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"Jaune, don't walk too far!" A young woman with long, split hair yelled towards her son.

A blond boy ran through a crowd as his parents stood in a line. The woman felt a hand on her shoulder. It was her husband.

"Calm down, dear. Jaune's still a seven year old. That's normal for him." A middle aged man gave his wife a warm smile. The woman gave a sigh.

"I know, but can't I just go with him while you make the deposit?" The woman pleaded with her husband, trying to find an excuse to be with her child.

"Ah. Sorry, dear. The bank won't accept just me. We both have to be here. It's common policy." The man chuckled, rubbing his bald scalp.

"Well, it's ridiculous if you ask me..." The woman pouted, crossing her arms. "I could be teaching Jaune how to knit and sing right now."

"Now. Now. An Arc man doesn't need to know how to cook and clean. He needs to know how to fight! Besides, I already have plans to get him into Beacon." The man gave a gleaming grin.

"Next!" A voice yelled and a male exited the line ahead of them. The two moved with the line. The woman's eyes widened.

"Beacon!? Are you mad, Issac?!" The woman shrieked. "My Jaune won't be able to handle it!"

"Shh. Keep your voice down, dear. It's alright." Issac shushed his wife. "Jaune won't be training immediately. I'll give him time to grow, THEN I'll train him."

Jaune wandered aimlessly through the bank lobby. The people around him looked so tall. Is he the only kid here? In his mindless journey, being in awe with the unknown and enigmatic room he's in, he bumped into someone by accident. Jaune noticed he was in a shady part of the lobby.

"What the? Hey, it's a kid." Jaune heard a man said. The man had a scary metal mask and a dagger holstered behind him. He saw four other men beside the man he bumped into.

"Grab him. We'll use him as leverage. Let's do this. Quick and easy." Another man said. He looked the same as the other man, but with something Jaune never saw before. He held it in both arms and and it looked red.

Suddenly, Jaune was seized by the waist by the man with the dagger and heard a violent clack.

"Issac, I swear to dust if anything happens to our boy-" The woman demanded with venom.

"And I promise, Jacqueline. Jaune will grow up to be a fine-"

*Bang! Bang!*

"Nobody move! Down on the ground!" A hoarse voice screamed throughout the lobby. Everybody dropped to the floor, Issac and his wife included.

"Everybody stay down and nobody will get hurt." The same voice yelled, aiming his weapon towards the group.

"Get the lien." One of the men ordered the others. Three of them immediately rushed to the counters aiming their guns and knives at the attendants, demanding everything they got.

"Issac! Where's Jaune!?" Jacqueline whispered to Issac in panic. The two of them were somewhat hidden among the pile of frightened and scared people.

"Shh. Stay quiet." Issac replied. He slowly raised his head to get a look at the robbers. Three of them were grabbing the money. One scanned his rifle over everyone in the lobby, threatening to shoot if anyone moves. And one was holding... Issac's eyes widened.

"Jaune." Issac spat out in despair. Jacqueline assumed the worse. She shot up from the floor to see Jaune frozen in a robber's arms, his face emotionless in fear.

"Jaune! No!" She shrieked in desperation.

The man with the rifle snapped his aim at Jacqueline. The man with Jaune panicked and pulled his dagger against Jaune's throat. Jaune stopped breathing, in fear of what's next.

"Sit down!" The rifleman demanded. Issac quickly stood up also, holding up his hands.

"Easy! Easy!" Issac yelled. The lobby was quiet. The men at the counters peeked at 'a stupid man' before turning their attention back to the accountants behind the counter.

"Look. I just want my son back. Is that okay?" Issac asked the robber. Even though there's possibly no chance in them actually handing Jaune over, he had to try. Jaune had a knife to his throat; the situation was critical.

The rifleman eyed Issac and Jacqueline then to the man with Jaune. He turned back with a stern expression.

"Not until we're done here. Now get down." The man ordered them both. They did, but Jacqueline silently cried as she felt helpless. Issac's expression tensed. He comforted Jacqueline as he devised a plan.

'If only I have Crocea Mors...' Issac grimaced. 'I can't use aura either. Too many bystanders.'

Then a miracle happened.

