Max PoV

"Fang, I love it here," I whispered to Fang. I was glad we lived in this tree house.

"You know what I love more than this? You," I wanted him forever, and I was never going to let him go. But night began to fall slowly, and I began to fell asleep in our willow. Fang carried me down, I was in a house.

Like a real home. With a fireplace and a couch and piles and piles of books everywhere. Fang sat in his rocking chair, wearing a tux. Then he turned to me, revealing his beautiful face, and his eyes. God his eyes were beautiful, no, gorgeous.

He shook his head, and his hair fell into his eyes. He smirked.

"You know, its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding." I looked down to see an elegant, yet simple, white dress. Long drooping sleeves but above knee length. My hair down, framing my face.

Fang stood and in three swift moves, he walked over pulled me close and kissed me. His arms were carefully wrapped around me, we kissed slowly, then intensely, and our wings were out encasing each other in our own little cocoon.

"Fang," I breathed, my mind was chaotic and frantic, I couldn't think of anything else to say, Fangs beauty is just completely mind boggling. He brushed some hair that had fallen into my eyes, then turned on his heel, left the room and soon after, I saw him out the window and stood at the altar.

Fang PoV

Max was beautiful, and the sunset made me see every detail of her precious face, not that I dint already know every detail of her face. Her warm eyes clear of worry. Soon it was night and all I wanted to do was make her happy, keep her comfortable. And keep her safe. I loved her, and I couldn't help but tell her.

After she fell asleep I carried her down out of our tree. I laid her head upon a bed of flowers, and grabbed the blanket we usually shared. As I walked away she caught me off guard, ( a rare thing) and I thought she was awake. But she mumbled something inaudible (she had a habit of talking while she slept, but I'd never let her know) . I walked to the willow and leaned against the trunk and watched Max, she always looked pretty, but when she slept she turned into someone else. I loved her either way.

The wind rustled the leaves and Max awoke.

"Go back to bed, love, I'll there in a moment," Max moaned in protest. So I slid next her, kissing her forehead. In reply she she kissed me full on the lips, again surprising me. I kissed back and we laid entangled kissing and turning inseparable.

Max tried to take off her shirt, but I wouldn't let her and in challenge she took of my shirt, stood took off her shirt and the looked at me, sticking her tongue out.

"Game on," I said. Max giggled, and began to run, I say her wings which she unfolded and I let mine go as well, she jumped and flew higher than the moon. Then she closed her wings nosedived in front of the moon and unfurled her wings and just floated. I jumped flew right into her, knocking her back but catching her, kissing her pressing our bare bodies together. I had to remember to flap.

Flap, Fang, jeez Fang, Flap!

We slowly lowered ourselves onto the cliff edge hanging our feet of and seeing the overfull moon.

Don't go too far, fang, this is Max, wait. I sighed. I slowed our kissing, but I don't remember falling asleep beside her, or falling asleep at all. But we did….