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Anyway, so this picks up right after 2x08 "Monster" ends. I'm still not sure where I'm going with it. I am letting the characters decide. Hope you enjoy it.

On the edge

"Feel better?"

Andy looks down at him and grins, still feeling a little breathless. Sam is sprawled out on the mat, just starting to get up. Okay, so maybe she went a little hard on him and turned him into her personal punching bag, but what was she supposed to do?

He offered.

And now he is lying on the floor, a droplet of sweat rolling down his forehead – although she has no idea why exactly she is focusing on that right now – and maybe she should feel bad about taking her frustration out on him, but strangely? She doesn't. Instead, she feels calmer and... invigorated, maybe?

Huh. He was right.

"I do, actually." She chuckles lightly, feeling all that pent up tension just slowly evaporate from her body. "Not to feed your ego or anything, but I guess you were right." She says, taking off her gloves and throwing them on the floor before offering her hand to him. He immediately grabs her hand and she helps pull him up, squeezing his hand in thanks. When he stands tall in front of her, she realizes he is just a tad closer than she expected and is still holding her hand.

"Told ya, McNally. I'm always right." He grins at her and squeezes her hand in return before taking a step back. "How about breakfast at The Penny, like you said?" He takes his gloves off, grabs hers and puts them back where they belong.

"Sure, let me just take a shower. I feel disgusting." She wrinkles her nose, bringing a hand up to wipe some of the sweat from her neck. He nods and steps out of the way so she can leave the room. Andy can feel his eyes on her as they make their way to the locker room and takes a deep breath. It's getting harder and harder to stay in control whenever he looks at her like that. Or whenever he is around. You know.

Just. He takes her breath away sometimes.

"See you back here in twenty?" He asks before they part ways.

She nods and makes her way into the women's locker room, letting out a sigh when she knows he can't see her anymore. It has been just a few weeks since she broke up with Luke. She really doesn't need to be feeling like this or even entertaining the thought of maybe jumping into a relationship with Sam.

She does not need the drama.

And if Sam didn't keep throwing those intense looks her way, she would be just fine. She was sure of it.

Shaking her head at her thoughts, she turns on the shower and steps under the warm water. She can think about that later. Right now she should be focusing on looking for a new place. Maybe she would do that later today, after sleeping for a few hours. As much as she loves Traci, she can't stay at her place forever and her pull out couch is really not all that comfortable – her sore back can attest to that. All these messed up thoughts have also been keeping her awake at night. If it's not Luke, then it's Sam. It's like a never ending cycle and it's always incredibly draining and frustrating.

So really. Apartment hunting. First thing when she wakes up later today.

Feeling a little more determined, she turns off the shower and grabs her towel, quickly drying herself off. When she looks at her watch, it tells her it has already been half an hour. Pulling her clothes on, she applies just a thin layer of makeup, so at least she won't look like a zombie, grabs her bag and starts toward the door. She is busy shoving her cell into her coat pocket when she seemingly hits a solid barrier.

"Easy there, McNally." Sam grabs her by the arms before she falls on her face. "Thought you'd drowned in there." He teases her, brushing a still damp strand of her hair behind her ear, a grin playing on his lips when she feels goosebumps spreading from his point of contact on her cheek throughout her body.

"Sorry, just... lot on my mind, that's all." She offers him a small smile and he ushers her in front of him with a hand at the small of her back. "I, uh. I need to start looking for a new place. Maybe will get to that this afternoon." Andy tells him when they leave the barn. The sun is happily shining on a bright blue sky, but it's still bitterly cold.

She shivers and pulls her coat tighter around her body, cursing herself for leaving the station with her hair still somewhat wet. If she catches a cold, it will be totally her own fault. Sam leads her to his truck and soon they are on their way to The Penny. The drive is pretty short and relatively silent as both of them seem to be lost in thought. She startles when she hears his door slamming closed and before she can open her own door, he is already at her side, pulling it open for her.

Andy steps out of the truck and lets out a yawn, rubbing her eyes. She has been awake for a little over thirty hours and it's starting to take its toll on her, now that all the adrenaline has worn off. Once she settles onto a chair, she drops her bag on the chair next to her and watches as Sam makes his way to the bar to order. Part of her feels like she should probably go order too, but he knows what she likes. He can definitely do it for her.

Resting her head on her hand, she lets out another yawn, feeling her eyelids droop just a little. She shakes her head, trying to stay awake a little longer, when her phone starts ringing. It's Luke. Rolling her eyes, she ignores the call and looks up in time to see Sam coming back with a tray with their breakfast.