"This is the police! Drop your weapons and surrender or we will shoot!" A megaphone shouted from the outside.

"Shoot! You got everything!?" The man with Jaune yelled at the three by the counter.

The three had full burlap sacks over the shoulder. One gave the thumbs up.

"Hey! We got it!" The man shouted to the rifleman. "Let's go!"

The rifleman nodded. He was about to move until an explosion occurred behind them.

Everyone on the floor screamed over the sudden noise. The three men with the sacks were closest to the explosion and the shockwave pushed them far into a wall.

The man with the rifle braced his eyes to see a young blond woman with a noble business uniform and glasses. She had a riding crop in her hand and she looked quite annoyed.

"Huntress." The rifleman scowled. "Don't come any closer! We have a hostage over-"

The rifleman turned to his partner with the kid, but widened his eyes in horror as the same partner's arms were empty. He saw his partner's head frozen in shock, staring at the floor. Then he saw what was in his hand, a bloodied dagger. He assumed the worse.

"I-didn't-mean-to.-I-didn't-mean-to.-I-didn't-mean-to.-I-didn't-mean-to." The man with the bloodied dagger whispered in terror. "I'm-sorry.-I'm-sorry.-I'm-sorry.-I'm-sorry.-I'm-sorry."

The huntress looked to where the rifleman and everyone else was staring at. She gasped in horror. A blond boy with a paled face and limp body was sprawled on the floor. A small puddle of blood pooled near where his throat was.

"Damn!" The rifleman cursed and ran up to his babbling teammate. They'll had to leave his unconscious partners behind. "Come on!" He grabbed his friend's arm with the dagger. It dropped with a cold ting on the marble floor. The huntress was about to act until...

"YOU B***!" A guttural cry broke the silence. The rifleman and his partner saw nothing else but a blur headed towards them. They felt their heads held by an iron grip. They saw nothing more as everything went black.

Issac stared at the two unconscious fools and their cracked imprints on the floor with eyes filled with white fire. His mind was filled with nothing but rage and anger. It took all of his paragon reasoning and years of training to realize what happened and refuse the notion of revenge. He snapped out of his clouded fury when he remembered...

"Jaune." He gasped. Issac whipped his head to see Jacqueline sobbing hysterically, holding... Issac still couldn't believe it. His son's eyes were half closed. His mouth and throat trickled blood. He kneeled before his wife at a loss and stared at Jaune's cold, dead eyes... looking back at him. Issac's eyes were one of surprise and hope, but then realized time was of the essence.

"Jacqueline! He's alive!" Issac screamed before seizing Jaune from her arms and dashing out of a nearby window, straight to the nearest clinic.

Everyone who recuperated looked at the window Issac crashed through, clinging on to the hope that a boy may live past this day.

"He's... alive?" Jacqueline perked with hope. She felt a hand on her shoulder. It was the huntress with a relieved look.

"Go! Go! Go!"

The bank's front door was smashed open, letting in several armed police.

A man in a cap and uniform with a megaphone walked in behind.

"Arrest them" He whispered to an officer.

The officer nodded and directed the rest of the men to round up the unconscious robbers. During the epilogue that unfolded, he turned attention to the civilians.

"Attention everyone! The situation is under control. Please exit the vicinity and continue your daily lives!" The official shouted, the megaphone amplifying his command. He noticed the blond huntress quickly escorting a woman out the lobby and lowered his speaker.

"Miss Glynda, may I ask what's the hurry?" The man inquired. Glynda looked up.

"This woman's child has been severely injured. She wishes to go to the nearest hospital. Her husband had already left with the child." Glynda explained. She tilted her head to the pool of red nearby. The man gasped in response when he realize what it was.

"O-of course. I'll gladly drive you there myself." The man turned to Jacqueline. "G'day madame. Officer Burns. Come along, we'll take my car. You must have a wonderful husband since he got out in a hurry." Jacqueline nodded.

The three came out of the bank to see news vans already piling up. Reporters were beckoning Officer Burns and Miss Glynda over. Burns tossed a pair of keys to Glynda.

"Get in the car. I'll be right back." Burns pointed to a nearby sedan. Glynda nodded and directed Jacqueline to the car Burns pointed out.

