It is completely and utterly wrong for him to think about some other redhead when he was with one right now at this second; a really smart, attractive, hot, and sexy redhead who was kissing him hungrily as she tugged on his shirt impatiently.

He shouldn't be thinking of someone who left, and start thinking about the woman who was purring against him, whimpering at how he peppered kisses all over her exposed abdomen while he was thinking a different skin, a different hip bone, a different woman completely.

As a man he should be happy to have such woman in his bed, moaning his name lustfully, and yet what he felt was longing, longing for someone else to call and moan his name, someone who was very far with his two mile radius, someone he hoped he could run off to and hug, never to let go again, someone who deserved better than a man who run.

And when they were done and the redhead; the amazing redhead curled up next to him, sound asleep with her fiery red hair splayed all over his chest and the pillow, he felt the sudden lost in his heart, he picked up his phone, pressed 2 (because 1 is Peter) and waited for the voice he missed.

"Hi!" her voice was light and as bright as usual, "What time is it there? Wait.. Let me count," there was a pause and Neal smiled imagining the blonde (though he much prefer her red hair), "Four o'clock?!" she yelped, making Neal chuckle and lowered the volume of his phone, not wanting to wake Rebecca, "Hey there Repo…" he smiled even though she can't see him.

"Hey…" her voice went calmer, "What's wrong Neal?"

Everything. Everything was wrong. She was millions miles away and he can't do a fucking thing about it. He was with someone else but all he wanted was her.

"Nothing. Just missing you and I got your postcard today…"

"You did? How was it?"

There was a silence as Neal looked towards the girl who shifted slightly away from him.


He know who he wants is not the one he has right now, "Just come back home soon, okay?" he said again finally.