After four months of being together, yet getting no action whatsoever, Fran was becoming very frustrated with his boyfriend. Bel was either completely asexual and only going along with this to make Fran happy, or he was just fine with using his hand. Fran wasn't sure which scenario was the case, but seeing as he hadn't even heard Bel masturbating, he was beginning to think it was the former.

"Senpai," Fran drawled as he lay on the older male's bed, watching his boyfriend play videogames. "Senpai, when are we going to do stuff?"

Bel just shrugged, never taking his attention from the widescreen TV sitting across from him. The teal-haired male sighed as he sat up, grabbing the glass of soda sitting on the bedside table. He took a sip before he spoke, his voice as emotionless as ever.

"You're making me frustrated, senpai. Can't we at least touch each other or something?"

"You have a hand." Bel paused the game as he turned to look at the younger. "Just jerk yourself off or something."

"I do, but it's only making me more frustrated!"

"Can't help you, Froggy. Sorry." The blond's attention had returned to the game, and Fran found his self-control snapping.

"Senpai!" Fran jumped off the bed, moving to tackle Bel away from that fucking controller. He gestured down to his lap, pointing out the obvious bulge just begging for the Varia Storm's touch. "Senpai, I swear to God if you don't do something about this, I'm going to top you, you asexual prick!"

"Shishi~" A grin crossed Bel's face at these words. "The prince isn't asexual, Froggy – far from it. He feels sexual desire all the time."

"So why don't we do anything?" Fran groaned, not sure he wanted to hear the answer.

"Well, princes have morals, you know?" the older male pointed out.

"You mean you'll torture hordes of people to death, but you won't even take care of a simple hard on because of morals?" Fran slapped his face, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Well... Yeah." Bel shrugged. "See, princes don't just do stuff with anyone."

"I'm your boyfriend!"

"I know~ But we're not married yet, Froggy~ And besides; you're still only a teenager – too young for a prince to have sex with."

Fran's eyes flashed with rage before he pushed Bel to the ground, sitting on a strong chest. He thrust his hips upwards, hissing with the pent-up sexual frustration he had been dealing with for so long.

"Get. Me. Off." The boy leant down, nipping at Bel's throat hard enough to draw blood.

Bel just sniggered as he pushed the younger away. "A prince can't take his princess's purity until after the wedding, Froggy~"

"Fuck royalty!" Fran slid backwards, rubbing his hips against the older male's. "Screw me now!"

"So demanding." Bel reached up, caressing a soft cheek. He pressed his lips against Fran's, smiling. "Just wait a bit longer, Froggy. Okay?"

Fran just growled before he nodded. "You'd better hurry the hell up and do something soon or I'm going to explode... You're lucky I love you."

"The prince loves his froggy, too~"