Mr. Burns walked up to the crowd of reporters only to be swamped from all side. Camera flashed started to blind him.

"Officer Burns! Officer Burns! Tell us! What happened here!?" One reporter yelled over the others. Burns cleared his throat.

"It is nothing but a simple bank robbery. There's been no reported casualties, but the numbers are not certain." This earned a major uproar and another encore of white lights.

"Officer Burns! Are you implying someone died!?" A reporter asked. The crowd went silent. Burns peeked back at the bank entrance. People were escorted out by his men. He honestly had a thought of weaseling his way out by pinning the shutterbugs on the victims, but that would just be a cruel move. He sighed.

"It is not certain, but the child may or may not live." Burns mentally kicked himself for accidentally spilling the beans.

"A child!?"

"Officer Burns! Where is this child?!"

"Is the child in a hospital!?"

"Officer Burns, how did the child get injured!?"

Officer Burns stopped himself right there. He doesn't know either. Maybe it's better that he didn't. As his men dragged the robbers in handcuffs, one of the reporters saw that they all wore a familiar set of clothing and yelled:

"Officer Burns! What are your opinions on the White Fang's recent radical policies?!" The others joined in the chaos.

"Is the White Fang really that desperate to use a child as a hostage!?"

"Is the government considering a consensus to wipe out the White Fang?!"

Burns froze. Are the White Fang really in a state where they'll try anything, including child hostages? Whatever the answer was, Burns certainly didn't have it.

"No further questions." He replied coldly as he weaved his way past the crowd towards his car, already running because of Glynda. He slid inside the car and drove off, ignoring the tantrums from the reporters.

"What did you say?" Glynda asked. She sat at the passenger seat while Jacqueline was in the back.

"Just the usual BS. They'll use anything these days." Burns turned a corner. "I'm pretty sure the hospital's five miles down. Did your husband use a car?" He said to Jacqueline. It was a few minutes of silence until she suddenly burst out laughing.

"Hey! Lady, what up!?" Burns stammered. Even Glynda was shocked.

"Oh. It's just..." Jacqueline took a second to catch her breath. "I doubt a car will ever beat my husband in a race." She wiped her eye. Burns and Glynda sweatdropped.

"But this is serious. So if you don't want your pretty little hat to end up 'somewhere special', step on it. My Jaune is in danger!" Jacqueline leered with a 'sweet' smile. The two felt a horrid aura emanating behind them.

"Y-yes ma'am!" Burns whimpered as he slammed the pedal. The car jerked forward as it sped through traffic.

Glynda sat silently on her seat, actually afraid of a civilian. She's a huntress for goodness sakes! She's supposed to mogul fear itself and yet she can't help but appreciate the powers of motherly instincts. Because she can certainly feel it from the back seat.

The car ride to the hospital was silent afterwards.

Issac bites his thumb as he watched from a one way mirror. The doctors were trying everything. IV lines, blood transfusions, and stitchings. Their tools in hand and on nearby tables were stained with red. Yet the doctors and nurses worked quickly to save the boy.

When Issac ran to the receptionist with Jaune in hand, she immediately paged anyone and everyone. It was not long until Jaune was rushed to the emergency room.

Now Issac can only watch the doctors work their magic. He heard a door open and felt a squeeze around his chest. His breath choked up.

"D-dear?" Issac gasped, trying to wiggle free. "A-air!" His lungs were met with the sweet embrace of fresh air.

"Sorry, honey." Issac saw his wife pressing her hand against the glass, watching the operation on the other side.

"How is he?" she asked.

"We don't know yet. The doctor said he looked like he lost too much blood, but they were all the more willing to give it a shot." Issac replied.

"Meaning you 'convinced' them?" Jacqueline looked over to her husband.

"Take a closer look at the doctor on the left." Issac pointed past the glass. He was right. The doctor in charge of the IV line had a bandage wrapped around his forehead.

"Now, we can just wait and hope for the best..." Issac's serious tone returned.

Jacqueline said nothing as she stared blankly through the glass.

Hours past as Jaune's parents watched with no signs of fatigue. They were joined by Burns and Glynda later.

"How's the boy?" Burns queried. Glynda remained silent.

