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Chapter 1

Ace was running.

-Screw that. He was free.

He was now not expected to simply die on the on the stand like every bastard of a Marine was wanting him too. With each step he took, he felt his personal battle against the Marine's dying;but instead, he was felt with the guilt of leaving the others behind.

He was an idiot.

A big-headed, arrogant idiot who willingly threw himself to Blackbeard without thinking things through. Of course thinking hadn't been one of his biggest features, but Ace knew that was no excuse.

Because of him-because he ignored his brother's pleas to not go and hunt down Teach, parts of his family were going to die.

And it was because of him.

...Yet. He was still running.

"Ace!" A voice next to him called out, bringing Ace out of his previous thoughts. Turning his head slightly around, he was met with the distressed face of his brother, his features silently asking him if he was alright. Nodding, Ace re-focused on the path ahead, trying his best to block out the noises of people's screams behind him.

An explosion shook the ground, both brother's immediately recognizing the lava that was being penetrated towards them. It was then that Ace's footing un-conviently stumbled, causing both Luffy and Jimbei to halt in their steps.

"We have to keep moving!" Jimbei yelled out, causing the Commander to push aside the pain in his limbs.

Of course they had to keep moving. If they didn't...-He didn't even want to think about that.

Not after Luffy had battled his way here;not after Oyaji and his brother's had risked their lives for his. Nodding once more at both Jimbei and Luffy, they continued on running through the exploding battles.

But of course, it could never be that easy.

"So.." A bellowing voice grumbled from behind, causing all steps of the trio to slow down slightly. "...you think that you can simply free Fire Fist Ace..." Twitching at his name being used, Ace bit down on his lip. Deciding on not slowing down his steps further, he continued on, glad to see that the other two were doing the same. "...and simply retreat to safety? What a bunch of imbeciles you Whitebeard Pirate's are!"

"..." What?

Despite Ace's previous words of retreating, Ace halted in his steps, a glare instantly facing the Marine.

"Ace! We have to keep going!" Jimbei re-shouted back, though this time, Ace simply ignored it.

Seeing how well Ace responded, the Marine cockily raised the hat off of his head;grinning disgustingly into it's brim. "Well, I suppose it's no surprise." Smirking, he replaced the hat back onto his head, his eyes immediately staring into Ace's. "After all, you have that man as your Captain."

Twitching, Ace continued to glare at the man;his steps slowly edging back towards the Marine. Seeing this, Jimbei instantly reacted, grabbing a hold of Ace's shoulder. "Don't.." He exclaimed with fury. "...you even think about it!"

Staring at the fish-man with widened eyes, Ace seemed to lower his glare. Swallowing down his words, Ace once again glanced up to Jimbei, grateful for his interruption. "..Right." He whispered to himself, before taking one last look at the Marine.

Taking this as his last chance to piss Ace, the Marine continued on. Though this time, the Marine sent an attack along with it. "After all, Whitebeard is nothing but a loser from the dead era!"

Turning instantly towards the Marine, Ace clenched his fists.

Thanks to that little comment, it wasn't only his instincts screaming at him to go back, but his mind as well.

...Kill him.

That was all that shouted out to him. The bastard had not only harmed Luffy, but this? He couldn't just run now-he was fed up of running.

Not being distracted by same thoughts Ace was hearing, Luffy timidly saw how Akainu prepared his attack towards his brother. Leaving Jimbei's side for a split of a second;Luffy lepted towards Ace, throwing both of them out onto the other side of Akainu's attack. "ACE! WATCH OUT!"

Feeling the air push him onto the floor below, Ace instantly turned towards the source of the 'attack'. Surprised by the 'attacker', he raised his eyebrow, suddenly forgetting the previous moments. However, he didn't have time to ask his brother what he was doing, for an explosion shattered meters away from them.

Reacting instantly, Ace shielded his eyes. "S-Shit!" Taking Luffy under his arm, they both ducked;tensing as they heard the ground below them start to crack.

"T-The floor-!" Luffy yelled at him, before they both found themselves once again-running.

Gritting his teeth and fingers together, both Ace and Luffy instantly directed themselves towards safer ground.

