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On another note, there was a very specific reason that I chose the Wolf, or more specifically, the Grey Wolf, as the animal with which the OC/You is imbued. Grey wolves are known for a social nature, having highly expressive behavior, having bodies made for endurance and speed, teeth more suited to crushing bone than tearing meat, has exceptional hearing and sense of smell, exceptional night vision exceeding all other canines, and the ability to conserve body heat. Grey wolves are also what are known as "apex predators", which in other words means "Alpha Predators, Super Predators, Top Level Predators, or Top Predators. Basically, they are top of the food chain with very few threats. They also have the ability, that when they are a lone wolf, to be much more aggressive, stronger, and far more dangerous than a normal wolf. Right now, this is you. You are a lone wolf, and to survive, you must pick up these traits. Wolves are also a "mate for life" animal, so when they choose a mate, it's for life. So, the Grey Wolf was the perfect animal to choose. Oh, and in this story, they are essentially "extinct". Wolves I mean.

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LAST TIME: "What am I going to do now?," you whispered, feeling so lost and alone. You wrapped your arms around your legs and buried your head in your knees, as the thunder and lightning continued on, rain falling harshly to the ground. Your leg still burned from the gunshot wound, but the pain was just a dull thrum now. You just continued to cry until you could cry no more. You cried for the loss of home. You cried for the changes that were forced upon you. You cried for the pain that was inflicted upon you. But most of all, you cried because you felt so utterly and completely alone.


The next day, you woke up stiff and sore. You hadn't really slept, so you felt rather tired and achy. You stood up and stretched, then rubbed your eyes with your fists. Blinking, you surveyed the empty building once more. It looked even worse in the sunlight. Rust practically overtook the whole of the three walls of the building, and you were surprised that it had stood standing as long as it did. It looked ready to collapse. Turning around, you decided to explore the city you were in. Perhaps you would be able to figure out where you were and catch a ride home. You hoped that you were not too far from your apartment...

Suddenly, a soft whirring noise from above stirred you from your thoughts, and when you looked up, your heart sank in remembrance. You watched as several flying vehicles zoomed across the sky, seemingly following invisible roads in the sky. You remembered now. This wasn't home. This probably wasn't even Earth. You looked down to your injured leg, and rolled the pant leg up to get a look at it. Aside from a little crusted blood, the wound had healed. It had left a scar, but it was at least healed. Thankfully, the bullet had cut clean through, and had missed your bone and any major arteries completely. You rolled your pant leg back down and headed out of the side of the building that didn't exist. You walked down the alleyway, and headed for a busy street. Many kinds of people walked here; some not even human. You were surprised at first, but quickly managed not to draw attention to yourself.

You let the crowd take you along, taking in everything you could, from video billboards, restaurants, and many shops. Thankfully, everything was in English. Your bare feet went unnoticed as the crowd pushed you along. You got a look into the window of a shop as you passed, and saw a price for 10 UD. What was UD? It sounded vaguely familiar…You noticed that this place you were in was definitely more technologically advanced than anything you had ever seen-at least in real life that is. You pinched yourself on the arm to make doubly sure that you were not dreaming. Ouch! Ok, so you were most definitely NOT dreaming…Scratching where you had pinched your arm absently, you looked for a place where you could sit down and think. All the smells and sounds were frankly overwhelming you.

You spotted a small coffee shop on a corner of the street, with seats inside. You decided to go there. You quickly walked to the shop and opened the door, slipping in unnoticed. Glancing around, you spied an empty booth at the back and made your way there. The sounds and smells were not as overwhelming in here, so you quickly sat down and began to think.

The first thing you were concerned about was what those scientistsdoctors…or whatever they were, had done to you to make you like… this. You knew that the only way to find out that little bit of information was to go back… And therein laid the problem. There was no way that you would be able to just waltz back in there. They could capture you, kill you, or do even worse…You were scared, but being in a new…world…you needed to know what was up with you. It could actually come in handy surviving here. You hoped that it wouldn't come to that, but you had a sad feeling that that might actually happen. Decision made, you decided to retrace your steps. You couldn't fully remember the way back, since you had been focused on only running away at the time, but perhaps you could follow your blood trail back by scent. Now that you were done thinking, you slipped from the booth and backtracked to the old rusty building you had spent the rainy night in. You needed to find the building you woke up in and escaped before dark, so you could find a way in that did not involve getting your head shot off.

