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Spells and potions.

+Chapter 9: Seer+

-Saint Mungo's Hospital, London. Saturday 2 March 1996, 05:30 a.m.-

Minerva McGonagall walked briskly through the boring white halls of Saint Mungo's, looking for the long term ward of the Spell Damage Department. Ten minutes ago, McGonagall had been in her office, getting ready for the school day when Auror Tonks had come by to tell her about what happened in Little Whinging. She informed the Deputy Headmistress that a few Order members had been killed and even more had been hospitalized, including one Albus Dumbledore.

She came up to the room she'd been looking for and walked through the door in a flurry of robes and rage. "Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore!" she shouted as soon as she saw the old wizard sitting up in his bed with his usual twinkling eyes.

"Ah, Minerva! Lovely of you to come!" Dumbledore greeted her in a chipper voice. McGonagall seethed as she walked over to his bed and stood towering over him.

"A day, Albus! One measly day you've had the school back! Now, you're in the hospital! In the long term ward!" McGonagall shouted.

Dumbledore looked at her for a silent moment, then turned to the other people in the room; two healers, Minister Fudge, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Molly and Bill Weasley. "Could you give us a moment? Bill, if you could stay."

"Of course, dear!" Molly said. "I should go check on Arthur anyway!" The others left, Molly ushering everyone out after the healers gave Dumbledore one more warning not to get out of bed. Fudge left in a huff, muttering about insufferable Headmasters. Bill stood awkwardly in the room, halfway between the bed and the door.

McGonagall heaved a sigh. "What happened? Nymphadora didn't give me many details."

Dumbledore sighed as well. "Sit." He gestured to the chair beside him. McGonagall did as she was told and took up the chair beside the bed, pulling it closer. "It would seem Miss Granger was right," he started. "Voldemort, he told me his plans for Harry, for some reason. I don't know why they are his reasons, or why he told me. Then again, maybe he thought I wouldn't live much longer, with that curse he used."

"If Mum hadn't called me in to do my job as a Curse Breaker, you would have," Bill said. "I assume that's why you wanted me to stay? To explain the curse better than what the healers could tell you." Dumbledore nodded and Minerva gave him her undivided attention. Bill nodded and took a deep calming breath and blew it out slowly. "Well, You-Know-Who really knows his stuff. I've only ever come across a curse like that one time. It was a different curse from what was around you, but it had the same characteristics. The Egyptians used to use them all the time. I'm not sure where that curse he put on you originated from, but it wasn't from Egypt. All I know is that it's a sphere meant for containing something a lot more powerful than a wizard, and it drains the magic out of who or whatever is inside it. It was probably meant for a demon or something like that. Usually, with something like this, the magic that's drained away would be ciphoned into the caster for them to use however they wanted, but You-Know-Who seems to have modified it to just drain the magic away, letting it filter off into the Ether. Essentially, he sucked the magic out of you and let it go to waste. He didn't want your magic, he just wanted to weaken or kill you. If you'd stayed in there any longer, it would have killed you. If you weren't Albus Dumbledore, you'd have been dead long before I got there. As it is, your current magic deficiency will keep you incapacitated for a while, probably months, until your core can build itself up again. You might feel okay lying in bed, but the second you try to get up, you'll feel like you got hit by the Hogwart's Express. Twice, going both ways."

Dumbledore chuckled at the analogy. "I feel that way in bed too. And if I hadn't been Albus Dumbledore, I wouldn't have been in that sphere to begin with." They were all silent for a few moments, thinking it all over.

"Well, I should go check on Dad," Bill said. "I'm sure Mum will be by again later."

"Thank you, Bill," Dumbledore told him. "I owe you my life."

Bill waved him off. "You would have done the same for any one of us." And Bill turned and left the room, closing the door behind him.

McGonagall turned to Dumbledore and studied him for a few moments. "Albus," McGonagall said. "What exactly did he say he wanted with Harry?"

