Forgiveness I noticed that both Version Up and Open Mind made mention of forgiveness, forgiving people... thought that was interesting. This is just a leetle fic. ^_^.

by Leto

A near-photographic memory is useful. I read the science textbook once and then don't have to listen in class for the rest of the year. There is little point; the teacher can never answer the questions I have anyway. I can memorise codes and words and definitions and spit them back out like a computer. People envy me that.

But it's not all good. It means you can't help remembering useful things, but you remember the bad as well. It's imprinted on your mind. Every mean word or overheard snide comment. Every insult, every wrong done against you, every time someone ignored you or brushed you off or patronised you.

And most of all, my parents' voices. A hushed conversation, not including me but telling me I wasn't theirs, I didn't belong, my identity was not what I thought it.

If I fill my mind with enough knowledge, I'll have more to think about, and maybe I won't have to listen to my mental reminders of anything everyone has ever done to hurt me.

Somehow, no matter what prodigious new things I learn, those things always have priority. The people who said them have forgotten, most of them, and some are even my friends in this world. But I will never forget.

I am glad to be here. My mind can solve any puzzle. Tentomon doesn't understand it but I know the key to forgiveness is in the digital world somewhere.

"It's in your friends, not your knowledge."

I'm surprised! How did Tentomon know what I was thinking?

"What are you talking about, Tentomon?"

"Just that you can't hide knowledge with more knowledge. The key to forgiveness is in the digital world, but it's not a puzzle you'll solve, a program you'll download, or a new fact you'll discover. You've already found it, Koushirou-han."

He's right, now that I think about it. Why didn't it occur to me earlier? You can't hide knowledge with more knowledge, but you can cancel it out. I can do that now. Cover up the mean words with the kinder ones, and pictures of my enemies with pictures of my friends.

And some day, with the things I've learned here, with the courage I've needed to draw from, my friends' courage, I can forgive my parents too.

I'm glad I've got friends now. I won't get emotional about it, I'll keep my head, and I'll use the knowledge I have to repay them for their friendship.

Tentomon smiles back at me.