Modern technology never ceases to amaze me.

As I stare at the love of my life, motionless on the sterile metal table, I cannot help but wonder how she would have felt about the current situation. Or rather, if she knew. Her death has brought upon an unexplainable sadness, one that could not possibly be identified with words. Her frail body lay limp and scarred with a mixture of bullet wounds and operation scars. Her pulse was weak as she was brought to the infirmity, the damage done to her body, as the doctor informed me with great sorrow, was irreversible. Only as the doctor performed an ultrasound to find the bullets that had been lodged into her body did I become aware of her last gift to me. The tiny thrumming, as light as the hum of a hummingbird unexpectedly overtook the sorrowed silence that had filled the room. I had taken more than enough secondary science classes to understand what this meant. The thrumming, a beacon of light, a glimmer of hope in the saddest moment of my life.

Immediately my love was rushed into surgery, the only intent being to save the source of the thrumming before it was too late. My love only had minutes left before the attempts would prove to be too late. But, they were not. Within twenty minutes several doctors were fussing over a tiny black crate covered by wires and monitors. An "artificial womb, similar to a pitch-black incubator" they had informed me. I was not permitted to look inside, as opening the incubator could disrupt the development of This tiny human being that barely had fingers and toes yet. It, no, the baby, was a little girl, created out of young love, one that was cut far too short. I can only hope the she will look exactly like the only woman I ever loved. With beautiful blonde locks and blue-grey eyes, faint freckles and a ski-slope nose; the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. I'm not sure how long it took for the reality if the situation to dawn on me. I'm only nineteen, I don't have a stable home, my girlfriend has been killed, and I have a- no. Our child to raise. A child that would never grow up with a mother to broad her hair or clean her wounds. She would only have her teenage father, terrified of hurting his daughter as his father had done to him.

Christina came to visit several hours later, tears staining her flushed cheeks. "Is she really gone?" She whispered as fresh tears began to fall.

"Yes. Sh-she's gone." I hoped Christina could not sense the desperation and agony that made my voice shake. She immediately pulled me into an embrace as I sobbed.

"I heard about the baby. Please don't be worried, Four. You'll be a great father to her."

"I'm not sure if I'm ready for this." I choked out.

"Maybe that us so, but you aren't alone. I'll help you, as will Zeke and Shauna and your mother. We will get through this." She sighed, before handing me a duffle bag full of fresh clothes, a blanket, and some money. Christina deserved more credit than she had been given, proving to be a loyal, caring friend time after time, hurt after hurt.

A month passed, and she was still growing. Three months, still growing. Five months, and it was getting closer to the day when she would make her official entrance into the world. There wasn't one day where I didn't sleep next to the incubator or pound the doctors with questions of her development. Christina visited me once a week, usually to update me on the progress of the city. The factions still existed, but the city had been rebuilt, apparently more grand and lavish than ever. Many people left to settle outside the fence, but others decided to stay within the comfort of the faction system. Christina told me about the apartment I had been granted and her new job at the community library. Zeke and Shauna visited when the could, though most of their time was consumed by planning their upcoming wedding. It seemed as if things were looking up for a while.

It wasn't until seven months that anxiety began to consume me again. I woke up to several busy voices crowding around the incubator. A nurse escorted me out of the room before I could even ask what was going on. I panicked and screamed that they let me back in the room with my daughter.

My desperate attempts became useless as I decided to call Christina. "Christina, it's Four. Please, I think something is wrong with the baby. Please, hurry over here." She arrived minutes later, a frantic look plastered on her face,

"What's wrong, is everything okay? Why are there so many doctors in the room?"

"I'm not sure. Some of them look new, specialists perhaps? Please, let her be okay. I can't lose her too, Chris. She's all I have left of her." Even after all this time her name was too painful to speak aloud.

"Four, please, just calm down. Breathe. I'm sure everything is okay with her."

"You're lying."

"No, I'm not. I was Candor, remember? The doctors are only doing their job, and they will do everything they can to keep her healthy. It's not doing yourself any good to stress yourself out." She smiled weakly. Just then the door burst open, a doctor in a blue coat, presumably an Erudite, walked towards me.

"Are you Four Eaton, father of the child in room 22460?" He asked.

"Yes, sir. How is she? What's wrong? Will she make-," the doctor just laughed at me. "Son, the child is okay. I'm a prenatal care specialist. I was called in because it's time for you to meet your daughter. I needed to make sure she was healthy enough to survive outside the incubator." He smiled at me, "Go on, go meet your child. You've waited long enough, haven't you?" Christina turned to say something to me but I wasn't listening.

Immediately I burst through the hallway and into the room that housed my baby girl for the past months. The incubator had been removed and was replaced with a bassinet, inside a tiny pink bundle of blankets. Hesitantly, i looked toward the nurse filling out paperwork in the chair next to me. She chuckled at my puzzled look. "Here, let me help you, son. Is this yours? You look awfully young to have a kid." She went to the bassinet and retrieved the bundle which now lay soundly in her arms. "Here, put your arms line mine and I'll place her down. Make sure you have a good hold on her head. See, there you go! You're a natural at this, really."

Was this even real? My baby, our baby, here, alive while her mother is dead? I only wished she could be here for this. This moment felt so right, as if my daughter and I were the only two people on this earth. As I peaked down at her she opened her eyes, revealing bright blue gems. Not grey, like hers had been. Her hair was too faint to determine a precise color, but she did have the light freckles and button nose that I had adored so much. She was unusually tiny, even for a baby. Only four pounds, the nurse informed me. Of course she took after her mother in that regard. I moved to the chair in the corner and smiled at the little girl, laying vibrant and alert in my arms.

"Hey little one," I whispered "Nice to finally meet you." I kissed her nose and held her to my chest, savoring this moment as if it were sweet honey. It wasn't long before Christina came charging in, Zeke and Shauna flanked by her sides. Tears brimmed her eyes as she looked at my daughter.

"Oh, she's so precious! What a little doll. She looks so much like her mom." Christina grabbed her from my arms, rocking her gently back and forth in her own. "Tris would have loved her."

"I'm sure of it. She's perfect." I said, fighting tears.

"Congrats, man. She's a beautiful one." Zeke mused, clapping me on the back. How long had it been since we had exchanged a brotherly gesture such as this? I couldn't even recall. He had forgiven me for Uriah's death a few months back, but things were still tense between us. This was a promising sign though, that maybe things would go back to normal soon.

Shauna was now holding the baby, admiring her with wide, warm eyes. "What's her name, Four?" She asked. It was something I had thought about for a while, wanting only the most perfect name for my miracle, my last gift from my love. As the three of them looked at me with excited eyes, I smiled before clearly stating

"Her name is Willow Beatrice Eaton."

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