When Edd arrived at the foot of his door, he pondered who it could be. Unsurprisingly, Ed and Eddy were sporadically banging on his door.

"May I help you two?" asked Edd.

"What's the deal with his stupid Geometry homework anyways? Can ya help us sock head, we're lost?"

"I suppose I co-" Edd began.

"I told ya' he'd say yes! Just make sure to give it back before third block tomorrow, alright?" interrupted Eddy.

Before Edd could respond, the door slammed. He found himself holding his compadres homework, and decided it best to just do it and not cause a fuss. He wasted no time getting his best pencil and sat in the desk within his room and began doing basic geometric problems.

The day had been relatively boring on Maries' end as well. Aside from the few bump in's Double Dee, and the case with May, nothing had happened really. She pondered about how May was haplessly bullied, and wondered if she was always like that. She knew her sister to be a bit insecure when it came to looks, but always figured she'd turn out tough as nails like Lee, at least basing off her attitude at home. She could have just been caught with her pants down, so to speak. Maybe it was a one off occurrence. She hadn't got much of a story from May when she ran up to her during lunch, squealing with joy and crying at the same time. She decided to ask her about it when she got home from tutoring.

When the bell finally rang at Peach Creek High, Marie opted to ride her bike home instead of riding with Lee. She loved her sister, but also loved the peace and relative quiet of isolation. She had always thought of herself as the most individualistic of the Kankers. You had Lee, and while she is a lot smarter than she comes off as, is lazy as a cow and loves to boss her sisters around, and May who is as sweet as a honey suckle sometimes, but most of the time a vulgar follower of Lee. Marie decided long ago that she was the best to do off on her own if it came down to it, and embraced her individuality with pride, as if the blue hair wasn't enough.

Speaking of her hair, blue wasn't her natural hair color, such as it is with Rolf. Her actual hair color was an intensely dark brown, almost black. She dyed her hair some time before moving to the Park'n'Flush, and often regretted it. She often wished to stop dyeing it, but thought of how odd she would look with half brown, half blue hair for a little while. She eventually just settled with keeping it blue, maybe she'd dye it back the coming summer.

The thoughts of summer flourished her while she peddled through Peach Creek commons. She had occupied most of her time working at the local record store, Music for a Song. She had absolutely loved the job, but couldn't stay throughout school for obvious reasons. She had managed to save up a good amount to live on, blanketing on four-thousand dollars in the bank. She missed the easy days of summer, the warm breeze, and the late nights with her sisters near the local swimming hole. And although she longed for freedom once more, she embraced the coming of fall, her favorite month.

On the way home, just as she passed the trail way to the trailer park, she opted to go to the creek and fill her diary with her days' memories. The spring before, she started hiding her journals in a local hideaway spot beside the creek, as she had next to no privacy in her trailer. When she reached the creek, she flipped out her aged iPod and tuned into some Billy Talent, immersing herself within her thought.

After Edd finished up the geometry homework, he decided it was late enough to make some dinner. It was, after all, 5:30pm. He had decided on macaroni, and began boiling the water soon after. Edd was an exceptionally good cook, but you'd never see the lad admit to it. Not too long of a wait later, he had a steaming bowl of macaroni and went to his computer to looks up some things on Amazon. As he sat scrolling through the pages, he began to think of his parents, or more so, their absence. They've never been around much, but he understood why. His mom was always overseas on medical trips with her research group, and his dad was always either in inner-city Peach Creek, or various other cities during business trips. After Edd had reached the age to responsibly own a phone, they stopped leaving him silly sticky notes for chores, and instead called or texted him with instructions. He rarely received house calls, though, as most of his chores had become ritualistic by this point.

Even though he was home alone 90% of the time, he and his friends usually found themselves in Ed's basement, concocting ideas for adventure like they did when they were younger. They no longer planned "get rich" schemes or schemes at all. They had evolved from that, and now instead planned trips to other counties, refurbishing automobiles from the junkyard, and discussing what they were going to do for their sophomore dance, as they didn't want it to be a huge failure like their freshman ball.

The thought if it sent chills down Edd's spine, both of embarrassment and regret. What had happened was Eddy somehow managed to convince him to remove his hat and style his hair. The style was that of a fifties thug, and merited Edd many laughs that night. The main point of embarrassment was just showing his own head of hair off. It had always been a personal phobia of his, for no apparent reason. He really had nothing to be ashamed of, although he heard some rumors about himself having a deformity of sorts under his hat. He brushed off silly thoughts like that, and settled for just plain not going to this years' dance.

After a few moments of reflection, Marie decided it was time to head home. She had written in her diary many things, from the admittedly small cut she got from the metal belt to Edd staving off bullies in May's defense.

The ride home was short and uneventful. She arrived at an almost empty trailer with the smell of ramen in the air. Lee had dropped off May and went out to her place of work, Locorum Parvum Praedum. She picked up the job over the summer and managed to stay employed to help their mother pay for utilities.

Marie was walking toward the pot of noodles, when she remembered to ask May what had happened.

"So why didn't you pull their hair out?" Marie asked bluntly.

"What?" stuttered May.

"The girls, the cheerleaders, you know! You should have laid some hurt on them; I know you can do it." Marie stated while taking her spot on the couch.

"I just…couldn't…" May drifted out.

Marie began to worry about the tone of her sister's voice. "What do you mean 'couldn't?" Marie asked calmly, genuinely curious.

"I'm not….I'm not you or…Lee. I don't like being mean, or violent. At first I just thought they were picking fun at me, then the tall one grabbed my hair and…" she began stuttering, before tearing up.

"May, you know we're not how we are because we like it, we have to be! To survive! Kankers gotta' stick together. I know you're not as hard as Lee, and don't expect you to be, but please, at least stick up for yourself." Marie said in a more than motherly tone, honestly surprised with the words she said. Did she really think of herself as mean? Did her sister actually think she was mean and tough? She never wanted to be how she is, but after years of bullying at her old school, the chance to build up a new persona at Peach Creek would not pass her by. The brunt of this new person, of course, was her dear Double Dee.

"I know it's just…I really want to be liked, by anyone." May finished.

Marie didn't know what to say at this point, and opted to just hug her sister instead. The sun was beginning to set, and end the first day of school.

Authors notes:

Sorry If this feels rushed, cause it was. I intended to add more to it, but alas, I have no time. I'll try to finish this area off with a more finite ending sometime this weekend hopefully.

I apologize for spelling mistakes.

Much love, unheardassin.