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Chapter 4

The once prideful battlefield lay in pieces around the Marine, his fists clenched and face hanging low.

"You did the right thing Garp, despite what you might think."

Raising one of his hands up to his face, Garp skimmed his fingers through his hair; his eyes slowly making their way to the other. "And how could you know that?"

The elder leaned next to the man, flinging a hat off his head and letting out a sigh. "Because thanks to you, those two pirate's escaped."

Flinching, Garp continued to look away from the other; his eyes glazed over. "So you knew about that."

"Of course I do Garp. I knew you would do something irresponsible from the moment I found out that Portgas was your adopted Grandson. I was just waiting to find out what it was you had done."

Slowly lifting his head, the scarred man looked up into the sky; his eyes narrowing slightly. "Just give it to me Sengoku. How long?"

Raising his eyebrows, Sengoku glanced to the other. "How long for what?"

Standing up from the ground, Garp instantly hit the shattered wall beside him; his tone completely changed from a few seconds ago. "You know exactly what I mean. How long until you ship me off to that Impel Down of yours?"

Silent, Sengoku continued to stare; letting out a small hum. Irritated, Garp let out another shout, staggering instantly towards the Fleet Admiral.

"For heaven's sake Sen!-Just tell me now so we can get it over and done with-!"

Quickly interrupting the raging Marine, Sengoku let out another sigh; focusing his eyes onto the working Marine's in front of him. "Tell me Garp. How long has it been since we decided to become Marine's?"

Lowering his stance, Garp raised an eyebrow; confusion uttering his features. "...What?"

Chuckling slightly under his breath, Sengoku smiled weakly. "We've forgotten since then." He continued, his eyes still focused on the damaged battlefield. "What 'justice' really is."

Narrowing his eyes weakly, Garp nodded; before tilting his head slightly. "You're the Fleet Admiral. You can control what the means of 'justice' is if you really want to."

"You're correct." Simply replying, the Admiral leaned further back onto the wall; before glancing towards Garp. "And that is why I'm going to retire."

Not expecting the statement, Garp's pupils widened slightly, before they returned to a weak glare. "What has this got to do with my punishment, Sen?"

Letting out a deep breath, Sengoku raised from the floor; brushing his uniform off before looking Garp directly in the eyes. "I saw what you did, Fist. You lowered your defenses when that Grandson of yours came towards you. Because of you, Straw-hat was able to free Portgas." Garp instantly twitched at his nickname, before somberly nodding; unable to make any excuse for his actions. "However, tell me." Sengoku continued, his eyes slightly narrowing. "Does locking away your friend because they didn't help in the deaths of his two Grandsons seem like a justifiable thing to do?"

Blinking, Garp's mouth went agape; failing at saying any words. "I..-"

"Because even though you knew the consequences, you did it anyway. Even if it went against my orders."


Turning away from Garp, the Fleet Admiral scowled; his eyes glazing over slightly. "There are scum on the sea; Pirate's that need to be wiped out. But has it gotten that bad that we need to kill the kin of Roger to get our point across?" Interrupting the others words, Sengoku looked back to Garp, sternly peering at him.

Blinking with slight disbelief, Garp nodded hesitantly, before letting out a bellowing laugh. "You know, you could have said that before you decided to execute my Grandson, Senny."

Smiling weakly, Sengoku chuckled; letting out a sigh. "I have no excuse; countless men were slaughtered, and yet here we are. Both Whitebeard and Portgas have escaped, along with half of the prisoners we had kept in Impel Down."

"So, what are we to do now?" Garp asked expectedly, slightly cautious of the reply.

"As I said before Garp, I am to retire. As for you, you can continue on as a Marine, or join me in retirement. Though honestly, I don't think I'll be able to enjoy it for as long as I would want."

Stumbling forwards, the Marine gripped the edges of the Fleet Admirals cloak; shaking slightly. "Sen-Don't. I know what you're thinking, and if it is found out then-"

"-Then I'll be hunted like the rest of the pirate scum we've been hunting." Letting out a small hum, Sengoku continued to smile weakly. "Ironic really, don't you think?."

With the cloth slowly falling from Garp's fingers, the man scowled; looking back up to Sengoku's eyes. "...Where are they?"

"Akainu's group is stationed near Sabaody Archipelago. Multiple officers proclaimed that that's where Whitebeard had said to meet, so that's his best shot."

