Chapter 1 – Introductions

This is my first ever fanfic. I thought it'd be a challenge to write about two of my favourite anime(s) and I wasn't wrong. (Many thanks to my good friend who's reading this, who helped me out with a lot of ideas and suggested improvements). If you read my story and like it/are interested then I'd be more than happy to continue writing this story. Just a word of notice; At the time of writing this first chapter I still have yet to catch up on DxD's light novel volume 16, however I am up to date on Fairy Tail's anime (I'm refraining from reading the manga for the time being because the anime is due to return in 15 days [again at the time of publishing this] and I'd prefer to see moving images when given the chance). Thanks for taking your time reading this and enjoy the opening – constructive criticism is welcome.

It was a normal day in the Fairy Tail guild; Natsu and Gray were fighting (again), Erza was knocking the two of them around, Elfman was shouting "Man!" over and over, Gajeel soon got himself involved in the fray (much to Natsu's pleasure), Wendy was chatting to Carla (with Happy presenting the latter with fish – which she brusquely refused) and Lucy was sitting at her usual place at the bar pondering whilst Mirajane cleaned the glasses.

"What're you thinking about?" asked Mirajane.

"Nothing" Lucy replied "Just bored…"

"Well why don't you take a job with Natsu and Happy?" she asked.

"Well we DID go on one just this morning, just catching a few bandits nothing too hard and it was fun but I'm just tired- ", suddenly Gray came crashing down on top of Lucy after a blow from Gajeel sent him flying. "Told you you're not as strong as me ice –boy!" shouted Gajeel smiling.

"What was that you blunt bastard?!" Gray shouted back as he watched Gajeel pay for lapse of concentration by getting hit in the face by Erza. The strong mage then turned around and clubbed Natsu to the ground whilst he tried to jump her from behind. "You'll need to be faster than that Natsu" she warned him.

A seething and jealous Juvia watched Gray from behind a pillar get up off of Lucy and rejoin the fight. The main hall erupted again as Gray and Natsu jumped back into the ever violently increasing fight.

"Just like always" laughed Lucy "Not one day's ever quiet in this guild is it?" she asked Mirajane.

"If there were days like that, it wouldn't be Fairy Tail would it?" she replied with a smile on her face.

"No, I guess not" Lucy smiled as she said.

The rumble carried on for a few more minutes before the Guild Master Makarov using his Titan magic to enlarge his body to huge proportions stomped on nearly everyone in the guild. "WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU KIDS ABOUT FGHTING?!... DON'T DO IT HALF HEARTEDLY – PUT ALL YOUR BACK INTO IT" he advised everyone. Everyone cheered at his words and then proceeded to carry on with the brawl.

Wendy and Carla came over and sat next to Lucy. "Do you think Erza-san gets a laugh out of beating Natsu-san and Gray-san up?" she asked Mirjane and Lucy.

"Maybe she does – but don't let her hear you saying that!" warned Lucy. Wendy shuddered at the thought of facing a scary Erza – and it was NOT something she'd like for sure. The tiny Dragon Slayer paled in comparison to the S Class mage when it came to raw magical power and Wendy did not fancy the idea of being at the receiving end of one of Erza's strikes. Wendy constantly saw people like Gajeel and Natsu getting beaten up by Erza and they were both literally and figuratively years ahead of her in terms of strength , granted they WERE 5 years older but still…She turned back to her conversation with the girls.

"Why don't you join the fight Wendy?" asked Lucy jokingly.

"You know she's frail and she hasn't mastered her offensive spells yet!" Carla shot back.

"I'm just joking Carla" Lucy said. "I know Wendy's much more mature than most of our guildmates" she said as she looked around the hall littered with limp bodies. The only ones remaining standing were Natsu, Gray, Elfman, Erza and Gajeel. Everyone knew the outcome now. And a few minutes later Erza stood triumphant over her fellow guild members with the other four piled on top of one another, still fuming. "She's a man…" Elfman said weakly. The other three didn't hasten to correct him.

"Looks like you boys need to train a bit harder" Erza smiled good naturedly as she advised her fallen comrades "Today was a bit tougher than usual, granted we all did train hard for three months before the Grand Magic Games and even during the tournament we all became stronger and that's a good thing".

"The next time we fight I'll win" said Natsu getting up "I'll make sure of it". Gray and Gajeel echoed similar sentiments. "And I'll be ready" Erza replied.

Just then the main doors of the guild opened to reveal a group of people at the entrance. At first the sunlight obscured the guild members' vision, but eventually the strangers came into sharper focus. The one leading the group had long flowing red hair that reached down her lower back. Natsu said "Look its Erza!"

"I'm right next to you idiot" Erza said sternly "And anyways that person looks different".

"She's right" Gray said. The Fairy Tail members watched the strangers advance through their guild and come at a stop a few metres before Erza. The red haired woman was flanked by three males – all three who had strange looking contraptions on their arms and to their left and right a group of girls all of different sizes. The red haired woman in the middle asked Erza "Where is Makarov?"

"I presume you mean Master Makarov" Erza said stressing the word "master" signifying its importance. "Ah there you guys are" said Master Makarov strolling up to the group. "Come, we have important matters to discuss". The group followed him through a set of doors behind the bar. The moment they were gone the whole hall burst out into murmurs all wondering the same thing – who were those guys? Natsu shouted "The guy to that girl's right looked strong. I wanna fight him".

"You idiot, you don't even know what type of magic he uses!" said Gray.

"What did you call me slanty eyes?!" Natsu said.

"What, you wanna go at it again you ass?!" Gray said not backing down.

"You two shut up!" said Erza. "For all we know they could be very important. Hardly anybody requests private meetings with the Master so

it must be" she concluded thoughtfully.

"They looked too young to be members of the Magic Council. Actually they looked like your age Erza-san" chimed Wendy.

"They probably are. But what do they want with a private meeting with Master?" Erza thought. Nobody could think of a logical explanation. A few minutes later Master Makarov and the strangers came out apparently having finished their meeting. "Everyone I'd like your attention please" Makarov said, clearing his throat. "As you all know theImperios Droconos has recently had a spike of activity according to the Magical Council's reports and to the best of our ability we and the other legal guilds have been keeping them in check. However their recent attempts and shall we say "excursions" have resulted in the deaths of many innocent people and also the destruction of many important buildings"

"But don't we do destroy important buildings all the time Gramps?" Natsu interjected

"Yes we do Natsu but we do it by accident, whilst pursuing justice and they certainly do not occur as a result of mindless terrorist attacks. There recent attacks left seventy four people dead and a hundred and three injured" Makarov replied.

"Those guys are sick" Gray said solemnly

"They're not manly at all" a dejected Elfman said.

Natsu punched his hands together, flames enveloping his fists "I'll wipe every last one of them out by myself if I have to..." and everyone looked empathetically towards him. "But enough of their misdeeds for now. I have yet to introduce our guests" Makarov continued. "If you'd like to…" he said turning towards the red haired woman and her friends.

The woman cleared her throat and said "As far as we understand these so called "dark mages" have been harassing both the innocent and the powerful alike. They seem to have many different motivations as to why they commit the atrocities they do. I have come here with my friends to help members of Fairy Tail sort out this problem and fix the wrongs they have committed"

Erza, displaying her usual lack of manners bluntly asked "Who are you guys?"

Natsu (suddenly looking interested again) interjected "And what type of magic do you guys use? What're those things on those guys' arms?"

The red haired woman smiled and said "My name is Rias Gremory and these are my devils."