Chapter 1

Most of Asgard was still in pieces, the people feeling scared, insecure, a few still mourning the death of their queen. The chaos was exactly what Loki needed. Thor assumed him dead and had just left for Earth to live among the mortals. The Allfather was tucked away somewhere quietly, where no one could find him. He sent Sif and Volstagg to the Collector with the Aether. One of the Infinity Gems. The Infinity Gem of Power. Something Thanos is looking for, besides him that is. The Collector is no friend of Thanos, so if all goes according to plan, and he is looking for the gems, he will go to the Collector before Asgard in his quest for them.

So far, everything was going to swimmingly. Fell into place perfectly. If only Thor knew. He never would have taken him back to Asgard after his failed conquest of Earth. His purposely failed invasion. Why would he want such a meager planet? And one with creatures whose lives die out easier than a candle during a windy evening. Yes, he will rule Earth and the other realms in due time, but Asgard, it was his first priority. If his so called brother also used his miniscule brain he would not have renounce his claim the throne to live among the mortals so hastily. Thor should have known that he was alive and well. That his death was nothing more than an illusion. But of course, he couldn't see what was in front of him. The fool.

Loki leaned back in his throne, his legs spread out widely as he moaned in delight. He gripped the armrests tightly as he soaked it all in. He is now king. And soon, no one of importance will be around to stop him. All he has to worry about is Sif and Volstagg when they return. Soon enough, Fandral will be under lock and key, and if Karnilla plays nicely, Balder will be a permanent resident of Nornheim by the morrow. Amora and Skurge were in place to capture Heimdall as soon as Thor went through the Bifrost. And the royal guards. Well, they were easy enough to control.

The doors opened, shattering the silence of Loki enjoying his throne. His courtroom. His Kingdom. Everything is his now. The sharp clicking of Amora's boots made it difficult for Loki to return to his egotistical moment in the sun. But who was with her, that inflated his ego and his signature smirk soon followed. Following Amora was a set of guards and between those controlled soldiers were his first victims. Both Fandral and Heimdall were chained by their wrists and ankles, but they held their heads high as they were brought to the throne room. "My King." Amora said shortly with a terse bow before looking back to see her captives faces.

"Loki-" Fandral spoke slowly in disbelief, but one of the guards shocked him with his staff before he could say anything else. "I should have known." He grunted, trying to keep his composure despite the pain surging through his body from being attacked again.

Loki rose from his throne, his smug smirk fully formed. "If I recall, I believe I was warned by your friends, and multiple times might I add, not to betray Thor." A brief, husky laugh broke free as he walked down the stairs to face his captives. "I did no such thing. I helped him in his quest to remove the Aether from his mortal lover. I even killed Algrim the Accursed for him. Avenged my mother's death when the Allfather wouldn't." Loki spat despite the wound still stinging deep in his heart. If only he knew. If he knew his mother was in her chambers; he never would have told that bastard how to escape. But he was dealt with. Is no more. Frigga's death was something he could no longer dwell on. He has to move forward, no matter what. "Thor willingly renounced his claim to the throne. And as we all can see." Loki outstretched his hand indicating the destruction of Asgard as a whole for, magic was used to clean up the throne room. "The Allfather was no longer fit for his position."

"Thor will return." Heimdall finally spoke up and a guard was quick to attack him. Gritting his teeth, Heimdall made no other acknowledgment to the pain. "And he will ascend to the throne, as is his birthright."

Loki's smile became more crooked as he returned to his throne. He ignored the gatekeeper's taunt, because that's all it was. Words to rile him up. Thor has new friends now. Deemed himself a protector of Earth. Abandoned everything for weak mortals whose lives end before they even begin. Thor will not return. He will not come back. And the only person who can control the bifrost will be locked up indefinitely. With that, Loki can guarantee his brother will never return."Guards, take the prisoners to the dungeons. And Amora. We need to take care of my other brother next." The guards bowed leaving the throne room with their prisoners, but Amora stayed watching Loki cautiously.