Nodding, Garp patted Sengoku on the shoulder, before turning away. "I won't forget this Sen." Letting out a small chuckle, Garp continued walking; his back facing Sengoku's. "If we ever meet again, I'll be sure to have your favorite Sake ready."

Smirking, Sengoku nodded; slowly making his way over to the shattered wall and weakly picking his hat up.

"Goodbye, Garp."

Ten days.

It had been ten days since they had escaped from Marineford, and Ace and Luffy were still nowhere near any islands.

Ace twitched slightly, hearing the distant snores escaping from his nearby brother; his eyes narrowing.

Watching the teen take in deep breaths, Luffy slowly let out a cry; causing for the fire-thrower to instantly run to his side. "Lu?-Shit! What the hel-?"

As soon as Ace shouted out, Luffy jumped up from the cover's; his breaths suddenly short and timid. "W-What!?"

His eyes widened, Ace hesitantly pointed to Luffy chest; lightly grabbing the teen's shoulder. Letting out a small whisper, Ace inwardly shivered. "Luffy, you have to rest-Your chest is...fuck, Lu; how the hell did you get that?!"

Flinching at the sudden pain cursing across his chest, Luffy squirmed; letting out a small mumble. "-It's noth..ing."

"Nothing?! Luffy, your chest is practically wide open!...If we don't do somet-" Ace started, his tone startled.

"I told you Ace..., it's nothing. It'll...it will heal." Luffy interrupted, his eyes glazed over. Letting out a small cough, the teen swayed; his words tumbling over each other. "I just...-wanna' sleep right now."

"Fuck that!" Ace instantly shouted out, panic crossing his features. "You listen to me now Lu, don't fall asleep!-Wait just here...I'll...-" His voice faltering, the fire-thrower swallowed; glancing around the cabin. Spotting the nearby water source, Ace lept from where he was kneeling, picking up the bucket and ripping off the edge of his shorts.

His eyes drooping, Luffy yawned; instantly twitching as a cold pressure was held against his burnt chest. Letting out a small hiss, the teen immediately latched his hand onto Ace's shoulder, tears starting to form in his eyes.

Seeing this, Ace clenched his teeth together; his eyebrows narrowed.

He didn't want his brother to witness this pain awake.

So maybe if he slept he wouldn't be in this pain?

-But then...

"Damn it!" Ace accidentally let out to himself, alerting the teen next to him.

This shouldn't be happening.

His brother shouldn't be in this pain.

It was all his fault.

If he hadn't been born then, maybe Luffy would have never-

"Ace!" A shout interrupted the fire-thrower's thought, his own eyes widening as he saw the concerned look on his brother's face. "Ace..." The disorientated teen spoke out again, his voice faltering slightly. Shakily putting his hand over his chest, Luffy twitched; the pain returning.

Inwardly gulping at the sight of the opened chest, Ace swallowed; trying hard to focus on cleaning the previously healed wound. "It's alright Lu. Shh-It's fine. You can sleep now." The fire-thrower barely stated out, his voice weak and wobbled.

He couldn't, no wouldn't waste this time feeling sorry for himself.

Briefly glancing to the teen's now relaxed face, Ace continued on cleaning the wound.

Not when his brother needed him.

Trafalgar Law was disappointed.

He had arrived at Marineford expecting to witness a memorial death; just like he had predicted.

But instead, he was left body-less.

He had stayed long enough to hear that Straw-hat and his brother had instantly disappeared after their run in with Akainu, leaving Law feel even more disappointed that he wasn't there to personally witness it.

After-all, he suspects that Straw-hat is alone with Portgas'; and after hearing the extent of his injuries, Law expected to not see the teen again.

So, Trafalgar Law was disappointed.

Lifting the Transponder-Snail to his lips, Law let out a sigh; before speaking in a commanding tone. "So, tell me. How far away from Marineford are they now?"

"They are about to board an island regioned five days away from Sabaody Archipelago, Captain." The reply was instant, their voice emotionless.

Letting a small smirk creep onto his face, Law nodded; before looking out towards the ever-closer Rusukaina. "Very well." He replied swiftly, his eyes narrowing. "Keep a close eye on them, and report anything suspicious back to me instantly."


Clicking down the Transponder-Snail with another sigh, Law yawned.

-He was disappointed. But that didn't mean he would easily accept that. He would never accept for Straw-hat escape and disappear like that.

Especially when both the brother's lives depended on it.


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