Scaley Feathers: A Jungle Book/Aladdin Crossover

By: A. Taylor

Alone snake slithered through the jungles of India, but she wasn't of that part of the world.
She had just escaped the local zoo and had been on her own for a day. She was tired
and hungry. As she moved, she spotted a nearby antelope by a pond. "Maybe I can get with this." she said in her mind.
She silently slipped into the pool of water, waiting for her chance to strike.

Just as she had her pray in her range, she struck. After a half-hour of suffocating her pray, her belly was full and she was happy.
Still she missed her home and sighed as she sunk back into the water to relax. As she was about to drift off to sleep, she heard a rustle in the trees.
Fear struck her in the heart. She had a full belly and knew at her condition, she couldn't slither away fast enough. The green snake closed her eyes
knowing that it would probably be her end.

"Who are you?"
She snapped one of her eyes open when she heard it was another snake's voice. To her surprise, it was a very handsome male. He had golden
and tan scales with brown spots on his back. Letting out a gulp she was still scared of the new snake and she could tell he was nervous too.
"First tell me who you are," she demanded. The male thought she was a tad rude, but introduced himself anyways. "My name is Kaa," he said with a
lispy voice, "I've ruled the jungle ever since the tiger, Shere Khan perished."

"My name is Renix, but you can call me Rein," she replied, "I'm a green anaconda that escaped a zoo." She was still shy and unsure about Kaa, but
she didn't know who else to help her in this huge place. After checking the coast was clear, Kaa climbed his way down from his tree. He circled the green
anaconda and looked her over. When the light struck her scales, she almost looked like a living jewel. They glistened like jade, amber, and hematite.
Kaa the looked at her directly, a smile plastered to his face. "You look okay to me so far." he hissed, "I saw you ambush that antelope. So I know your not the kind to eat other snakes."

"I apologize if that antelope I ate was suppose to have been your dinner." She said in a shy/coy tone. As she talked, Kaa had a smitten look on his face. After carrying on for a bit, she noticed Kaa zoning out and flicked his snout with her tail to wake him out of it.
The rock python shook his head. "I'd invite you up my tree, but looks like I'll have to wait," he hissed pointing at the lump in Rein's stomach. If snakes could blush, Rein would've blushed with embarrassment.

"Anyways," He said, "I'll be here if you need anything." With that, he went back into
his tree. Even though still uneasy, she trusted Kaa and went back to sleep in the water. She blew bubbles out of her snout as she slept.