In Pallet Town, humans and Pokémon lived alongside peacefully. They treated each other with love and respect. Pokémon helped people on heavy works and took care of the elderly. To children, Pokémon were their friends, companions and pets. They shared joy and sorrow moments with each other. Life in a remote town was harsh, but everyone was content with their lives. If Patchouli wasn't have to find way back home, she would settle down there and build her own library.

Of course, there were people who didn't want to spend their lives in a secluded and boring town. A part of young teenagers thought like that. Some wanted to leave home and go on adventure. Some wanted to be famous and get rich. They were too young to understand that going on adventure wasn't a child play and being rich didn't mean you had happiness.

Patchouli walked alone in the field, leaving the town behind as it became farther and farther away. In her hand was the Pokédex. Despite never using a device same as Pokédex before, she often learned about them from the Kappa. That knowledge had helped her greatly in using Pokédex. Without books, Patchouli used Pokédex as replacement in her journey.

Mountains, forests, rivers and grass fields… Everything here was the same as in Gensokyo. However, it wasn't Gensokyo, her homeland. When she was still in Gensokyo, she didn't have any feeling of attachment to the land. She was proud of being a loner in her library. But now being away from Gensokyo, Patchouli was actually missing everyone. Quite an ironic, right?

Unexpectedly, her thought was disrupted by a shout.

"Pikachuu! Where are youu? Come home with me, please!" a girl in blue dress shouted.

It looked like she had lost her Pokémon. Noticing Patchouli was there, the girl rushed to her and asked:

"Excuse me, but have you seen my Pikachu on the way here?"

Pikachu? That little yellow rodent in Professor Oak's place?

Patchouli shook her head, "Sorry, I haven't seen any. What's the matter?"

"My Pikachu has wandered off from the town… I don't know where it is now..." the girl's face was full of worriment.

Normally, Patchouli wasn't a person that eager to help other. She preferred to lead a stoic life inside her library, undisturbed by anyone. But now, for some reasons, she fell compelling to give a hand to the girl.

"You cannot go around searching aimless like this. I have detected Pikachu magic signature in that direction. Follow me!" Patchouli made her way forward, through the grass.

"Eh, ah..." the girl was taken aback by Patchouli's boldness, but her instinct told that Patchouli was the person she could depend on. "Thank you very much for helping me, lady!"

"The name is Patchouli, and your?"

"My name... it is Blue." the girl replied.


During that time, in Professor Oak's laboratory.

"Sorry for intruding." Red said as he entered the place.

"Good timing, Red! I have prepared all necessary things for your trainer debut." Professor Oak said.

"Oh yeah! Compare to Green and others, I have to wait two days for this moment!"

"Ahem... Whose fault is it, Mr. Red? Who was the one that slept until noon in his departure day?"

"Ah ha hah..." Red laughed nervously.

"Anyway, here is your Pokémon, Red. Why don't you try it out?" Professor Oak handed a Poke Ball to Red. As he opened it, light came out and materialized into a Pikachu.

"Pikachu!" the little rodent cried.

"Oh! My first Pokémon is a Pikachu just like the one of Blue."

"Ah, Blue... Among your age, Blue was the first one to have Pokémon, although she dislikes becoming trainer."

"Perhaps it is best for her that way..." Professor Oak said with a thoughtful look.

"I don't see it that way, professor. Her Pikachu has great potential. For not become a trainer, Blue are just wasting her talent!"

Professor Oak gave a grave look at Red. It was the first time Red had seen Professor Oak being serious like that.

"Red... Are you saying that Pokémon are only good for battles?"

Realized his error, Red hung his head and couldn't say anything.


(For the sake of simplicity, Pokémon's speech and thought are formatted as same as human's)

Meanwhile, Blue's Pikachu was wandering around Pallet Field.

I know Blue only wants best for me but she is so overprotective! I want to battle other Pokémon!

Pikachu spotted a wild Pidgey that was eating nearby.

"Hey Pidgey! I challenge you to battle!" Pikachu shouted.

"But I don't want to fight with you!" Pidgey complained.

"I do not care! And you can't escape in a duel!"