"It seems Harry's friends were right," Dumbledore answered. "Completely. He wants him to bear his children. I don't know what changed his mind so completely. Minerva, he said he'd heard the whole prophecy. He has spies in the Department of Mysteries that we didn't detect, and he believes that the prophecy was fulfilled the night he went after the Potters."

"But how can it be? He's still alive, Harry hasn't killed him," McGonagall said.

"That's just it, Minerva. The prophecy didn't say that Harry had to kill him, it said that Harry would have the power to 'vanquish' him, not 'kill' him. It said one would have to die at the hand of the other, and Voldemort, essentially, did die because of Harry that night. His body died when his soul was ripped away and he was left as nothing more than a wraith, not truly alive. The prophecy is fulfilled. I should have seen it! I should have realized that myself."

McGonagall stared at him with her jaw slack. "Oh, my gods," she whispered, sighing and letting her shoulders sag in a relief she didn't expect to feel. "So... What happens now?" McGonagall asked in a whisper.

Dumbledore shook his head lightly. "I don't know."

A sharp knock at the door brought them both out of their reveries.

"Enter," Dumbledore said, watching Severus Snape walk through the door after he spoke. "Severus. I didn't expect to see you again so soon."

"I didn't expect to find you in the hospital," Snape shot back, closing the door and throwing up privacy wards. "I have just come from the Dark Lord."


"He's only just found out about what's been going on at the school. I would have thought Lucius Malfoy would have told him about it sooner, but, apparently, Lucius is more inept than I thought. I even got punished for his idiocy. He's not happy about what Umbridge has been doing to the school and the students. He's even had Dolores Umbridge kidnapped," Snape said, not showing even the slightest sign of pity for the woman. "She's in the dungeons right now."

"I wish I could say I felt sorry for her," McGonagall muttered.

"Minerva!" Dumbledore chided. McGonagall shrugged and turned back to Snape.

"You might feel sorry for her, if you knew what the Dark Lord's dungeons are like," Snape told her. "Makes the history of the Tower of London look positively humane." McGonagall failed to suppress a shiver.

"What else, Severus?" Dumbledore asked.

"He's asked me to do a few things, nothing dangerous," Snape told him. "He wants a few healing potions for Potter."

McGonagall gasped. "So, he has hurt him?"

"I can't be sure, since I didn't see Potter myself," Snape said. "But I don't think so. He wants potions and salves to heal old scars and injuries. He's also ordered me to brew enough for all the students at Hogwart's, to heal their scars from the Blood Quills, at my own cost." Snape rolled his eyes.

"I think the school should be able to pay for that, Severus. Not to worry," Dumbledore told him. "Did he say anything else? Did you learn anything else while you were there?"

"I haven't learned anything more about Potter or Lovegood, or anything new about the castle in general. The wards are still very potent, only those with a Dark Mark can pass through them with an exception to transporting prisoners in but they have to be brought through by someone with a Dark Mark. Before you get your hopes up, I'd noticed a small change in the wards. I was informed by Lucius that it was changed specifically to keep Potter from leaving the premises. Only the Dark Lord himself can take him through the wards." Dumbledore sighed heavily. "And, as before, I still cannot divulge the location. I can't even tell you what country it's in."

"It's not in Britain?" McGonagall asked.

Snape shrugged, unable to confirm or deny. "The Dark Lord has also asked that I retrieve Potter's belongings. If I don't, he'll probably put me in the dungeons for a few days. I would very much like to avoid that. I suppose I should get Lovegood's belongings as well."

Dumbledore nodded. "Minerva can assist you with that. I don't see any problem with giving Harry or Luna their own belongings, since there is no way to take them away from the Dark Lord any time soon. Not while I'm in here. And, if what Tom has said is true, then he will take very good care of those two, so I'd assume he wants Harry's things to make Harry more comfortable with his new surroundings."

"So, we're going to do nothing to get Harry or Luna back?" McGonagall asked, her expression saddened.

"For now," Dumbledore answered solemnly.

