So I haven't submitted anything on Fanfiction for quite awhile. Let's see how this goes. So around November I decided to check out Supernatural. I loved Jensen Ackles when he was in Dark Angel and that's how I knew about Supernatural. So I bit the bullet and started watching. I didn't stop. So here we are. I'll explain more about where this story is in regards to seasons but later. I don't know how well this will go so let me know what you guys think. Here is the first chapter of Honor Thy Father.

Abby had always been laid back. The cool-headed person when things got a bit crazy, the one who could make up a lie and story to back it up on the fly. She was always calculating herself and the area around her, the people in her general vicinity, making sure to keep tract of them. Either way, no matter the situation, Abby always had a cool head and was light-hearted about the whole thing, but also aware of others around her and what that meant to her. It proved itself while in her current predicament. Sure it looked like she was just sitting there, granted you can't move if you're tied to a chair but that's all just details. Her attention would "veer" off, humming music under her breath and tracing patterns in the small kitchen ceiling above her head, but in reality she was keenly aware of the two demons standing guard in the kitchen with her, the three to four on the second floor, and she was pretty sure there was a demon posted at both the front and back doors.

"Guys, I'm bored," Abby made sure to add a whining quality to her tone, mostly for the guard posted by the doorway. The tall bird-like man, whom Abby had affectionately dubbed Polly due to his cockatoo-like features, scowled in her direction before turning away and looking out toward the living room. From the short distance Abby could see the flinching in his jaws, grinding his teeth in frustration no doubt. From the time of her capture Polly always gave the best reactions to one of Abby's barbs and taunts, making the kidnapping experience that much more fun. After the last two and a half hours of Abby and Polly throwing insults at each other Boss Lady, named Rachel after her meat suit, had ordered a gag order. If Polly retaliated, she'd kill him. Simple but efficient.

It certainly made things boring for Abby, which she secretly wondered if that was Rachel's plan. Bore Abby until she talked. Highly unlikely. Even as a child she could keep herself entertained for long periods of time. A highly sought after trait in a child; her parents had been incredibly lucky, according to her Aunt. So now as an adult Abby had an almost unlimited amount of imagination. It had only been about three hours since Rachel's possible plan had gone into effect and Abby was good for another day at least before she needed a break.

"You're no fun. What about you Steve? You game?" questioned Abby, looking over at the more full-figured man who stood a few feet away from her spot, leaning up against the sink, watching her. Steve, again named within a few minutes of boredom, was a near complete opposite to Polly. Where as Polly was tall, gangly limbed, along with a hook-like nose not to mention the crazy styled red hair that reminded Abby of his avian nickname, Steve was much shorter, accompanied by a pouch of belly meat and face full of dark brown hair. Not only that, Steve rarely showed emotion. Polly had not been excited about being placed on guard duty or really having to interact with Abby in general, and he made sure that Rachel knew this as vocally as possible. Of course a good throat constriction from Rachel had been answer enough. On the other hand was Steve, a good demon grunt that took orders with minimal fuss or sass, not letting the humans sway him with tears or threats.

Steve the demon reminded Abby of Jesse, one of her Aunt's friends, not that she'd tell him. Technically he was Abby's uncle, just around her age and not related by blood. Her family was a bit complicated. Numerous and very complicated. When Abby had been five years old, her mother was murdered in the kitchen of their house while Abby had been upstairs, playing in her room. It was only the arrival of her father, who had gone to get groceries for his wife, that had stopped the intruders from killing the five-year old they had found cowering under the bathroom sink. At the time Abby could only remember terror at seeing her mother's broken body on the kitchen floor and fear of the three dark-eyed people who surrounded her. She had completely shut down at that point and only came back once realizing that she was safe in her father's arms as he loaded her into his truck, driving away from her childhood home.

Due to such an event, Abby didn't remember a lot of that time period but there were the little things that stayed. The large tree that dominated the front yard of her house, complete with a tire swing her dad had set up for her one afternoon. Such a memory was accompanied by the sound of her laughter as she was pushed gently by her father, the light breeze swaying her brown hair about as she held on to the ropes. The sound of her mother's humming when she moved around the house, either in the midst of chores or while preparing food always calmed Abby, a background noise that reassured her of her mother's presence. The unique scent of her father, something Abby could not prove was cologne or just naturally her father, when cuddling into his side or when he carried her in his arms, her head resting against his shoulder or pressing her face against his neck in seek of comfort.