"You're an angel." She sighs happily when he hands her her cup of coffee. It smells heavenly. He chuckles and takes the seat in front of her, digging into his scrambled eggs. Andy takes a sip from her coffee and feels the caffeine work its way into her veins, waking her up just a little bit more. She's about to take a bite from her omelet, when her phone beeps, signaling a text message. She rolls her eyes again when she sees it's from Luke.

"What's wrong?" Sam asks and she looks up at him, finally eating her breakfast. She swallows and takes a sip from her coffee again before answering.

"Luke is being a pain in the ass." She says testily and forks another piece of her omelet into her mouth. It's delicious and she won't let her stupid ex ruin her breakfast with Sam. "Guy can't take a hint."

"Well, maybe he's worried about you." Sam offers, drinking his coffee, before stealing a piece of her breakfast.

"Hey! Get your own!" She protests with a laugh, slapping his hand away. He looks entirely too proud of himself when he grins back at her. "He lost every right to even be worried about me." She continues with a sigh. "And the funny thing is, I'm not even sad anymore about the end of our relationship, you know? I'm just so... angry about what he did. It was humiliating." She eats some more and takes the time to savor her breakfast. "Sorry, I'm sure you don't want to hear about it anymore."

"Andy, come on. You know you can talk to me about whatever you want." He reaches out and covers her hand with his. "I got your back. You know that, right?" He brushes his thumb over her skin gently and she feels warm all of a sudden, calmer, safe.

"I know, Sam." She smiles at him and drinks the rest of her coffee. His thumb is still drawing lazy circles on her hand. "Hey, didn't you say you couldn't make it to breakfast earlier?" She asks suddenly, the memory of inviting him out for breakfast back at the barn popping into her mind.

"Eh, it wasn't anything that important." He shrugs and drains the rest of his coffee. Giving her hand a gentle squeeze before fishing his wallet out of his pocket, he starts pulling out his money before Andy can even process what he is doing.

"Sam, hey, no. What are you doing? I invited you, remember? It's on me." She protests weakly, but he shakes his head, leaves the money on the table and gets up.

"Don't worry about it. You can pay next time." He grins at her and grabs her coat, holding out for her to put it on. Once she is bundled up, he pulls her hair out of her coat slowly, his hands lingering on her shoulders just a little bit longer than strictly necessary. "Come on, I'll drive you home." He says when his hands drop to his sides. Andy looks up at him, wondering just what exactly is going through his mind right now.

He is different. Has been different, actually, for these past few days. He is touching her a lot more, for starters. Just casually, but she knows it's different. It's almost like he is feeling braver and bolder when it comes to her. She lets him lead her back to the truck, buckling her seat belt before resting her head on the closed window.

"You still staying at Nash's house, right?" He asks and she nods, her body feeling so heavy and tired now that she has relaxed.

Andy closes her eyes for just a second and startles when she hears him calling her name and feels his hand on her knee. Looking around, she feels a bit lost until she recognizes Traci's house to her right. She turns back to him and he offers her a small smile, a soft look in his eyes as he watches her. She rubs her eyes sleepily and blinks slowly, trying to lift the sleep fog from her brain.

"Sorry, didn't mean to fall asleep on you." She says quietly and he chuckles, reaching out to brush her too long bangs back behind her ear, letting his thumb brush gently against her skin.

"Don't worry about it." He smiles at her again and she sighs.

Andy has to try really hard not to lean into his touch, but in the end, her sleepiness gets the better of her and she slightly nuzzles against his touch. Just a little. It's not like he is completely innocent either.

"I should go." She finally manages to say after a moment. "I really want to start looking at a few places later."

"Well, if you need some company, you know where to find me." He lets his hand fall between their seats and she immediately misses his warmth.

"I just might take you up on that." She smiles at him and unbuckles her seat belt. "Thanks for breakfast, Sam." She reaches out and touches his hand. "And for volunteering as my personal punching bag. We should do it again."

He chuckles and turns his hand around, holding hers for a moment.

"I just might take you up on that." He throws her words back at her teasingly and she laughs, shaking her head. "Go get some sleep, McNally. I'll talk to you later."

"See you later." She tells him and steps out of the truck, pulling her bag over her shoulder. "Hey," She catches his attention after slamming the door closed. "Thank you. For everything." She says honestly, hoping he can understand the gratitude and affection that she feels for him.

"You got it, Andy." He gives her one last smile, dimples and all, before driving away.

Andy stands on the sidewalk for another minute, trying to get the butterflies in her stomach under control.

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