Prompt: Relatives


May had always thought Drew was an only child. The way he seemed to stuck-up and spoil fit the stereotypical only child type thing.

But then she met Solidad. At first she'd thought that maybe Solidad was something more to Drew. But then she'd quickly figured out that they were more like brother and sister than anything. That and Solidad was a good 5 years older than him. That and Solidad seemed to have a weird attraction to a certain Cacturne suit wearing purple-haired coordinator. And May would never understand that. Why would someone as sweet as Solidad fall for someone like…Well…Harley?

Then May though Solidad and Drew were like adoptive siblings. Which would still mean that he was sort of an only child.

You wouldn't believe May's shock to discover just how large Drew's family actually was. He'd invited her once to a whole family gathering for Christmas (Truthfully, he'd just wanted someone he could talk to and Solidad wasn't available). He had many uncles, aunts, cousins and so on. May was surprised that Drew's house could fit everyone in, let alone the table fit everyone.

Even more surprising was that Drew actually had a younger sister. She was 3 years younger than him and though she might've looked cute and innocent, it was quickly known that she was anything but innocent. Renae seemed to LOVE to tease Drew in any way, shape or form.

Apparently her favourite weapon she loved to use against Drew was his apparent obsession with strawberries that May hadn't previously known about.

Of course, May didn't know this until too late.

She should've guessed something was up when Renae had offered her strawberries with a sugar coated smirk, but May fell into the trap everyone else did when it concerned Renae. They thought she was just playing around.

A few seconds-if it even took that long- after biting into the strawberry, Drew's lips had descended upon hers, kissing the flavour off her lips and out of her mouth until May couldn't hold her breath any longer.

And then May almost hated that Drew had a large family because the minute Drew had decided that breathing was a good thing again, they were ripped apart.

All sorts of squeals, questions, marriage ideas were tossed at her and she couldn't even see Drew anymore in the hype of the Hayden family.

May tried her best to stutter out replies and nods or shakes but she really had no clue what to do.

It was about a week after the incident that May found out Drew's real intentions behind the kiss (That involved more than being in a strawberry stupor by the way).

And Drew's relatives never let it go. Not even 5 years later when May was walking down the aisle. The strawberry kiss was something that was always told to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren alike.

Drew had a strange family after all…But May had known that before she'd agreed to become a Hayden.

Me: I had absolutely NO clue where that was headed.

Drew: Maybe because the last one broke you?

Me: HEY! I did not break! I had coffee and raspberries after


Me: HEY! I'm not THAT bad!