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The Story

Typical day at Lakewood Elementary School, or is it typical. Mr. Nigel Ratburn steps into his classroom and finds his class not acting their age. Mr. Ratburn is not amused at the sights he is seeing that has unfurled in his classroom.

"Binky please put down George!" Mr. Ratburn orders him.

Binky had George by the back of his shirt but put him down as Ratburn directed him.

"Sue Ellen, Fern, Janna, Maria, Alex, stop throwing balled-up paper at eachother!"Mr. Ratburn continues. "Francine, Alan, stop throwing that paper football around the room. Put it on my desk right now, it's now confiscated! Arthur, Buster, how many times do I have to tell you boys to stop…"

Just then, just when you thought things could not possibly get stranger.

"Muffy!" exclaims Mr. Ratburn, "I told you a hundred times already that I DON'T allow make-up and cosmetics in this class-room! You're not here to look pretty, you're here to learn! Put that stuff away or I'm confiscating that too!"

"But I really want to look good for the class Mr. Ratburn," she says.

"Now, Muffy!" orders Mr. Ratburn. Then he continues, "Everybody go to your desks and sit down right now!"

But Mr. Ratburn's class continues to be loud, wild, and wayward. So finally Mr. Ratburn grabs one of his heaviest books and slams it as hard as he can square on a table! This makes all the kids immedietly quiet down and freeze in their places.

"Now all of you sit down on the double!" Mr. Ratburn orders his pupils to do.

All the kids in the class find their seats and do just what Mr. Ratbrun orderers them to do.

"My goodness class," Mr. Ratburn continues, "This is not like any of you, you guys are usually better behaved than this. Was I just having a bad dream or, or, what on earth has gotten into all of you?"

The students just sit at their tables saying zippo, zilch.

"You should all be ashamed of yourselves," Mr. Ratburn says, "I was going to give you guys a homework-free night tonight but because of what I saw in this classroom, you all are going to get double the homework I normally give you!"

"Awwwwww," groans the class.

"And further more," he says, "No recess for any of you today! In fact I'm going to give you all a surprise multiplication and division quiz to work on during recess."

"Awwwwwww" the class groans again.

"And if you all groan one more time," says Mr. Ratburn.

"Gasp!" goes the class.

"Please just behave yourselve's for goodness sakes, you're all eight-year olds come on now.

"Mr. Ratburn," says Binky, "I'm nine…"

"Park it, Binky!" Mr. Ratburn says.

Now let's get right into our lessons for today.

The End