Chapter One:

Okay, so this is dedicated to my best friend. She helped me come up with this. I hope you enjoy. Review and let me know if I should continue. Okay, bye! (:

Logan Mitchell smiled to himself as he took a last look at his home bedroom. He knew he would miss this place dearly, but he was too excited to feel any sorrow. This year, he was staring college. Finally, all the work through out his high school years was being paid off. It was so worth it. He would finally get a taste of living on his own, and being able to learn all the things they didn't teach him in high school. This would most definitely be the best learning experience Logan would ever have. He had gotten accepted into Cleveland, school of arts and science. He had it set in his mind ever since he was eight that he was going to major in Clinical Sciences. It was his life long dream to become a doctor and this was his chance to start off his career. He was so excited, he could barely breathe.

He clicked off his light and walked out of the house with the rest of his bags. He walked outside and found his mother trying to shove some of the things that had already been brought outside, into the trunk. Logan couldn't help but smile at the sight. He ran over to help her.

"Mom, you're gonna throw your back out, again." Logan teased, helping his mother with the remaining things. She sighed in playful exasperation.

"Are you calling me old?" she questioned her son. Logan only smiled and got into the car. Mrs. Mitchell shut the trunk and also got into the car. Logan had always been very close to his mom. He was close to his dad as well, but Logan and his mom had a special connection. They were best friends. Well, she was Logan's only friend, really. Logan was basically invisible in high school. He didn't talk much, and his social skills weren't very good when it came to people he wasn't related to, so he mostly kept to himself. All he needed at school was an education anyway. He didn't need friends. His parents never mentioned him not talking about friends or bringing friends over, but it didn't go unnoticed. Logan strapped his seat belt over his lap in the backseat, as his dad started the car engine.

"You ready, kiddo?" His dad asked. Logan could only nod in excitement. His father smiled.

"You're all happy now, but right when we leave, you're gonna miss us like crazy." Mr. Mitchell explained.

"Yeah, right." Cleveland was about 2 hours away. It wasn't that far from his home in Minnesota, but it was far enough.


Logan and his parents had finally gotten all of his things into his new dorm, which was really nice. The front area had light brown carpeting, with a white medium couch and chair. There was even a television. Behind this area was a kitchen area, empty of course, but there was a fridge, table and stove. There was a hallway to the left of the kitchen with two doors. One was the bathroom and, the other was Logan's new bedroom, where they had placed all of his belongings. The room was a pretty good size. He was very pleased with his room, even though he wouldn't be living in it alone. There was another bed, dresser and closet across the room. He sighed. He knew that living with another person would be the hardest part. Nobody liked talking to him in high school, so why would anyone talk to him here? He wouldn't be able to push himself through his awkward social issues. He was just too shy with people, and every time he did speak, he was bullied and beat on.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Mrs. Mitchell asked, noticing her son wasn't looking so excited anymore. She placed her arm over her shoulder, snapping him out of his daze.

"Oh nothing, I'm just kinda nervous now. The whole college thing finally hit me." He lied. He was all for college. School was one of his most favorite things in the whole wide world. Mrs. Mitchell knew he was lying. She didn't say anything. She simply ruffled his brown hair and kissed his cheek.

"Everything is gonna be just fine. You're the most amazing person named Logan in the whole wide world." Logan smiled and hugged his mom tight.

"We didn't have it like this back in my day," Mr. Mitchell started. "Our dorms had two mats and a table; nothing else" Mrs. Mitchell laughed and brushed against his shoulder. Mr. Mitchell was amazed at how nice these college dorms were.

"Dave, you're over exaggerating."

"I'm serious!"

"Would you guys hurry up and leave already?" Logan said, only halfway joking. Mr. Mitchell placed his hand over his own chest.

"I never thought I'd see the day that my own son kicks me out of his house."

"He's right, we're hovering. I just don't wanna see my little baby go. Not yet." She pretended to cry.


The Mitchell family said their goodbyes after a million hugs and kisses. Logan was excited when they finally left him alone. He was good on his own. He listened to the air blowing throw the vents. It was pure silence. He did the first thing that popped into his mind. He went to his new room to make up his bed. Everything was perfect. He flopped on his bed and looked up to the ceiling. He stayed like this for a while, soaking everything in. he even closed his eyes for a second, and began to day dream about all the things he would learn about in his years at Cleveland. This was going to be amazing. Logan's eyes quickly snapped open when he heard a door open. He sat up quick and stood up from the bed. He sat back down and stood up again, not exactly sure what to do at the moment. His heart was racing. He was scared and nervous.

"Hello? Anybody here?" The voice called from the front area. Logan breathed in deeply. He forgot to exhale. He decided to walk into the living room area to- Logan stopped in his tracks. His eyes buzzed open wide. His heart stopped beating in his chest. It may have been because he still hadn't exhaled. Logan felt his knees quiver in fear. There, in the flesh, stood Kendall Knight, Logan's worst nightmare. He looked even scarier than Logan remember. He was tall, he had short blonde and had short blonde hair that was a bit tattered. His bangs hung over his eyes a bit. He even looked more muscular than Logan remembered. He was still lanky, but his arms and chest looked much more toned than before, especially in the stripped tank top he was wearing. He had only been moths since senior year. Logan finally breathed once he realized that he was feeling faint. This was real. They boy who bullied him relentlessly in high school, to the point where Logan had to hid from him in order to not be brutally beaten in school.

Kendall whipped his head to the side, moving his bangs from over his eyes. Logan saw a quick glimpse of shock in his eyes, but it quickly turned into anger.

"No. Hell fucking no. I am not rooming with- no. Move out of the way!" Kendall said, pushing Logan, so he could get to the dorm phone. Logan only whimpered and let himself fall to the floor, without even trying to catch his fall.

"Hello? Is this the front office?" Kendall spat into the phone. Logan remained on the floor, trying to catch his breath. He still said nothing. Logan listened to Kendall as he argued to whomever on the phone. If Logan was lucky, maybe Kendall would get kicked out of the school for verbal assault. It was highly inappropriate for him to talk like that on the phone. He harshly slammed the phone down. Before Logan knew it, Kendall was out the door. He slammed the door shut as hard as he could. Kendall's things were still scattered across the floor, so he would have to come back. Logan buried his face in his knees. He'd stay like this until he had the strength to get up; if he got the strength.