anyway.

Glancing at the clock, you saw that it read 2:48 am, and you headed into the kitchen to get something to eat. You opened the fridge and glared at its emptiness. You then closed the fridge and opened the cupboard, and sighed glumly.

"Looks like it's ramen again…," you stated to yourself, pulling out a package of chicken ramen. You reached into your lower cupboard and pulled out a boiling pan and filled it with water from the sink before setting it on the stove. You turned the burner on and waited for the starter to catch the gas on fire before setting the temperature. You then sprinkled some salt into the water to help it boil faster.

Leaving the kitchen, you headed into your living room and turned on the TV. Looking at your stack of DVDs, you noticed the movie Pitch Black slightly sticking out of the shelf and shrugged before pulling it off of the shelf and popping open the case. The DVD was in immaculate condition, and since you hadn't seen it in a while, you decided why not. So you popped the DVD out of its case before setting it in the DVD player. After the DVD player started the DVD, you headed into the kitchen to check on the water to see it was boiling. You opened the ramen packet-making sure to take out the flavor pouch-and dropped the noodles into the boiling water. You grabbed a fork and poked at the noodles absently, waiting for them to cook. A few minutes later the noodles were done, and you drained them and added them to a large bowl. After you added the flavor packet, you added the water and stirred the noodles together. You sniffed appreciatively, as the smell brought about fond memories of when you were younger. Taking the bowl, you headed back out into the living room.

Once you were situated on your comfy couch, with a blanket wrapped around you and the warn bowl of noodles in your hand, you clicked the remote to start the movie playing. Sighing in happiness, you settled down and started slurping your noodles as Riddick's voice floated from your TV.

'His voice is so…sexy…' you thought, blushing. As the movie progressed and it got to the part where the ship was hit by the comet, you got an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Something was wrong. VERY wrong.

You frowned as you glanced around, but couldn't see what was making you so uneasy. Shrugging, you turned back to the movie when suddenly the whole house started to shake. You yelped as you fell from your couch tangled in your blanket, hitting your head on the nearby coffee table. You instantly felt pain blossom in your head from the blow, but that was not important to you. The lights flickered on and off, and the movie kept playing as you tried to find some cover. Suddenly, you heard a loud boom before all you saw was black.


You groaned as you slowly came to. You tried to open your eyes and then immediately closed them with a hiss. There was a bright light directly in your eyes, and you tried opening your eyes again, though this time slower. You turned your head and squinted off to the side to see where you were. What you saw made you gasp. Standing right in front of your sight was what looked to be a doctor, but he somehow looked a WHOLE lot more sinister. You started to tremble and turned your head to the other side to see what was there. There was another doctor, and your trembling increased. This time, you braved the bright light above you to look all around you. You saw you were strapped down to a metal table in a room that was brightly lit. Surgical instruments lay on a movable table off to the side, and you were surrounded by medical personnel. It was your only guess due to your location and how they were dressed. You couldn't see their faces due to their masks, only their eyes. Suddenly, one of them talking off to the side caught your attention.

"I believe that she is the one we were searching for all this time. Her DNA has the genetic make-up we have been searching for. She was lucky find. I am sure she will survive the process of the experiment," said the man. The man he was talking to nodded.

"I think you are right Don. Proceed. I shall keep watch from above," said the other man, before turning around and leaving the room through a door. You started to freak out and started thrashing, trying to escape from your bonds. Fear ran cold through you, like a viper's poison.

"Who are you?!, " you screamed, struggling against your bonds some more. The doctors all crowded around the table, before the one that was named Don nodded to the doctor next to the medical table.

"Hand me the bit and breathing tube. We need to quiet her and get started," Don said, motioning with his hand. The doctor next to the table nodded and handed the items over to Don.

"Now hold her head still; I need to do this just right," he said, as he positioned the tube and bit contraption above your mouth. By now you were sobbing and begging them to release you, but it fell on deaf ears. You felt hands hold your head down to the table and gloved hands hold your mouth open. Tears fell to the sides of your eyes in streams as you watched the bit and breathing tube contraption heading towards you. Suddenly, the tube was shoved roughly down your throat, and when you tried to scream, all that came out was a gurgled wheeze. Once the tube was deemed far enough down your throat, the doctor took the bit and fastened it over the entrance of your mouth and secured it tightly around your head. You were now effectively gagged with a breathing tube and a bit in your mouth. You silently wept as you felt your throat burn from the unwelcome intrusion. You watched as Don hooked up the other end of the tube to a machine, and then you felt air rushing into your lungs at a gentle steady pace. You were shaking and sweating now.

Don nodded to another doctor, and you watched warily as the other doctor brought several needles forward that were attached to small clear tubes. Don then started distributing the needles among the other doctors, and they started inserting the needles into different places all over your body. You were used to the pain of needles, so that didn't bother you so much. But what happened next made you shudder in fear. The doctors then hooked up the other ends of the tubes to a machine, and immediately, you watched as a silver blue liquid flowed from the machines, through the tubes, and then to the needles placed into your body. At first, you didn't feel anything, but then you started to feel a slow burning that quickly turned into a roaring fire. You tried to scream started to thrash again, but your bonds held securely. The burning spread out from the needle-points throughout your body, until you literally felt you were burning alive. You started sobbing hysterically, your cries muffled by the breathing tube and bit in your mouth. Then, the pain became too much as you passed out into welcoming darkness.

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