Snape nodded and he and McGonagall, after giving Dumbledore well wishes and promises to come back, left for Hogwart's.

-Slytherin Castle, somewhere in Ireland. Saturday 2 March 1996, 07:36 a.m.-

Harry woke up slowly and groggily, wrapped in a warmth that could not come from only blankets. He didn't remember going to bed or falling asleep last night. He opened his eyes and took stock of himself. He was still partially dressed, including his undergarments; that was good. Harry looked down to see an arm wrapped around his waist. Raising an eyebrow, he turned his head to come face to face with the Dark Lord. Again. Only, this time, he was sleeping soundly. Harry turned back around, furrowing his brow a little, wondering once again what Twilight Zone he'd fallen into.

He'd liked that show, whenever he was able to sneak a peek at the television while the Dursleys were too engrossed in it to notice him. Funny, how they could handle a TV show that was full of stories that weren't 'normal', but they wouldn't even bother trying to understand Magic or Harry.

He'd told Hermione about his like for the show and she had agreed it was an amazing program, but she just couldn't watch it anymore after the episode with the old man who wanted nothing more than to read all of his books, but his wife wouldn't let him, then when the world ended and he was the last man on Earth and he was surrounded by all the books he could possibly read and there was no one to stop him - he broke his glasses and couldn't see a thing, much less read his books. Hermione had said that episode had made her cry. Harry laughed at her, and she punched him in the arm.

Harry smiled at the memory, then frowned. To find himself in a situation that would put the writers of the Twilight Zone to shame, Harry couldn't help but feel astonished. It didn't help that he missed his friends terribly, as well.

Harry wriggled a little to get out from under the arm that was invading his personal space. He'd just gotten it off of him, when it curled around him again and pulled him back up against a hard chest. He sighed heavily and started wriggling again.

"Will you stay still?" Voldemort mumbled drowsily. "Some of us are trying to sleep."

Harry heaved another heavy sigh. "Well, excuse me for needing the loo!" And he threw the arm off of him and slipped out of the bed.

Harry ran into the bathroom and quickly did his business, but when he went to go back into the bedroom, he hesitated. He chewed on his lip, leaning up against the sink. 'This is completely bonkers,' he thought to himself. He hoisted himself up onto the counter beside the sink, pulling his legs up to tuck them underneath him. 'I'm sitting in Voldemort's bathroom... and I'm not trying to run away, for whatever reason. Voldemort isn't trying to kill me, either.' He rested his chin on his hand. "There's only one explanation for all of this: I've lost my marbles."

"No, you haven't," Voldemort said, coming through the door without even thinking about knocking, and naked as the day he was born. "Now, stop thinking so hard. You're giving me a headache." Harry flushed and averted his eyes when Voldemort went to use the toilet himself. "Why are you sitting on the counter?" he asked, coming to stand beside Harry to wash his hands.

Harry shrugged. "Like I said, I've lost my marbles. I've gone round the bend. I'm cuckoo. I'm mad as a hatter. I've fallen off my rocker. My cheese has slid off my cracker."

"Sorry, what was that last one?" Voldemort smirked, drying his hands.

"Something I've heard my Aunt say about people she thinks are mad. Hermione has said it before too." Harry chuckled, still sitting comfortably on the counter. "Did you give me the second dose of that potion? My abdomen hurts a bit."

"Yes, I did." Voldemort smiled. "The pain should fade in an hour or so." The Dark Lord grabs Harry's hand, the one holding his head up, and tugs him off the counter and out of the bathroom. "Come, let's get something to eat."

Harry followed after him, dumbly staring at the hand holding his own. 'Twilight Zone!' he thought to himself.

"Do I want to know what the Twilight Zone is?" Voldemort asked, pulling Harry into the huge walk-in closet. He gestured to the opposite side of the closet. "Severus brought your things, and the elves have taken it upon themselves to put everything away." The Dark Lord stood there a moment and stared at the meager amount of belongings Harry had - not to mention the state of most of his clothes. "Definitely inviting Narcissa over," he muttered to himself, then turned and pulled out one of his own robes to put on.

