Chapter 2

It was morning in the jungle. Renix woke up. Checking to see if no one was around, she stretched her body out and her wings. That's right. Wings. Her wings were the colors of a blue-n-gold macaw. She flew up into the air above the canopy to get a view of the forest of trees around her. It was a clear day, without a cloud in the sky. The sun felt good and energized her. With a quick sigh and a smile, she descended back into the pond. Her wings vanished like glitter blowing in the breeze. Unknown to her, there was someone watching her. Two green and yellow eyes were watching her from a hole in the ground.

Kaa had just woken up and he was hungry. He stretched his coils and scanned the area for potential prey. He spotted Rein sunning herself on a nearby rock, he smiled happily knowing he had made a new friend. A rustle in a nearby bush caught his attention and he peeked inside. It was a rabbit. "Mmmm!" he said smacking his lips, "Small portion, but breakfast is still served." In a few minutes he hypnotized the long eared creature and swallowed it up since it was not worth coiling. He went back into his tree. A grin across his face for having found a small, but temporary meal.

The eyes that watched Rein earlier, now were on Kaa making a quiet hiss of rage. *I will get my sister back home,* he said to himself, *You are not worthy to be near her either, my slithering friend.*

Kaa was still hungry. He continued to look for food, when he heard a cry of an animal nearby. Rein had just gotten a deer in her coils. She called for her new friend. Kaa was very surprised. "I had a feeling you didn't find much from your tree, so I caught this for you." she said. She was still a tad shy of Kaa, and when she talked her tail was twitching nervously. The rock python was still surprised. No one had ever gotten food for him before. He excepted the meal before him and swallowed it hungrly. Rein chuckled. She thought he was funny and adorable.

The male python heard more rustling near by, "I think I hear my side dish calling me." He joked. Rein giggled. Like that, Kaa went after the creature in the bushes. After another round of hypnosis, he heard a cry of joy. "Big brother!" It was Rein. Kaa rushed back to his tree and his jaw dropped. In front of him was the biggest snake he had ever seen in his life. He had dark grey scales, paler grey wings, and a mane. He also had a scary pair of eyes. He turned to Kaa and snarled a little. The python gulped. Rein slithered over to Kaa.

"Kaa this is my big brother, Malcho," she said, "Malcho meet Kaa." The giant winged serpent looked Kaa over more carefully still uneasy. "I can't believe this brown earthworm had been keeping you safe." he snapped, "The most important thing is that your safe and your coming home." Rein didn't know what had gotten over her brother. He was protective, but this was a little more then normal. Kaa sighed sadly. He didn't want her to leave. She was the first one to be so nice to him. "Wait!" Rein said. "I want Kaa to come with us and meet father. I'm sure he'd like to greet the one that had been watching over me."

Malcho growled with annoyance. He didn't trust the python still, but he reluctantly nodded his head. "Very well..." he said. Rein smiled and finally revealed her wings to the males. Kaa couldn't believe how pretty her wings were. "I know you don't have wings," She started to get nervous, "If you want, you can cling to my tail." Kaa was nervous himself. He was use to being in trees, but never in the air. Malcho still was giving him a mean look.

To Be Continued!