However, just as they were reaching the tips of the Marineford's ground, Ace heard another shatter. And this time, it came from below.

Watching as an oblivious Luffy continued to run forward, Ace started to slow down in his steps. His eyes started to shadows slightly, watching as inches of floor raised from the ground. Looking once more up to where his brother was running, Ace closed his eyes.

He was never been one to give up so easily. Though if it meant Luffy was able to get away...

...-than maybe it would be worth it.

Feeling the last of the cracks below crumble, Ace instantly felt the acts of gravity pull him down;wincing as he felt no ground below. Hearing distant people scream out his name, Ace just seemingly leaned back;knowing there was no way he could get himself out of his situation.

It looked like he was meant to die today, in this Marine Base.

Opening his eyes for the last time, Ace simply stared at the sky above.-That was until it was blocked by the sight of an extended hand reaching down to him.

Reacting on instincts, Ace instantly reached out to it;gulping as he immediately knew whose hand it was. "Lu..." He whispered out, before being flicked across a mile of concrete;landing harshly onto the said person.

Luffy immediately reacted, throwing his arms around the others. Sinking his face into Ace's shoulder;Luffy dug his nails into his brother's back, glancing back up to Ace.

Feeling Luffy's stare, Ace looked back to him;his eyes suddenly filling up with regret as he saw his younger brother's face. "Shit, Lu. I'm sorry-"

Before he had time to finish his sentence, another explosion hit near them;this time forming a gigantic crack placed some-meters away from them. Glancing up to where the crack was formed from, Ace twitched.

From the eyes that were previously filled with guilt, they were now filled with blood-spilling hatred. Whispering out a mixture of words under his breath, Ace glared towards the man, clenching his fists as he saw the smirk he was sending them.

"You won't escape here you know. Both of you have the blood of demons, and for that...I have no other choice than to erase you." Akainu hissed out, causing Luffy to as well glare towards him.

"Ace, my boy." Suddenly, another sound hit the tense air. Though this time, as Ace looked towards him;all he could feel was regret.

On the other side of the crack stood Whitebeard and his Commander's, all their eyes simply locked onto the two brothers. All seemed to still be itching for a fight, though that could be quickly explained as half of the eyes were glaring at the Marine.

With the air growing stiff, Whitebeard continued on, Ace having no choice but to simply listen. "You have to get out of here. It is an order that you'll escape from this place with your brother, and leave us to deal with that man over there." He simply stated, causing Ace's mouth to fall agape.

"Y-You can't expect me to do that!" He shouted back, tensing as he saw no recognition of Whitebeard changing his mind. Finding no other choice than to stare towards Marco for some back-up, he shivered as he saw Marco give him the same look as his father.

"Rest assured, we'll meet again at the start of the New World." Whitebeard once again proclaimed, leaving the stiff air to finally disappear;the sounds of fighting resuming in all ears.

Gripping Luffy in his arms, Ace knelled there silent;not a word or breath leaving his mouth. Glancing down to his brother, his eyes started narrowed. Luffy was exhausted. Even if he wasn't trained in medical assistance's, he knew that Luffy needed to be out of here...if not-.

"Damn it!" Swallowing down all the words he wanted to shout at Akainu, Whitebeard...-Garp even, Ace took off with Luffy in his arms, not giving himself a chance to look back towards his father.

"Let's get the hell out of here, Luffy."


Yup. It's a story of what might have happened if Ace wasn't a total idiot and didn't turn back to face Akainu just because of an insult =3=.

Yes...I know that he had that thing where he couldn't turn away, but that doesn't mean I still don't find it idiotic.

BUT, I still love Ace. Idiot or not.

Conclusion= Ace is an idiot.

And sorry 'bout the depressing-ness of this chapter.

Didja' see how I used 'We'll meet again'? DIDJA'?!

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Surprisingly, I did have fun writing this-which is a lot more I can say about some other chapter's. (Despite how depressing this chapter actually is o3o xD.)

And despite what I said above, I do have a ever-so-slight plan of the ending of this story...but as I said. It's hazy.

You see why I called this Chapter 'Running?'. They're always-freaking-running.

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