You quickly went to the back of the building and opened the door you had entered through the night before. Your blood was still there on the ground, though the rain had washed most of it away. It made the tracking difficult, but you took your time retracing your steps through the twists and turns of the many alleyways. You could only hope that they would never expect you to come back willingly; albeit just to get some information, but it would be coming back regardless, so you had to be careful. Finally several hours later, after rounding a bend, you caught sight of it. It was a large building, made with grey stone and surrounded by tall fencing topped with barbed wire. There were two watchtowers, from which you could see searchlights on top that were currently shut off, and each tower had two gunmen posted on top of them. You quickly ducked back into the dark alleyway once more. You would wait until nightfall before you snuck in. You settled with your back against the alley wall cross-legged and closed your eyes. You began to meditate.

.Several Hours Later…..

You started slightly and opened your eyes. It was now dark, and you peeked around the corner of the building once more. The searchlights in the two towers were on, and everything seemed rather quiet. You glanced about once more, before speeding to the fence and leaping it in one smooth movement. Landing in a silent crouch, you waited for the searchlights to pass by before you darted to the building, pressing yourself flat up against the wall. Finally locating the door you had escaped out of, you ran to it, opened it, and then slipped quietly inside. Finding the hall suspiciously empty, you kept your senses open. You slowly crept along the halls, following where there seemed to be a concentration of scents. You came upon a door, and slipped inside. There was nothing of relevance here-nothing you could see that could help you find your answers. However, when you looked down, you noticed a map on the table. You snatched it up and quickly examined it, your head cocked in curiosity. It was a map of the building, but it seemed to have some childish doodles on it; as if whomever the map belonged to was making fun of things. Or their boss. One room had "Ass Boss" written in crappy handwriting with a horrendous blob of a human drawn next to it. It even had one of those joke mustaches. You quirked an eyebrow at that, before tucking the map into the pocket of your hoodie. You ducked back out into the hallway, and crept into the direction of the "Ass Boss" room. After many twists and turns, you finally came upon a door that seemed to match with the map. You listened against the door for anyone inside, and when you couldn't even hear a heartbeat, you pushed the door open. Inside was a simple wooden desk, a chair, and a small loveseat. It looked like a typical office.

You quickly began to rummage around the drawers and shelves for anything that might pertain to you. Finally, you realized that all of the information was most likely digital; if the technology you had seen outside was any indication. You smacked your forehead at your stupidity. Then you switched your search to anything that might be digital. Finally, on accident, you pulled up the hologram screen for the built in computer. After you fiddled with a few of the screens, you opened some files. Once you located the ones with your name on them, you quickly searched around for something similar to a USB. After a bit of searching, you found something in the dresser drawer and plugged it into the desk. Another screen popped up, and you quickly dragged and dropped the files into the USB…thing. You watched as the loading screen came up as all of the files transferred. All of a sudden, an alarm started to blare and red lights began flashing everywhere.

"Come on!," you growled at the loading screen. It finished loading and you snatched the USB and threw it in your pocket before heading to the door. Suddenly, the door burst open and two burly men with guns stood there. They seemed just as surprised as you did at seeing them.

"Hey you! Stop right there and show me your hands!," one of them said, pointing his gun at you and stepping forward. You didn't even listen; you just reacted on instinct. You quickly lashed out with your fists, your newfound strength causing both men to fly backwards easily across the hall, hitting the wall harshly. They were both knocked out, but not dead. You barely spared them a glance as you ran back the way you came. You rushed down the hallways, backtracking back to the exit. However, just before the exit, there were two guards, obviously posted there to keep the intruder from escaping. Both were rather large, but seemed a bit slow to you. They quickly noticed you and quickly brought their guns level with you. Without hesitation, you just followed your instincts. As they let off a couple of rounds, whizzing by your head, you rushed them. You quickly ran up to the closest guy, the one on the left, and punched him in the jaw, hard. His head snapped back and hit the wall with a crack. He slid down the wall limply, leaving a bloody trail on the wall. He was dead. You then quickly turned to the other guy and before you knew it, you had snapped his neck. You had no time to think it over-to think over your first kills-you needed to run. Quickly, you slipped out of the exit, and saw the searchlights moving everywhere, trying to find the intruder. Wasting no time, you did a mad dash for the fence line. You heard shots begin to rain down on you and you picked up the pace. Then you leapt over the fence again, landing in a crouch on the other side, before you shot off into the dark alleys.

You kept running all the way back to the rusty building where you had spent the night. You hunkered down there for the night-tomorrow you would find somewhere where you could sit down and read what was on that USB…chip…thingy.

You sat down, breathing heavily. After a few minutes, your breathing slowed as you calmed down. Then you finally processed something…You had killed someone. And not just onesomeone…but two someones. You put your head in your hands and pulled your knees to your chest. You started to hyperventilate. Suddenly, you heard a voice in your head…One that sounded like you, but deeper…more guttural.

