Part Four:

The rest of them were having a fun night, Dan was present as well as Jeannie and her kids.

A couple of hours later as they were playing Life; Zoe's cell phone rang:

"Hello", Zoe said?

"Aunt Zoe, it's me", Taylor said. "I feel funny".

"Stay put; I'll come and get you", Zoe said.

"Okay", Taylor said.

"Where in the school are you", Zoe asked?

"Right outside the Gym", Taylor said.

"Okay, I'm leaving now", Zoe said before hanging up.

"What", Jeannie asked?

"Something's wrong with Taylor; can you stay", Zoe asked Jeannie?

"Yeah, I'll stay", Jeannie said.

Lincoln Park High School:

As Zoe, Dan and Marcos entered the high school, they scanned for Taylor.

Not seeing Taylor; as well as not getting any answers as to her whereabouts; Zoe walks over to the coach's office and grabs the bullhorn she knows is on the shelf.

She then walks out onto the floor with Dan following. Just as Zoe pulls out her cell and readies to dial 911, Marcos shuts down the music.

Then Zoe says (using the bullhorn):


They all look at her.

"YEAH, ALL OF YOU", Zoe states.

"Now someone tell me where my niece, Taylor Woodall is or I will be pressing the send button on this phone", Zoe said.

"I'm not afraid of you", a teenage boy said.

"You should be". Because I press this button, the police that are standing down the street will be here within 10 minutes", Zoe stated.

No one said a word. And what none of them knew was that Zoe had called in a favor with an old friend at the Chicago PD. And he was waiting outside for the call on his radio.

"Fine then", Zoe said pushing then button.

"9-1-1". "What is your emergency"?

"Yes, this is Zoe Busiek". "I am at Lincoln Park High School". "I need the police and possibly an ambulance".

"They are on the way". "Please stay on the line until they arrive". "Is there anything that I need to inform the officers of before they arrive"?

"Yes". "My niece called me from here 20 minutes ago saying that she didn't feel right". "When I arrived, I was unable to locate her", Zoe said.

"Okay, I'll notify the officers".

Just then her "old friend" Joe McCormick walked in.

"Okay, secure all doors and exits".

"We'll find her Zoe", Joe said minutes later.

Then he took a call…

"Zoe, I need you to come with me", Joe said.

As Zoe, Dan and Marcos followed, Joe led them out onto the football field.

Zoe started to fear the worst.

Joe stops Zoe. "You need to be prepared, it's bad".

"Oh god", Zoe mumbles before Joe lets her in.

Once Zoe entered the concession stand, she instantly knew what had happened.

"Where's Taylor Joe", Zoe asked?

"Outside with the EMTs", Joe said.

Zoe then walked out to her niece with Dan following.

"Taylor", Zoe said. Taylor had taken a beating. Her clothes were torn, and she looked out of it.

"Aunt Zoe", Taylor cried. "I fought as hard as I could but I couldn't stop him". "I feel funny".

"We're ready for transport", a female EMT said. "Will you be riding with her"?

"Go", Dan said. "I'll follow".

Once at the hospital, Zoe went in with Taylor, as a doctor took a blood sample and did a rape kit.

The doctor then took care of the cuts and scrapes.

"Ms. Busiek, I'm going to keep her overnight". "I want to make sure in case of a concussion", the doctor said.

"Okay", Zoe said.

"How is she", Dan asked some time later?

"She's resting". "She was raped Dan, and not just once", Zoe stated.

"What", Dan asked shocked?

"The doctor doesn't think it was only once", Zoe said.

"Zoe", Joe said. "We need to talk".

"Okay", Zoe said before sitting down.

"Alright, here's what we have so far", Joe said.

"Prelim findings are that Taylor was sexually assaulted". "The lab found 8 different samples", Joe said.

"Oh God", Zoe said.

"Taylor also had GHB in her system". "Now we collected all evidence at the scene; as well as brought in all present for DNA samples", Joe said.

"My boss has already notified the DA". "She wants to talk to Taylor", Joe informed Zoe.

"Okay", Zoe answered.

Dan left saying he would pick her and Taylor up in the morning.

Zoe called Jeannie, and arranged for her to stay.

Next morning:

"How you doing honey", Zoe asked Taylor?

"I don't know how to feel". "Do I have to go to school", Taylor asked shaking slightly?

"No, Ill arrange for your school assignments", Zoe said.

"Morning", Dan said knocking.