"You're involving Karnilla in this plan of yours?" She questioned a hint of spite rung in her voice and all formality was dropped since the mind controlled drones that were once Odin's Royal Guard were gone. "Should we not be more concerned with Sif and Volstagg? They arrived only minutes before Skurge and I captured Heimdall. And more likely than not, they will be requesting an audience with the Allfather about their success of delivering the Aether to the Collector. If they find out that Fandral has been taken to the dungeons, they will know something is not right. They will attempt to find a way to Midgard-"

Loki once again descended from the throne and gingerly caressed the right side of Amora's face. "You needn't worry about Sif and Volstagg. I have something special planned for them." Loki's smile turned crooked as his hand moved from her cheek to tightly gripping the area where her jaw meets the chin. "Now, obey your king and fetch me Balder. Use any means necessary. But be sure not to damage his face too badly. We need to keep him presentable for Karnilla."

He forced her head the the side, and Amora rubbed her chin and jaw gingerly. "Of course milord." She seethed without bowing. And once again Loki was left alone to his take in the glory that is his throne and title.

Inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, Loki once again sprawled out his body and reveled in the success of his takeover thus far.

The irksome buzzing and beeping of the phone snapped Loki awake. With his head still buried in the pillow he blindly reached for the phone on the nightstand and tapped it until he finally unlocked it and pressed the snooze button. Five thirty was far too early to wake up, but it was no longer summer where he had the luxury of sleeping in until seven. He had an eight am lecture on Old Norse-Icelandic literature and knew that much like himself; most of the class would rather be in bed instead of being present for a fifty minute lecture. Fifteen minutes later the phone started going off again and Loki finally rolled out of bed. He needed tea. Maybe a green tea, instead of the usual black this morning. Also a plate of bacon. Bacon was without a doubt a much needed necessity to get his morning going.

He looked to the other side of the bed and sighed. Of course he never came to bed last night. He hasn't for the past three days. Looks like tea and bacon would have to wait, he thought as he walked down the stairs and made his way to the first floor of the house. "Jarvis keep me updated on the traffic so I know when to leave for work today. I would rather drive instead of risking using magic." He stifled a yawn and opened the door leading to the basement.

"Of course sir." Jarvis replied, but his voice was mostly drowned out since Tony's music was blasting over the noise being produced by his welding.

As if on cue, Jarvis turned down the music and Loki towered behind Tony. "Don't tell me you were up all night working on another suit." Loki questioned as Tony turned around taking off his protective face-mask. "The world has been spinning without Iron Man. There has not been an attack in months. You don't need to do all this Tony." Loki gingerly touched the shorter man's face and leaned in to place a kiss on the opposing cheek.

"I know." Tony agreed, his eyes shifting to the floor. "But you know how much becoming Iron Man has changed me. I'm making a difference in this world. Stopping wars, not causing them. I just had an idea-"

"And couldn't stop until you saw it though. I know." Loki said with a sigh. "I know. And if it wasn't for Iron Man, I wouldn't be with you right now. I wouldn't have this life. Who knows what would have become of me. It's just-" Loki paused as he took a few steps back to soak in Tony completely. To allow himself to be completely taken in by the chocolate eyes. "I know you can do just as much good in the world as Tony Stark, as you do as Iron Man."

"It must be early, if you are actually paying me a compliment." Tony said with a quiver of sarcasm. "So I'm going to go back to working on this new deep space helmet, and wait for the typically brazen boyfriend I have been with these past six years."

Loki chuckled softly while shaking his head. "I'm going to make some breakfast and you need to get some sleep. Pepper and Happy will be stopping by at five to pick us up for the gala. And I know you won't be going into work today. So get some rest. Just because your suit is made of titanium alloy, doesn't mean you are."

Tony took a few steps forward and got on his toes so he could grip the dark locks and pull Loki into a kiss. Breaking it, Tony rested his head on the firm porcelain chest inhaling the sweet scent of honey and rosemary. "How did I get so lucky?" He murmured, not realizing how lethargic his body felt from the all nighter. He could fall asleep on Loki here and now.

"I ask myself that same question every morning." Loki whispered back after gently kissing the top of Tony's head. "I need to get ready for work, but I'll come home as soon as I can."