"Now that you have made your first kills, I have finally awakened…," the voice purred.

You started and looked around wildly, searching for the owner of the voice.

"Who are you? Where are you?," you questioned fearfully, your eyes flicking through the dark building everywhere but seeing no one there.

"First of all, I am your inner beast. Your natural gut instinct if you will. I can help you when you need it the most," your inner beast purred again to you.

"Ok…So…How can you help me?," you asked, still a little wary. Were you just going crazy?

"Well, first I can help you learn how to use those lovely instincts you have. You have always had them, but they were never developed until they did what they did to you. Or I should say 'us'. I guess then that that is a blessing in disguise…Otherwise we would have never met," your inner beast said.

You nodded to yourself sagely. That makes sense…a little.

"So… About the killing I did… ," you started awkwardly, "You're saying that I may have to do… more? I mean, I've always kinda followed the law…Well, at least I never killed or hurt someone…The fear of going to prison kept me from doing anything like this…," you trailed off hesitantly.

"Well, you'll just have to buck up then. Because from what I gathered, they will not stop to get you back. Which means that you will have to fight. At least some of the time. The rest of the time will be flight…," your beast rumbled softly.

You nodded again, solemnly. It would do no good to dwell on what you did or could have done instead. It had been you or them, and you had had to choose you.

"I guess then that I should first find out exactly what they did to me and what their plans are for me. Then, if my suspicions are right, I could go to another planet altogether. But now I need to sleep…," you said, yawning as you laid back.

Your inner beast went quiet at that, and you quickly fell asleep-though it was a light sleep, just in case.

Several Hours Later…

You had been walking around for what seemed like an eternity, when you finally spotted a place where you could rent a computer. The problem was…You had no money. You decided that you would have to try your pickpocketing skills…Not that you had ever done it. But you had seen it done on TV, so hopefully you could pull this off. You quickly bumped into a guy and your hand snaked out lightning fast, reaching into his pocket and snatching his wallet. You pulled your hand into your hoodie pocket with the wallet as you stumbled back.

"Sorry…," you murmured. The man just brushed you off and continued on his way. Obviously he had some pressing matters to attend to. Shaking it off, you went back to the computer rental place and paid for 2 hours of time there. You booted up the highly advanced device and slid the USB chip into the port. You quickly pulled up your files, and wasted no time in getting down and dirty with reading. What you read shocked you. First of all, you found out that wolves of any kind were extinct; especially on the planet they hail from; Old Earth. The second thing you found was that they had found a whole grey wolf carcass-enough for them to take the genetic material and enhance it. From what you were reading, they had enhanced the original grey wolf DNA by combining it with some alien wolf DNA…They called them Tiger Hounds. They were planning on injecting the DNA with a combining solution to transform the person they were injecting into a super soldier. Then they planned on selling not only the ingredients to make the super soldier, but also the super soldier themself. They had planned on implanting a control chip in your body, so that you couldn't use your newfound abilities to escape. You were glad you escaped when you did; you didn't know if you could handle being used that way. Finally finishing your reading, you unplugged the USB chip and exited out of the building. The day was still young, so you decided that you needed to get off of this planet. You politely asked someone where the spaceport was-and as you thought, that's what it was called-and were directed to it.

Now, an hour later, and you were looking at all the destinations. Most of the places you didn't recognize, but one thing caught your eye. It was a place called Lupus Prime in the Lupus star system. You decided that that looked like the best bet. You went up to the counter and paid for a ticket. You had just enough UD left over to buy something small to eat. You sighed and bought a roll and some juice and gobbled them up. First food in days never felt so good. You waited until they called your flight, and then got in line with your ticket. You had no luggage to worry about, so that was a relief. Once you got to the front, they scanned your ticket and you got on board. Since it would be a long flight, they said that it would be done in cryosleep. You only knew of the word due to you watching enough sci-fi shows and movies to get it. Someone was nice enough to strap you in, add the needle to your arm, and then close the tube. You felt the drugs taking effect, but it was more like your body was going numb, but your mind was still awake and as sharp as ever. You could still hear passengers getting in, all ambling towards their cryotubes. You just decided to rest until they took off, which wasn't that much longer… Wow. You were on board of a spaceship. How cool was that? You'd never in your wildest dreams thought that you would have lived to actually see this kind of technology. It was kind of a treat. Well, since it will be a long 12 weeks on this ship, you decided that now was as good a time as any to get some real rest. You let the drugs fully take over your body and drag you into the blissful realm of unconsciousness.

….End Of Chapter 4….

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