"Morning", both Zoe and Taylor returned.

"You ready", Dan asked?

"Yeah", Zoe said helping Taylor with her things.

They had been home for a few hours when Joe called to say he needed to talk to Zoe.


"Hey Joe", Zoe said answering the door.

"I got the lab results back", Joe said.

"Taylor, we found GHB in your system", Joe explained.

"Did anyone give you a drink you didn't ask for Taylor", Zoe asked?

"It's possible Aunt Zoe; it was so crazy", Taylor said.

"Thanks for letting us know Joe", Zoe said.

"You're Welcome", Joe said before leaving.


Dan walked in as Zoe prepped to give a speech.

"Taylor, as of NOW; you do not take any opened drinks or food from anyone. If you set down your drink or meal, you DON'T go back to it. "AM I UNDERSTOOD", Zoe asked?

"Yeah", Taylor said. She never wanted to go through this again.

"Aunt Zoe, what about school lunches", Taylor asked?

"As of now, I'll send you to school with lunch", Zoe said thinking that she might home school Taylor.

"How is she doing", Dan asked a while later?

"Physically, she'll be fine". "Mentally, it may take awhile", Zoe answered.

"I'm here if you need me", Dan said.

"Thanks". "As soon as Jeannie gets here, I need to go talk to M", Zoe said.

"How's your niece", M asked once she'd closed the door to her office?

"She's scared but won't say it". "I told her though, no food or drink unless it's from me", Zoe said.

"And how are you", M asked?

"I'm pissed off". "The school promises to protect our kids and then this happens". "Some punk drugged my niece", Zoe said.

"Was it GHB", M asked?

"That and something called Special K", Zoe said. "The doctor said that we were lucky that the mix didn't kill her". "And she doesn't want to go back to school right now".

"Well", M said. "She could be home schooled". "And if you need to bring her in with you, I'll be okay with it". "She can hang with me or hang in your office".

"I've failed my sister", Zoe said.

"How", M asked?

"My niece was gang raped, while at a school function that I let her go to", Zoe stated.

Dan knelt in front of Zoe after entering M's office, taking her hands in his.

"You listen to me Zoe"; "what happened to Taylor was not your fault". "And you DID NOT fail your sister", Dan said.

"But", Zoe started to say…

"No", Dan said.

"Dan, take her home", M said. "Zoe, I'll see you on Monday".

Over the weekend, Zoe was finally able to deal with what had happened. And now she was determined to find the persons who'd attacked Taylor.

It was now time to get back to work.

Marshall Investigative:

"Morning boss", Zoe said.

"Good morning Zoe". "How's Taylor", M asked?

"She's had nightmares". "She's decided she doesn't want to go back to school", Zoe said.

"How are you doing with that", M asked?

"I'm okay with it". "I did some checking; there is an online program called K12". "I got her enrolled over the weekend". "And Jeannie's going to be with her while her kids are in school", Zoe said.

"That's good", M said.

Dan and Zoe then went to prove that someone set that house on fire.

"And that's how they did it", Zoe told the police.

"They were after the insurance money". "Once they realized that they wouldn't get as much from selling the house as they would if it was lost in a fire; they decided to torch the house" Dan said.

"Thanks you two", the detective said.

"Another case closed", Zoe said.

"You did well", Dan said.

"Thanks Dan", Zoe said.


"Hey guys", Zoe said as she and Dad walked in.

"Hey Aunt Zoe", Taylor said.

"What you cooking Taylor", Dan asked?

"Homemade tacos", Taylor answered. "Do you want to help"?

"Yeah, I could help", Dan said with a smile.

"How was school", Zoe asked?

"It was alright", Hannah said.

"The usual", Cliff stated.

"I liked it", Taylor said.

"Very good", Zoe said as she helped set the table. "Homework all done"?

"Yes", all three replied.

"Okay", Zoe said.

It's ready, Taylor said as she and Dan brought everything to the table.

After dinner was put away, dishes were done and the kids headed to bed.

There was a knock at the door, which Zoe answered.

"Joe", Zoe said when she opened the door?

"We got them". "They confessed to drugging and attacking Taylor", Joe said.

"Did they say why", Zoe asked?

"No", Joe said.

"Thanks Joe", Zoe said walking him out.


Zoe was watching the morning news when her lottery numbers came up on the screen; and with that Zoe spit out her coffee.

"No way", Zoe said out loud. The winning dollar amount was 5 million dollars.