Tony's arms wrapped around Loki's waist as he dug his head deeper into the firm chest. "You know I sleep better when you are next to me."

"Your definition of sleep is far different than mine." Loki chuckled grabbing Tony by the chin this time gracing him with a kiss on the lips.

Tony smirked and a mischievous glint that bordered sensual could be seen in his eyes as they parted ways. "True, but we both know mine is more fun." Loki grasped Tony tightly by the shoulders, and moved him backwards so to trap him against the wall. The loose pajama bottoms were starting to feel tight and that was the only inspiration Loki needed to dive down and demand another kiss. One hand was firmly pressed against the wall, and the other slithered its way under Tony's soiled shirt, gently rubbing the blemished skin. Loki moved from the lips to Tony's ear, softly nibbling it, which resulted in Tony letting a few moans break free. His hand lingered from Tony's chest to over his jeans, where an obvious bulge had taken form. With just his index finger he trailed the zipper, teasing Tony, resulting in him firming up to completion despite the restricting fabric.

Loki stopped nibbling, but still stayed close to Tony's ear. Both were hard with desire, and had a carnal urge surging through them. "Perhaps you should have thought about that last night." Loki whispered huskily, before stepping back from Tony. His body hated him. It wanted to continue what he started. It wanted to bend Tony over one of his work benches and just take him. He could care less if DUM-E and U were watching; all his body wanted was satisfaction. But he knew he shouldn't. Why should he reward Tony so after he was left alone in bed all night? He understands how important being Iron Man is to Tony. How much it has changed his life. But all nighters are where he draws the line. Tony groaned as the pleasure came to an end. That he was being strung along and fell right into Loki's trap. That he was hard and needed to be released. And only Loki could accomplish that goal. The pressure was too great and cruel, and with that, he knew Loki had made his point completely. No more working on new suits all night. "Although." Loki said as he began walking up the stairs. "I do still need to take a shower." Loki was succumbing to his own instincts. His bodily desires. His plan of punishing Tony crumbling as he worked himself up.

Tony's body pricked up at the word showed. The warm water, lathering the other in soap. Loki's eyes moving up and down Tony's soiled body before he vanished completely up the stairs. The shower was an open invitation, and Tony would take it without question.

After a longer than necessary shower, Loki knew he was behind schedule. Jarvis warned him about two accidents on the freeway, where even if he left this second, he would not make it to work on time. He would have to use magic to get to campus after all. No matter how hard he tries to acclimate. To be mortal like Tony, he was always reminded that he wasn't. That he was not even from this planet. He's what most would consider a god or deity. He is an Asgardian. The second son of Odin. A prince who was sent to Earth as punishment. For what? Tricking his brother into going into Jotunheim. For possibly starting a war. He didn't know. As soon as he, Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three got rescued and were returned to Asgard, the Allfather knew what happened. Knew of the trickery. Was Thor punished? Of course not. It was not his fault he was coerced into going to Jointenheim. So Loki was the one who was punished. Banished to Earth, without his magic. But over time. After being with Tony it came back to him. It returned to him just as he was getting used to the idea of being mortal and no longer being able to use it. And when it returned, he started using it on a few occasions. If he was late to work he could use it get there quicker. If he was behind on grading papers, it would give him a few needed hours to get it done. And every time he performed a spell, it served as a reminder that he was not human. He will outlive Tony by thousands of years and he couldn't bare the constant reminders. He loves Tony. More so than his own family who abandoned him on Earth. He couldn't imagine his life any other way now. Tony is everything to him. What keeps him going. And he couldn't be happier.

"So why are we going to this gala event tonight?" Tony asked as Loki placed a coffee mug in front of him before going back to the griddle to flip the bacon and toast.

Loki sighed, he could have sworn he told Tony all this a week ago, but of course it escaped his memory. He preferred to avoid stuffy business parties at all cost. And if they were at a hotel, they would be spending more time in their room instead of the ballroom. "Stark Industries was one of the largest donors for not only my research, but so the museum could showcase this collection. Not to mention I helped identify most, if not all of the pieces. They are old Scandinavian artifacts from around 880 AD."