Harry smiled a little and went to put on some of the comfortable clothes he'd bought himself for Christmas - at Molly and Ginny's insistance, of course. He pulled on some tight-fitting pre-faded blue jeans and a distressed red Foo Fighters t-shirt. He pulled on a black robe over it all that he left unfastened. It was just his usual outfit, really.

Voldemort watched with some amusement and had to hold back a chuckle when he saw Harry put his t-shirt on; it was cute how his hair flattened when the shirt was pulled over his head, only for it spring back to the same place it was before when his head popped through the hole. He didn't think he would ever admit it out loud, but he really thought Harry was adorable sometimes, without him ever trying to be. He'd noticed this after only one day spent with the teen.

Harry was so oblivious to how he was watched by others. Voldemort was certain he wasn't the only person to notice how adorable, innocent and interesting Harry was just to watch. Not to mention carrying a conversation with him was even more amusing, or even enlightening sometimes, surprisingly. Those thoughts sent a surge of possessiveness through him, one of his eyes twitching was the only outward sign of his frustration.

The Dark Lord reached out to grab the front of Harry's shirt, startling the teenager. He pulled him forward and put a brief but firm kiss to Harry's mouth. He pulled back and smirked at the bright red face staring back at him with wide green eyes.

"Stop doing that," Harry murmured.

"No," Voldemort said, and did it again, making Harry's eyes go impossibly wider and his face even redder. The Dark Lord's smirk broadened, as he let go of Harry. "Put some shoes on and let's go."

Harry turned to find his shoes organized on a lower shelf, he grabbed a pair of black and white trainers and pulled them on. As he was lacing them, he glanced up at the other shelves and noticed his glasses laying there beside his other few accessories. He smiled and grabbed them up, after he'd finished with his shoes. The vision correction potion was wearing off anyway, so he put them on with a short whoop.

Voldemort tilted his head and stared at Harry and his new glasses for a moment, then pulled out his wand. Harry flinched when the Dark Lord pointed it at his face. Voldemort muttered something and Harry felt and saw his glasses change. Furrowing his brow he pulled them off again and looked at them, then looked up with his mouth agape, glaring incredulously at the straight-faced Dark Lord.

"What the hell?!" Harry shouted. "I just bought those, I wanted something new! Now you just transfigure them to look like my old ones!?"

"I like the round ones better," Voldemort told him and turned to leave the closet, now fully dressed.

"Well, I don't!" Harry spat, following the older man back out to the bedroom, grudgingly putting the glasses back on his face.

"Oh well," Voldemort muttered, leading Harry out of the room and to the small dining room.

Harry scowled all through breakfast, looking as though he was trying really hard not to throw something at the Dark Lord.

"Have you finished eating?" Voldemort asked after he'd finished eating himself. Harry glared at him, stabbing a sausage rather violently with his fork, implying what he would really like to stab his fork into. Voldemort allowed himself to roll his eyes, as Harry put the food in his mouth and chewed it slowly, still glaring. "Oh, get over it already. I have something to show you." He stood and waited for Harry to finish chewing, then pulled his chair out for him to get up. Harry got up and shuffled after the Dark Lord, pouting.

"It's not in the dungeons again, is it?" Harry asked.


They walked down the halls for a few minutes, then went up a flight of stairs and down another corridor, until they came to a set of white French doors. Voldemort opened them and ushered Harry into what looked like a sitting room, done in light colors, with a white grand piano and lots and lots of books. Harry looked around, wondering what he needed to see here, when he saw someone sit up on one of the couches.

"Luna!" Harry exclaimed and ran to the blond, enveloping her in a tight hug. "What are you doing here?"

"They brought me at the same time as you," she said in her dreamy voice, hugging him back.

After they'd stood there comfortably holding each other for a long moment - that was apparently too long - Voldemort grabbed Harry by the back of his robes and pulled him out of Luna's grasp. "Hey!" Harry protested.