One of her best memories were anytime the three of them were together. Abby wrapped in her mother's arms and her father holding them both, that feeling of security she got from both her parents. Her mother, giving comfort and support while her father's presence was that of joy and a fierce protectiveness that had Abby daring anyone to mess with her family. Only someone made good on the threat. Sure, they were taken care of but at the cost of both her parents, because the day after her mother's death Abby woke up at her Aunt Sarah's house, her father gone.

Hearing a car pull up in the drive way of the farm house broke Abby's thought process, bringing her back to the kitchen. Good thing too, she hadn't even begun to dissect her father's side of the family, which was the real clincher. Stowing that can of worms for later, she watched as Polly threw a glance to his partner, obviously telling Steve to watch her, before leaving the kitchen toward the front of the house.

"Hey Polly, see if Rachel brought me any food, I'm starving!" hollered Abby. Not to her surprise there was no response from the grouchy babysitter, and she turned her gaze over to Steve. "I'm serious Steve, it's been like thirteen hours since I last had anything, my stomach is eating itself."

But alas he just stared, black eyes emotionless, before turning away and looking toward the front of the house. Abby gave a huff before looking at the ceiling, Steve and Jesse for sure acted the same. But she was making progress with Jesse. She'd managed to get him to smile at a joke. Hearing the clicking of heels entering the house caught Abby's attention and she started laughing. There were only three other demons who were wearing women and the two stationed at the house were older women who could get discounts at the local diner, so really that only left one demon. Hearing the echoes of heels on the kitchen's linoleum Abby's laughter grew as she caught sight of the blonde woman glaring at her prisoner from the door way.

"Holy crap Rachel, are those Go-Go Boots? You upgraded from Farmer Jane to Felicity Shagwell. Where did you even find her at?" giggled Abby, seeing the expression on her warden's new face, black eyes furrowed in annoyance. She didn't know what it was but Rachel made Abby laugh. She had been a high-ranking demon when Crowley was in office but now that Abaddon was taking over, she'd been demoted, also known as threatened, to foot soldier. Abby's kidnapping was a clue to how much Rachel wanted back on top. It's all about buttering up the boss. But Rachel was cocky and didn't know exactly what she was up against. Abby tilted her head as she heard a faint curse word from outside the house and then the shuffling of feet. That was different. Looking to Rachel, Abby gave a bit of a smirk.

"I hear the dragging of feet, Rach, who did you manage to join me as prisoner-in-arms? Wait, don't tell me, you'll spoil the moment."

Sure Abby liked to joke but really, if Rachel had grabbed a civilian, it'd make this whole escape thing difficult. Now, a hunter she could work with, they were well-trained and knew what needed to be done. Downside was that they might look at Abby differently if they knew what she'd have to do get them out of this mess. Hunters were notorious for being paranoid and suspicious. The shuffling and cursing got closer until Rachel stepped into the kitchen fully, two large burly men walking in behind her with her new buddy handcuffed between them.

Seeing the group in front of her actually managed to make her speechless. Her Aunt would be upset to know she was missing this moment. Abigail Serrano, speechless. Then the moment was over when she started laughing.

"Shut up." A shout of protest from the newest arrival was the only warning Abby got before Rachel's fist cracked against her cheek. But it didn't stop her from laughing. If anything it made it funnier. Abby managed to slow down enough to spit out the wad of blood caused by Rachel's love tap. Eh, her lip would heal up in a bit. Looking up at the Austin Powers reject, she smiled, shaking her head at the stunt that her warden had just pulled.

"You didn't just catch anybody, did you? I mean, it'd be smarter to grab a civvy, they make better leverage. But, oh no, you just couldn't resist, could you? So you grabbed yourself a hunter." Abby looked over at the taller man. Of course everyone was taller when you were five-one, but again those were details. She appraised the hunter, watching as he quickly calculated and categorized the demons present and the house itself. Yep, she could definitely work with this, if his reputation was anything to go by. Looking to Rachel, Abby gave a smug smile. "Not just any hunter either. You're quite the overachiever Rachel, I'll give you that. You went and caught yourself a Winchester."

Hazel eyes bore into Abby's honey-toned ones, and she knew he had pegged her as another hunter. Kinda but not really, more like a specialist. Abby felt like laughing at Rachel's stupidity. "I applaud your effort, Rachel, really I do but…" she paused for effect, letting her smile drop, fixing the blonde demon with narrowed stare, "…you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into."

I'm curious on which Winchester everyone thinks it is. To me, both men have hazel eyes so it could be either of them. So let me know you're guesses. I'll let you know where this story line takes place in the Supernatural world. Let me know your feelings on the chapter! -Mez