"Oh yah. That boat that was found in the ice." Tony said as if the light went on. "It was a Knarr. A merchant ship."

"Along with some other artifacts." Loki removed his toast and bacon from the griddle and sat down at the table to eat. "And since your company donated money and I assisted with identification and restoration of the pieces, we have to go." Tony reached across the table as Loki talked attempting to steal a piece of bacon, but Loki slapped his hand away. "Not to mention my colleagues and students keep asking about you. I would rather them bombard you with questions, it gets tiresome being ask the same questions day after day. What's Tony Stark like? How do you actually feel about him being Iron Man? Does he ever wear the suit and strip from it seductively piece by piece before you have sex."

"I am definitely taking note of that last one." Tony said attempting for another piece of bacon, only to be thwarted again. "So what do you say about me at work? It makes perfect sense that I am more interesting of a topic than a race of people who used to literally worship you thousands of years ago.

Loki rolled his eyes as he put apple butter on his toast. "Obviously mankind has not evolved that much if they have gone from worshiping me to you."

Tony finally succeeded in obtaining a strip of bacon and ate it triumphantly. "I am going to act like that was a compliment."

Loki smiled sarcastically before taking the first bite of his toast. "As for what I actually tell them. It's the usual. Egotistical. Workaholic. Sardonic."

"Glad to know after all these years you know me so well."

"Would you rather me say Tony Stark is one of the bravest and most kind man I have ever known. That despite knowing nothing about me, he took me in. Gave me not only a home but anything I could possibly need, when I was stranded here with nothing. And never once has he asked for anything in return. That his narcissistic, Iron Man persona is just a mask he wears, to hide the pains in his life. Horrors that only a select few know of. That deep down he is braver and more noble that any warrior of Earth or Asgard." Despite the kind words, Loki spoke them in a challenging tone. As if he was daring Tony to choose between the two truths. He took another bite of his toast as Tony debated the two choices of descriptive adjectives.

"The egotistical and sardonic workaholic it is then." Tony finally decided.

"Sir, it is a little after seven." Jarvis spoke up as the chatter came to an end. "Might I suggest you leave for work, before you are coerced into skipping your morning lecture completely."

"Thank you Jarvis." Loki slid the rest of his bacon across the table to Tony. "I'll be home as soon as I can." After a quick stretch while standing up he walked to the other side of the table, so he could give Tony a proper goodbye. "Please get some sleep, knowing our luck, it's going to be a long evening."

Tony grabbed Loki by the neck and pulled him down into one final kiss. "Go. Teach some kids how to speak and read Old Norse. Or you could tell them the story about how you...sorry I mean the imaginative, and in no way real god Loki, had sex with a horse. But they are your classes, so you can teach whatever you want."

Loki laughed bitterly and leaned in close to Tony's ear. He breathed low and slowly, borderlining sensual. A mischievous grin was beaming brightly as he licked his lips."Just because your mortal tale and translation says, I supposedly had sex with horse, that doesn't mean it actually was one. It's all up to interpretation. And the man I did lay with that day. Well." Loki looked down Tony for only a moment, a short derisive laugh breaking free. "He could back up his claims." Loki stood up, straightening his vest, while his smile refused to fade. "Love you. And see you when I get home." With a flick of the wrist, Loki vanished from the house, and appeared in his office, ready for the day ahead of him.

The loud creaking from the opening of doors snapped Loki into consciousness. Strange. He didn't remember falling asleep. Zoning out. And yet why else would the doors opening startle him so? Closing his eyes, he rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and pointer finger as he tried to clear his dazed mind. The elation and pride he had before spacing out had dissipated. Instead his body and mind felt groggy. Dead. This moment of rest he unintentionally took made him feel exhausted. But deep down, there was a sense of calm and serenity mixed in with the exhaustion. He did he best to not only awaken, but calm his mind. Make sure he was presenting himself in a sly, but at the same time, grandiose manner for his visitor. The problem was, he didn't fully understand what it was that he was trying to clear his mind and body of.

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