Luna giggled. "The Dark Lord is very easily jealous, I find it quite adorable," she stage whispered to Harry, earning a death glare from said Dark Lord.

"I find it quite annoying," Harry muttered, tugging himself out of Voldemort's grasp.

Voldemort sighed at Harry's petulant look. "I have things to do today, so I will leave you two to entertain yourselves. I would prefer if you stay in this room." At that moment, two men walked through the door, they were wearing Death Eater robes, but they didn't have masks or hoods covering their faces. They both had short brown hair and pasty skin, and looked a little malnourished, but they were still bigger and with more muscle than Harry. Voldemort glanced at them, then turned back to Harry and Luna. "The Lestrange brothers will be in charge of watching you. If you need anything, let them know and they will get it for you." He grabbed Harry by the arm and pulled him closer to whisper into his ear. "Do be a good boy and keep your hands to yourself. I would hate to have to hurt your friend for touching something that belongs to me."

Harry scowled at him, before Voldemort twined his fingers into Harry's hair and tugged his head back to get a better angle to put another rough kiss to Harry's lips, with a lot of tongue. Harry was so tempted to bite him, but decided against it, if only so Voldemort would leave faster. When the Dark Lord pulled away, Harry glowered up at him. "I hope you get hit by a bus," Harry grumbled.

Voldemort chuckled. "Well, I doubt that will happen, as I won't be crossing any Muggle streets. See you later." He turned and walked to the door. Opening the door, he turned back to grin at Harry before he left the room. "I will be getting a full report from the Lestrange brothers later, so do behave yourselves." With that, he closed the door behind him.

Harry continued to scowl at the closed door. "I hate him."

Luna giggled again. "Not for much longer," she sang, a big smile on her face.

Harry turned to glower at her instead. "Don't tell me that." Luna smiled wider and sat down on the couch again, pulling Harry down to sit beside her. "So, please tell me they're not making you stay in the dungeon or something."

"No, I have a very lovely room, just on the other side of that door. They even brought my things from Hogwart's," Luna pointed to a door on the opposite side of the room from the one Harry had come in through. Harry looked at the door, got up and walked over to it. He looked into the room and, seeing that it was almost as big as the room he shared with Voldemort, deemed it satisfactory and walked back over to the couch Luna was sitting on.

"They haven't hurt you, have they?" Harry asked, sitting down beside his eccentric friend once again.

Luna shook her head. "Nope."

Harry gave a relieved sigh. "Good." Harry fidgeted for a moment, then looked up at Luna again. "Did Voldemort say why he brought you here?"

Luna nodded, her face suddenly going serious. "He said he just wanted to protect me from anyone that might want to use me for my abilities, but I know that he really wants me here so that I can help him with taking over the world. Though, I suppose he was telling me the truth, since he's not the kind of person who would abuse me or my Sight, he knows it's not something that can be forced. He just hopes that if I See something that would help him, I might tell him about it. I said I would tell him if there was anything that he really needed to know, on the condition that he takes it slow with you. I know you'll have to sleep together soon, but your emotional relationship needs to progress more slowly, or you two might just end up hurting each other." Luna smiled at Harry. "I don't want you to get hurt, just because his feelings built too fast for him to understand or control. They are already building at an alarming rate, which isn't a very good thing for someone who is prone to obsessing over things. It's not good for the person he's obsessing over, either."

Harry blinked, his brow furrowing. "I'm not sure I understand," he confessed.

Luna smiled again. "You think about it," she said, turning to look around at the rest of the room. "The Dark Lord was kind enough to get me a piano when I asked," Luna informed, pointing to the white piano standing in front of the big bay window. Harry turned to look at it, then back to Luna and shared a wide smile with her. Luna got up and skipped over to the piano and sat down. "Let's write another song together, Harry!"

Harry smirked and stood, tossing his outer robe onto the couch, then went to go sit beside her on the piano bench. "Sure, why not?"

