Pain. That's all that I felt as a man grabbed me by the hair in the garden and dragged me off into the wooded area. I tried to scream but a monstrous hand cupped my mouth. Before I knew it, there was a knife at my throat, and the man whispered in my ear that if I made another sound, he had no problem killing me. He removed his hand from my mouth and spun me around.

Gaston. I instinctively kicked his knees and viewed the rage in his eyes.

"BITCH SO HELP ME GOD," He fumed and before I knew it, his fist met my face, knocking me to the ground. With blurred vision, I pushed myself up onto all fours, but felt his foot hit my stomach with a loud thud and I fell back town to the ground. I couldn't breathe.

"You thought I was dead, didn't you? You thought he killed me. You thought you would never have to deal with what he did ever again. You thought that I would never be back to take what was mine," Gaston said calmly, as I looked at him as the snow fell and landed gracefully around me.

"I was never yours. Adam has my heart. And you never did." I whispered, unable to catch my breath from the blow to the head. "We're planning our wedding. There's nothing you can do. Please just let me go," I begged as I lunged for the bench next to the bush.

"You can fight, but nothing is going to stop the inevitable. I will have you, Belle." The words struck me hard. I knew what he meant. His piercing eyes said it all.

"No. Please. Please don't. I've never…" I couldn't even say it. It is customary to wait until marriage. And I had done just that. He can't take something from me that I had been saving for Adam.

Gaston grabbed my arm, twisting it behind me. He bent down and whispered in my ear, "I will not be disobeyed."

"I am not going to comply with your sick wishes, Gaston." I said, shooting him a death glare from behind me, wincing at the pain he was causing me. "If you want me, you're going to have to take me by force."

"Bitch, it was going to happen that way anyway. I will not be denied." He grabbed me by the cheeks so hard I thought my teeth were going to rip through them.

He pinned me to the ground, holding my wrists as he did so. I struggled by kicking my feet, hoping to hit him hard enough that it would give me a chance to break free. "Let me go, you bastard!" I screamed and he responded simply by placing a forceful kiss on my mouth. It then dawned on me that this was actually going to happen. This can't be actually happening, I thought as I watched him begin to undo his pants. He left his pants undone and bent over me, biting my breasts through my dress. A shiver ran down my spine, partially from the blinding cold, but partially because I knew in my heart that I was not getting out of this. "Help," I whispered, almost inaudibly, but Gaston heard it.

"Oh, Darling, no one can help the little beauty now. I'm about to take you," Before I knew it he was practically sitting on my stomach, pulling down his pants even further. He grabbed my head and said, "Open wide, bitch." I clenched my teeth and turned my head, but that just made him angrier. He pulled my neck up to him and said, in a booming voice, "I SAID OPEN WIDE." Afraid of what he might do, I opened wide, and he slammed his member into my mouth so forcefully that I gagged and couldn't breathe. He did this for five or six times, before taking himself out of my mouth, slapping my face, and then in one swift movement, tearing my dress.

He squeezed my arms so hard and forcefully that I couldn't move. I couldn't think of anything except for the pain that I knew I was about to experience.

"Adam," I whispered, pleading for him to know something was wrong.

Bad idea. Gaston punched my ribs and whispered coldly, "Say that name again, and I will kill you with my bare hands,"

Gasping for breath, I watched as he rolled up my dress and pulled down my bloomers. No. I couldn't move. He pinned my arms down too hard. The fear that rushed through each one of my senses is indescribable.

He positioned himself on top of me, putting his hand firmly on my throat.

With one final look, he declared, "You're mine," and plunged into me with no mercy. I felt my maidenhead give way and felt the worse pain I've ever felt in my entire life. He began to pump in and out and all I could think about was the pain. He choked me and slapped me and called me a whore. I felt blood trickle down my leg and I finally let go of any trace of dignity I had left and started sobbing uncontrollably. This didn't stop him. With one final thrust he poured his juices into me and squeezed my neck even harder. Gasping for breath, I watched as he extracted his member from my most private place and got up, buttoning his pants. "I hope you never forget this."

Blood soaked the bottom of my dress, and I choked on my tears as my vision began to cloud. I heard Gaston move away, until I couldn't hear anything anymore.

I don't know how long I blacked out. I don't remember the next 20 minutes or so. I soon heard bustling in the bushes, though, and instantly panicked. I picked myself up the best I could and started crawling away, but failing and falling into a heap of snow.

"Belle?" I heard someone call, "Belle, are you out here?"

Adam. "Adam…" I whispered desperately, hoping to God that he would hear my plea.

I suddenly felt someone come closer and a shadow of a muscular man fell over me.

"Oh my God. Belle!" Adam yelled, reaching for me. Instinctively, I squirmed away, terrified of anyone touching me ever again.

"Adam, I—I—," I couldn't even speak. I knew what I wanted to say, but I couldn't seem to make the words come out of my mouth.

"It's okay, It's okay," He cooed softly, touching my face gently. I flinched at the pain, as it was still extremely prominent. I tried to get up, wanting to run away, even though I knew he wasn't going to hurt me. The minute I began to stand, though, I doubled over in pain, and Adam caught me. "No, no, no, Belle. You're okay. It's okay. Come here," He scooped me up into his arms, and before I knew it he was running through the garden and into the palace.

"Mrs. Potts! Lumiere! Coggsworth! Help!"

I couldn't stay awake any longer. I succumbed to the pain and the dizziness, and the last thing I remember is Adam begging for me not to close my eyes.

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