Once upon a time, in the land of Gensokyo, there was a vampire who known as Scarlet Devil. She lived in a grand mansion near Misty Lake, which named after her title, the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Day after day, all she doing was having tea served by her faithful maid and lazing around. Ah, what a boring life, you surely must think.

But I do not intend to tell a tale about this magnificent Scarlet Devil, my friends. The tale I will tell is about Patchouli Knowledge, who is a good old friend of Scarlet Devil and also lives in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Patchouli Knowledge is what we would call as an ancient old witch, who has lived for over hundred years, despite still looking like a young maiden. Her only passion is staying in the library of Scarlet Devil Mansion and reading books day by day. Although she has frail health and asthma problem, do not try to annoy her, for she can blast the hell out of anyone with her century old knowledge of magic. What a badass bookworm...

Now, the story begins.


One day just liked every normal day, Patchouli was reading books in the library. Or more exactly, experimenting with magic.

"One litre of water... A drop of mercury... Two mushrooms... A lizard tail... One gram charcoal... Five grams saltpetre, One gram sulphur... Mix them together... Now the only thing left is the spell."

She began the incantation, but unexpectedly, the mixture exploded and filled the library with smoke.

"Cough cough... The bastard who wrote this book must be a crackpot magician! How can lizard tail and mercury be ingredients for HP potion!? I cannot believe that I actually tried out what this retarded book said... What a waste of time!"

"Let see the author's name... Kirisame Marisa! How could that rat's book getting inside my library!?"

Patchouli scratched her head trying to figure out the reason, and then she remembered what had happened the week before.



"Ah, uhm... You know, Patchouli... Lately, I've borrowed some books in your lib–" a witch with long blond hair said nervously.

"Sorry for the interruption, but I must correct that you have stolen books in my library, not borrowed." Patchouli coldly said.

"What's the difference anyway? I'm just an ordinary magician, who'll get older and die peacefully. Compare to you, my life's just a twinkling of star. Trust me, I'll return 'em back when I kick the bucket, teehee." the blond witch said giggly.

"..." Patchouli still concentrated on her book.

"Anyway, since you've lend me many valuable books... Ahem... I must repay your kindness. Patchouli, I have some books for you here."

"Okay, okay... Now just place them in the table and leave me alone. Please don't disturb my study, Marisa."


Everything is clear. So this is Marisa's compensation for me, Patchouli thought. How can she write a book that was filled with crappy things like this? Totally pseudo magic.

Gave out a short sigh, she grabbed a nearby pen and began writing on the backside of book's cover:

"To Kirisame Marisa, The next time you write a book, please actual verify what you wrote – Patchouli Knowledge"

After that, she murmured an unintelligible spell and declared: "I command thee, book! Return to thy owner!" Magically, the book went up and flight out of the library with the speed of a missile. This spell had a 99% accuracy for hitting its target.

That should teach her a lesson, Patchouli smirked.

But the magic experiment and spells before had drained so much energy that she actually fell tired and exhausted. She sat down on a chair and closed her eyes for a moment. That day was surely a bad day. Wasted time for a stupid experiment only to get an explosion in the library. She decided to read a storybook as a pastime to forget all the bad things had happened.

She casted a spell and magically, a random book automatically flew from the bookshelf into her hand. What a convenient way of reading. Magic to Patchouli was same as machine to the modern human and she couldn't live without them. Actually, how can we image a witch without magic?

Strangely, she thought. I have never seen this book before... And it has picture of some strangle animals in the cover... No, fire dragons and lizards are mythical beings, not animals... Maybe it has stories about a hero battle with dragons to save the princess.

Patchouli opened the book and read a couple pages.

This is a picture book, not story. There are nothing but picture. And it mainly about animals... rats, birds, monkeys... or even mythical creatures... walking flower, rock snake... There are pictures depict some strangle devices, too... But they look quite modern...

She continued to turn into the next pages.

A human... Throwing a ball at a bird... Two people... Look like they are controlling the animals to battle each other... Are they summoners? Or monster tamers?

Patchouli was delving immensely into the book. She wasn't called Knowledge for nothing. Each time she encountered things she hadn't known before, she spent a considerable time to research it. Over one hundred years, it had accumulated into a wealth of knowledge and wisdom inside her head. But heaven didn't give anything for free and Patchouli was not an exception. She had to pay a price for knowledge: that is a weak physical body and bad health.

Eventually, due to tiredness, Patchouli fell asleep on the table, with the picture book still on her hands.

Unbeknownst to her, the book was glowing with some strangle lights.

Author's Notes

Hello, everybody. I am just a novice writer who want to express his ideas to the world. I hope that some of you will enjoy my work.

For Pokemon readers, this is my attempt to interpret the Pokemon world from another viewpoint. It will contain some dark elements, but basically, this is a light hearted story. I am an optimistic person after all.

For Touhou readers, I guess most of you are accustomed with the idea of X go to Gensokyo, those famous gappy, yeah. So why not reverse and let it become a Gensokyo resident going to an another world? I know that idea was done already but the amount of fics is quite low. And often, the badass characteristics of Touhou are overwhelming in the other world. So, I decided to write my own fic and this is the result.

I choosed Patchouli as the main character. The first reason: Patchouli is my favourite character. From the point of gameplay, Reimu is my favourite because her fricking homing bullet and small hitbox, but consider personality, it is Patchouli. The second reason: Patchouli usually stays at the library, so it is interesting to make her going on an adventure.

As far as I have read, there are 2 fics about Patchouli going to an another world and both are Familiar of Zero crossover. I really like some ideas of them, but there are something that leave me dissatisfied. Because Familiar of Zero world is full-blown magical world, this resonance greatly with Patchouli occupation as a magician. Patchy's magic quickly pwned everyone because Touhou level of badass is too high compare to Familiar of Zero. A notable example is Gray Morality by DeltaNovember, where Remilia went to Halkeginia and singlehandly massacred a whole country. I cannot disagree with the author, because Remilia is fully capable to do that. But that leaved me somewhat dissatisfied. Anyway, he still has done a good job and the ending is in style with traditional Touhou ending (ZUN ending). I have a feeling that Gray Morality is a deconstruction of the notion "harmless and fun" Gensokyo.

And transport Patchouli to a non-magical and full-action world will crip her badly. I cannot think of any logical way to make her shine in that settings. Therefore I decided to make her go to a semi-magical world, this way, her knowledge will still be useful. That is the reason for Pokemon crossover. Maybe some readers will notice that I borrowed some ideas of the premise of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

I will welcome any criticism, so feel free to bash or flame. It is a honour to receive criticism, because that mean people actually reading your works.

I will do my best to finish this fic, but there is no guarantee. No one can predict when the dreaded "real life" will strike.
Sorry for the long rant and goodbye, everyone. See you the next time.