The day progressed in a surprisingly normal fashion. Harry and Luna spent most of their day writing a song, with Luna writing the music out on some blank pre-lined music sheets. Harry mostly just helped with the lyrics, once he grasped the subject matter Luna wanted to portray in the song. He also gave his opinion on the melody when Luna asked, since writing the music itself was kind of beyond him, but all the same, he could still tell when something sounded good. He had fun hanging out with Luna, as if they were back at Hogwarts just lounging in the Room of Requirement. They took a break and ate lunch with the Lestrange brothers, Luna successfully striking up a relatively inane conversation with the two steadfast Death Eaters. The only thing that really bothered Harry was that the one, who had introduced himself as Rabastan Lestrange, kept glancing at him before flicking his eyes away again, only to do it all over again a minute later. Even more disturbing was that Luna kept staring at Rabastan with an uncharacteristically focused expression. There was a shadow in her eyes that kind of freaked Harry out a little bit, whenever she was staring at the younger Lestrange brother.

After lunch, Luna and Harry went back to the piano, even though Harry's head was starting to hurt a little from thinking about notes and lyrics and all that. Writing music really wasn't Harry's thing, but he just couldn't say no to her. She was being so enthusiastic about the music and her huge smile was so infectious, he just couldn't do anything but concede to help her finish the song.

And the day went on into the early evening. By dinner time, they'd finally finished the song to the point where Luna was completely happy with it. They ate a quick dinner and then Luna wanted to try singing the song all the way through.

Voldemort was cursing under his breath, walking briskly through the halls of his castle. He'd had a particularly bad day full of wall to wall meetings. Two Death Eater gatherings, one for the Inner Circle - minus the Lestrange brothers, and one for the lower ranks, assigning tasks and appointing positions for the idiots to hopefully figure out how to do their jobs right this time. He didn't expect any of them to get it right, but he could hope, couldn't he?

Then he'd had to sit through a meeting with the German Creature Council, made up of representatives of all the creature communities of Germany. The meeting took forever and he sat through it quietly, with his eye twitching every now and then, having to rein in all of his self control to keep himself from just slicing them all up into little pieces; especially when the Vampire representative had the nerve to basically lecture him on his methods and practices. That Vampire survived because, thankfully, the Veela representative had heard enough and had interrupted, shouting the Vampire back down into his place.

After that, there was a short meeting with Fenrir Greyback about the current affairs of the wolf packs in Britain and Ireland, and laying out the plans for Fenrir to assimilate the packs in Denmark with his own packs. When Fenrir left, Voldemort was going to go down into the dungeons and torture the Dursleys and the toad woman to blow off some steam, but then he looked at the clock and noticed it was way past dinner time. It was almost time for Harry to take the last dose of the Graviditate potion. The Dark Lord sighed heavily and abandoned his means of stress relief, and instead went to find Harry.

As he was approaching the sitting room he'd left the Seer and Harry in, the Dark Lord heard music coming from the door he was about to walk through. He heard someone playing the piano and could clearly hear the voice of Luna Lovegood belting out a beautiful melody.

"Armies have conquered and fallen in the end
Kingdoms have risen, then buried by sand
The Earth is our mother, she gives and she takes
She puts us to sleep, in her light we'll awake
We'll all be forgotten, there's no endless fame
But everything we do it's never in vain

We're part of a story, part of a tale
We're all on this journey, no one is to stay
Wherever it's going, what is the way?

Forests and deserts, rivers, blue seas
Mountains and valleys
Nothing here stays
While we think we witness, we are part of the scene
This never-ending story, what will it lead to?
The earth is our mother, she gives and she takes
But she is also a part, a part of the tale

We're part of a story, part of a tale
We're all on this journey, no one is to stay
Wherever it's going? What is the way?
We're part of a story, part of a tale
Sometimes beautiful and sometimes insane
No one remembers how it began.

