The summer sun was casting a final fare-well before the cul-de-sac. What was to follow the next day as the start of the kids sophomore year. As each of the Eds enjoyed their last day of freedom, they eventually drifted into the realm of dreams, pondering how the next day was to play out.

6:00 am, the alarm goes off in Double Dee's house. As he wakes up from his daze, he begins to ready himself for his morning rituals as par the normal school day. He gathered cloths as he prepared to wash, and shave the unsightly chin stubble that found its way onto his chin the previous nights. Edd was not one for facial hair, and made an effort to keep his face as smooth as possible. After a quick shower, he dressed in the usual attire of a brownish-red cardigan, dark blue jeans, and of course, his trademark Ski-hat.

After dressing, he decided it was high time to make breakfast, and made for the ingredients cabinet. He had decided on a quick omelet this morning and prepared the ingredients accordingly. A few close calls with the burner later, he was feasting on his own omelet. Before heading out the door, he double checked for blemishes and wrinkles on his cloths, made sure his hair was straight, and finally grabbed his keys.

Not long after, he found himself in his esteemed Honda Civic. Although not as passionate as some over his car, he was a proud owner, as it had good gas efficiency, and thus was more kind to the environment. Just an hour after he awoke, and a quick turn of the key, he was off to his friends' houses.

He knew his friends would be relying on him for a ride, as he was the only one of the trio to retain his license. Eddy had a bad temperament behind the wheel, and got charged with wreck less driving. Ed simply never took the test. But of course, Double Dee still had possession over his. Even then, he was only one of four in the neighborhood to be in possession of a working car. Rolf was still driving his tractor to school, without a permit of course. Kevin's dad had eventually succumbed to his whining and, regrettably, financed him a Harley Davidson bike. The last to own a car was none other than Lee Kanker. She drove an old Toyota to and from school, with her sisters latching on of course.

After a quick check of his blindspots Double Dee flipped the gear into R and backed out of his drive way, already coming into view of Ed and Eddy. When he switched gears and went alongside them, he was greeted by a happily confused Ed and a frustrated Eddy.

"But then do where do eggs come from Eddy?" ask a baffled Ed.

"I told ya Lumpy, the come out of their moms' va-hey! It's Sock-head!"

"Hello to you too, Eddy." Double Dee replied sarcastically.

"Oh man, we're gonna get all the chicks cruising in this hot rod!" exclaimed an excited Eddy.

"We're getting baby chickens?!" asked a classically confused Ed.

"While we could 'pick up some chicks', I'd much rather not be tardy for our first day of tenth grade." said Double Dee.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. C'mon Ed." replied a grumbling Eddy.

The ride was awkwardly quiet, aside from Ed's occasional laughing. Double Dee decided to break the silence with a question;

"Would you gentlemen like some breakfast?"

"But I don't have any money Double Dee!" exasperated a desperate Ed.

"I would be happy to buy you some breakfast, you too Eddy." Double Dee replied, smiling.

"As much as I like getting free stuff, I'll have ta' turn you down Sock-head. My diet says so." replied an oddly calm Eddy.

"A diet? Whatever for?" poised Double Dee.

"Well, I've hit a bit of a growth spurt ya see, and I figure the dames want some bulk to look at while they're staring at me." responded Eddy while winking in the mirror.

"Well, I'm happy that you've decided to start a new healthy lifestyle, Eddy. I'd be happy to provide you with some of my healthy living books." said Double Dee.

"Thanks, but no thanks. My dad has me on his old protein diet. He's a legend at Peach Creek ya' know? Best running back 87-91 I tell ya." boasted Eddy.

"Even if that is….questionable, I still bid you good luck." said Double Dee.

After a few corny jokes, they arrived at Burger King and got some food. The rest of the ride was relatively silent, again, being interrupted by Ed's gurgling of gravy.

"Alright gentlemen, now I just have to check what my designated parking spot i-" he dropped mid-sentence as he read the number. He crept through the parking lot until he reached spot #69.

"Sixty-nine?!" exclaimed a laughing Eddy.

"I don't get it…"said Ed in his usual dopey tone.

"Ha ha, laugh it up Eddy. You'll have to grow up someday." The last part was mumbled.

"Well, that ain't today." said Eddy while brushing his nose.

"Anyways, are you two ready for our first day of tenth grade?" questioned an excited Double Dee.

They exchanged their no's.

"Well, let's start this train wreck." grumbled Eddy.

As they were preparing to depart, they heard the unpleasant sund of muffler-less car approach. As the obnoxious joyrider pulled alongside them they realize it was none other than Lee Kanker.