This one is for my bestfriend Nazia. She has always stood by me. No matter what crazy obsession I go through, no matter how many times I screw up, no matter how many times I try to sacrifice for to the Easter Bunny, she sticks with me. This one is for Nazia. I hope you like it.

Light Yagami.

An insane mass murderer. A manipulative villain trying to be a hero.

And my only friend.

I knew he was Kira. I knew it from the very beginning. It was simple really. There was a look in his eyes, a look that I knew very well. A look of a devil that is trying to pass as a angel. I thought it would be easy. A open and shut case but, even though Light was a maniac, he was still unimaginably intelligent.

It was like our game of tennis.

With every shot a made, he hit it back twice as hard. With every trick, every trap, he was always waiting with one of his own. I almost began to doubt myself. Almost.

Light Yagami was Kira. I knew it. However, he played his part so well. He went to school, helped his sister, argued with his mother. He was, in every way, a normal, adolescent male.

I had never met anyone like Light Yagami. He was deviant and clever but yet, completely and utterly, insane. Inside, he knew what he was becoming. He knew he was a monster. He convinced himself that, by sacrificing his own sanity, he was helping the world. But he was not.

Light Yagami was simply a small child, playing with peoples lives like they were dolls. He controlled everyone with fear. You see, peace brought by fear isn't peace. It is silence. There is no freedom in silence.

But, he was still my friend.

I wanted to believe he was not Kira. I wanted to believe that my only friend was not a psychotic mass murderer. Maybe that's why Light won.

I was held back by my emotions. He, however, was not. Light Yagami used people then discarded them. He felt no fondness for me, Misa Amane nor his own father. He became like stone. Cold and blank.

Now, he is dead. While I can rest in peace, he was sent to MU. He Shinigami realm. Perhaps, it is fitting. Perhaps it is justice. That is for you to decide.

He was a killer. A liar. A cheat. A heartless, evil fiend. But he was my friend.

My only friend.