We're part of a story, part of a tale

We're all on this journey, no one is to stay

Where is it going? What is the way?

We're part of a story, part of a tale

Sometimes beautiful, sometimes insane

No one remembers how it began."

Voldemort stood in the doorway and listened to the girl sing and watched Harry play the piano, albeit a little clumsily. 'When did he learn to play the piano?' he asked himself, as he walked into the room and closed the door quietly behind him. He leaned on one of the many bookcases and listened to the words carefully. He could honestly say he agreed with most of those sentiments, but some he was definitely going to challenge with all of his being.

When the song was finished, the Dark Lord clapped, startling the two performers. The Lestrange brothers followed their Master's example, applauding the two for a few short moments. Rabastan was a little more enthusiastic with his clapping than his brother.

Harry shamefully blushed up to his ears when he saw Voldemort was in the room, and he hadn't even noticed his arrival. He turned back to Luna with a shy grin on his face, when he noticed Luna staring at one of the brothers again. It wasn't usually a good thing when Luna stared at someone, it meant she was Seeing something about them. She'd done it enough to Harry for him to know what that look meant. Harry turned to see that she was staring at the younger of the two again. Suddenly, Luna turned to Harry and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

"Be wary of the younger one. He doesn't understand the difference," she told him, a serious expression on his face. "He will seek to take what is not his, in his own confusion."

Harry stared at her for a moment, then glanced at Rabastan Lestrange curiously, before turning back to Luna and giving her a slight nod. He wanted to ask her to elaborate, but knew that it would get him nothing but more befuddlement.

"How have things been going in here?" Voldemort asked the room in general.

"Fine, until you came in," Harry muttered, crossing his arms.

Voldemort sat down on one of the couches and smirked at Harry, then turned to the Lestrange brothers. Rodolphus happily relayed all they had done while he was gone.

"And did the meetings go well, my Lord?" Rodolphus asked good naturedly, handing Voldemort the glass of Firewhiskey that an elf had just brought.

Voldemort groaned in reply, taking the offered beverage. "They went as well as they were going to. I was tempted to kill a few people in the process, but I resisted the urge. Why must everyone be so dim?" Harry rolled his eyes and turned to Luna, helping her pack up all the music sheets and quills. He missed the leering smirk that the Dark Lord sent in his direction when he bent over to pick up a stray sheet of paper.

And no one saw the intensfying gaze of Rabastan Lestrange when Harry's t-shirt rode up a little, revealing a strip of the soft pale skin of his back.

Voldemort stood, after finishing his drink and setting the empty glass on the table, where it vanished to the kitchens to be cleaned. "Well, it's time for us to retire for the night, Harry." He held out his hand to Harry.

Harry looked at him, glancing at the hand warily, like it might bite him. He handed the papers he was holding to Luna, who was smiling and snickering, and gave her a quick hug. "Good night, Luna. I'll see you again soon. I hope." When he let go, he turned around and looked at the proffered hand, before tentatively putting his own hand into Voldemort's. The Dark Lord seemed to let out a small sigh of relief, as he closed his hand around Harry's, holding it in a firm but gentle grasp as he gave it a small tug and led Harry out of the room and down the corridors til they reached their own room.

"Have you eaten?" Voldemort asked, closing the door behind them.

"Yes," Harry said, fidgeting slightly.

"Good," the Dark Lord pulled the last phial of Graviditate out of his pocket, along with a sleeping draught, and handed it to Harry.

Harry slowly took the phials from him and drank them both, then quickly changed into his pajamas before the sleeping draught could kick in. He crawled into bed and curled up under the blankets.

"Now, we wait one week before you take the Ovi Ubertatem potion," Voldemort said, allowing himself the luxury of tucking Harry in again. He left the room without another word, once he noticed Harry was already falling asleep. He still had a little time to assuage his foul mood in the dungeons and have a light dinner. He just couldn't decide which to do first. Maybe he could do both at the same time?


Song Lyrics are from Within Temptation "Never-ending Story"