"Aw man… Fine then, prepare for my Tackle attack!"

Pidgey rushed upon Pikachu to deal a blow but Pikachu quickly avoid it by jumping aside.

"You're too slow, pal! Take this… Thunder Shock!"

It's super effective!

Pidgey had fainted from Pikachu's attack. Don't worry, it was a Non-Lethal K.O.

Easy as pie! If continue like this, I'll quickly become stronger in no time!

"Time for some Pidgey hunting~" Pikachu cheerfully said.


Blue and Patchouli had been walking for a while, but they hadn't said anything to each other. Blue, who felt uncomfortable with that silence, decided to break the ice.

"Um… Lady Patchouli, I guess you are a travelling Pokémon trainer, right?"

"In a sense, yes… But that isn't my profession. Are you a trainer too?"

"Most of my friends have become trainer, but I didn't." Blue murmured.

"Why not?"

"I don't like fighting. I don't want to let my Pokémon hurt other Pokémon and get hurt itself…"

"And you may say I'm naïve, but actually, why don't people stop fighting and get along with each other? The world will certainly be better that way…"

Blue's logic had made Patchouli thought for a moment. In Gensokyo, humans, spirits, demons and other beings had lived along "peacefully". Occasionally, there were "incidents" and fighting erupted, but in the end, they was resolved with little causalities. And even former enemies became friends after each "incident".

However, it was only possible because Gensokyo was the Land of Illusions and Fantasy. Gensokyo's existence was the embodiment of Idealism in its pure form. Could that logic be applied in the Outside World and also in this world?

"Blue... You surely have a kind heart and a gentle soul. There's nothing wrong with that and I have always highly regard people like you." Patchouli was still walking ahead.

"But reality is not that simple... In our world, everything can be divided into two opposite but mutual elements. Because everything is changing and moving, those opposite elements will come into conflict with each other. Conflict when escalated will lead to violence. In the end, the old elements will transform into new elements and begin a new cycle..."

"Thus, violence and conflict are inevitable. As an individual, you can choose to avoid it, but in the end, there always exists someone else do it for you. So I think it's better to face the problem ourselves rather than avoiding it."

Patchouli's saying had left some impact on Blue, but she refused to change her opinion. Blue was known to be an intelligent but stubborn girl after all.

"Lady Patchouli, your theory may sound convincing, but I still cannot believe that anything good will come from violence."

"Don't worry, when you learn more about the world, you will understand what I have said."


Blue's Pikachu had been beating quite a number of Pidgey. Maybe it was about ten to twenty Pidgey. If Pikachu had fought them all at once, it wouldn't stand a chance. However, one Pidgey was only a piece of cake for Pikachu.

Wow, I actual feel stronger than before. Training is very useful! I must find more Pidgey to train myself.

But Pikachu hadn't encountered any Pidgey for a while. Maybe they had informed the others about new enemy.

Hmm... Why I haven't seen any Pidgey? Usually, there're many Pidgey living around here...

Speak of the devil and the devil shall come, the Pidgey appeared. However, this time it wasn't a lone Pidgey but a whole group. Angry, furious and raging were what could describe them.

"You Pikachu there, you have gone around attacking our kin indiscriminately, although we had done nothing against you before! Now, you must pay for your crime!"

The Pidgey all swooped down to attack Pikachu. In panic moment, Pikachu unleashed the biggest Thunder Shock it could do. Many Pidgey were struck down by the bolt, but the others still kept flying at Pikachu.

Oh no! Big trouble! Big trouble! What should I do now!?

Ops, you should run as fast as possible, little Pikachu...


"There is it! Is that your Pikachu? Look like it is chased by a bird flock!"

"Pikachu! I am here! Come to me quickly!" Blue shouted.

Pikachu turned to the direction of the voice. Blue? You shouldn't come here, it is dangerous... Aw!

Unfortunately, Pikachu tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. Having been exhausted from all the running, it couldn't get itself up and quickly got attacked by the furious Pidgey.

"Oh no! I must go saving my Pikachu from those Pidgey!" Blue almost dashed over to Pikachu, only to be held back by Patchouli.

"No, it's too dangerous and you aren't capable for combat! Let me handle this!"

Having approached the Pidgey, Patchouli used her Pokédex to analyze her foes.

Name: Pidgey
National no: 016
Species: Tiny Bird Pokémon
Descriptions: It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.

That means somehow Pikachu had offended those Pidgey. I guess it is better to negotiate with them first...

"O Pidgey! I have known nothing about what Pikachu had done to offend you, but could you forgive it now? It was beaten up enough already!"

"Pika... pika... pika pi!" Pikachu weakly cried.
(* That's right, my HP is negative already, please forgive me! *)

"Poopoo... coo... poopoo!"
(* Impossible, we will make it pay exactly for what it had done *)

The Pidgey continued to peck on Pikachu.

Tch... Look like they didn't listen to me... Now is the time to get serious...

"Hey Pidgey! How about a battle with me instead? If I win, you must leave Pikachu alone!"

"Poo poo poo! Poo poo..." one of the Pidgey cried.
(* That woman is annoying! We should teach her a lesson... *)

"Poopoo coo! Coo coo!" another responded.
(* Agree! Let show those humans the power of Pidgey! *)

All of the Pidgey ignored Pikachu and focused on Patchouli as their new target. A normal human couldn't defeat a whole Pidgey flock, so they were pretty confident on winning. And even Blue also feared for Patchouli's safety.

"Lady Patchouli, please be careful! Raging Pokémon are very dangerous!" she shouted.

However, Patchouli stood still and did not falter. The Pidgey had fell straight into her trap. Waiting until they were very near, Patchouli took out her magic tome from nowhere and unleashed her trump card.

"Metal Wood Elements: Elemental Harvester!"

Numerous magical gear-shaped blades appeared, spinning around Patchouli like a cyclone. Being caught in those blades unprepared, the Pidgey dropped to the ground unconscious, one after one. Patchouli had won the Curb-Stomp Battle single-handedly.

"I am the winner so now you must leave Pikachu alone!" Patchouli declared.

Despite the weakening of my magic power, these Pidgey didn't stand a chance...

But much to her surprise, one Pidgey still stood up defiantly. Tattered and worn out, yet a fierce spirit could be seen from its eyes.

"Good... very good... You are worthy to become my familiar... Be proud of that, little Pidgey!"

From her magical Hammer Space, Patchouli took out an empty Poke Ball and threw it at Pidgey. Having been severely weakened, Pidgey couldn't resist the Poke Ball and was caught eventually.

So this is my first Pokémon... It is nice to have a flying familiar... Holding the Poke Ball, she thought.

"Lady Patchouli, you're amazing... How could you make those metal discs appear magically from nowhere?" Blue asked after having recovered Pikachu and let it sleep in her arms. Pikachu must be very tired after all the mess it had caused.

"Actually, if I say it was magic and I am a witch, do you believe it?"

"Witch and magic!? Just like in those fairytales grandma had told me!? Amazing!"

"When I was still a little kid, I always dreamed of becoming a Magical Girl and using my magic to help other people. And now a real Magical Girl appears in front of me!"

"Ha ha... You have flattered me too much. I am not those innocent cute girls in frilly dress, who have super long transformation sequence and using the magic of love..." Patchouli snickered. It was rare to see her humour side.

"But… Have we been too cruel to these poor Pidgey? I'm feeling sad for them…" Blue said as she looked at many fainted Pidgey around Patchouli.

"I'm afraid it was the only way… These Pidgey were blind with rage, so in order to snap them out of it, we must beat some sense into their head."

Of course, Patchouli wasn't happy for what had happened and Blue understood that too. She couldn't bring herself to blame Patchouli because it was her fault to let Pikachu wander off in the first place.

"Anyway… Thank you very much for saving Pikachu, Lady Patchouli. Without you, I would not able to find Pikachu, let alone saving it."

"Don't worry about it… And it is time for me to go now. Farewell, Blue, until we meet again…"

"We will definitely meet again, I promise." Blue said in silent as she watched the witch going far away.

And thus, our protagonist returned to her lonely journey.

Author's Notes

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