"It looks like they're finishing up." Issac said grimly. "Nothing but the final stitches. Then we'll know the answer."

The four suddenly heard the door open. They turned to see an old man with a mask for his mouth. Issac hurried over to him.

"What happened!? How's my son?!" Issac pleaded. Jacqueline gripped Issac's sleeves, bracing herself for the doctor's verdict. Burns and Glynda stood by for the answer themselves. The doctor coughed into his mask.

"The operation was a success. He's alive and well. You really came here quickly. If you hadn't, he truly would have died." The doctor chuckled.

The four of them were relieved. Jacqueline was almost close to crying in pure joy. Issac hooked his arm around his wife's waist with a proud smile. Glynda and Burns had their own smiles of relief.

"However..." The doctor said darkly. "There is one problem we came across."

Issac raised his brow and regained his serious tone. He somehow knew there would be a catch, but what would it be?

"What would that be?" He inquired.

"The boy's Larynx's vocal cords are completely severed. It's a miracle that he's even breathing without choking on his own blood." The doctor voiced his results. "I'm afraid the boy has lost the ability to speak altogether."

The four of them paled. Issac and Jacqueline couldn't believe what they were told, just absolutely speechless. Burns and Glynda looked between each other with concern. Issac took a deep breath.

"Thank you, Doctor. We greatly appreciate your help." Issac answered. The doctor nodded.

"Well, I must get going. We have a spare bed for your son. Expect him to fully recover in three to five months." The doctor waved goodbye and left the room with a door shut. Issac and Jacqueline remained silent with the news they received.

"I'm sincerely sorry!" Glynda broke the tranquility. The parents turned to her in response.

"Excuse me?" Jacqueline asked Glynda. Her eyes were showing signs of being bloodshot.

"It's my fault for your son's injury." Glynda explained, bowing her head. "If I hadn't blasted my way into the bank-"

"It's fine." was the reply. Glynda opened her emerald eyes in response.

"What?" Glynda said in disbelief. She saw the Arc parents with calm, warm smiles. "H-how can you be so calm and forgiving!? It's my fault for your son's-"

Issac raised his hand.

"We said, It's fine." Issac comforted with a smooth tone. "As long as you explained why you did it, we understand. Lives were in danger. You did the best course of action."

"B-but I could have killed your son!" Glynda blurted desperately. "Despite the number of people involved, the one injured is your son! Why are you showing so much forgiveness to me!?" Glynda felt a grip on her shoulder. She turned to see Burns's calmed face.

"You have to excuse her. She's relatively new to the Huntress business." Burns disclosed.

"All the more reason to forgive her." Jacqueline accepted. "I know I should be tearing you limb from limb, but my Jaune is alive. That's all that matters." She smiled sweetly.

Glynda and Burns could have sworn they felt the room's temperture drop several degrees. They noticed Issac cutting the air in front of his neck with his free hand. The two immediately knew to drop the subject. The four heard a cough. They saw a nurse by the door.

"Um... You may now see the patient. Please follow me."

The four followed the nurse to the elevator, up four floors, and down a hallway to a recently occupied room. The nurse gave a bow and left them to their business.

The parents braced their minds for what lies beyond the door. Glynda and Burns each took deep breaths. Issac grasped the door handle and turned.

Their eyes were not lying to them.

Jaune was peacefully asleep on the hospital bed, unaware of his visitors. Issac and Jacqueline walked up to him together and stood by his bed. Burns and Glynda waited by the door. Burns noticed his scroll ringing. He checked that it was an alert to all officials. He tapped Glynda's shoulder.

"I gotta go. There's trouble downtown." He whispered.

"What!? Don't leave me here with them! Especially HER!" She begged quietly.

"Sorry. Even though it's my case, I don't make relations with the victims. It influences my actions. You're on your own. Maybe I'll drop by to give the kid a gift or something."

And with that, Officer Burns left the quiet scene without a sign.

Glynda stood still, trying to will herself to not panic in the presence of two people who have 'wild' parental instincts.

Jacqueline and Issac waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. Hoping for Jaune to open his eyes for them to see, and as if their prayers have been answered, Jaune woke up. He moved his eyes to see his parents standing by him. He moved his mouth, but he heard no words from it. He snapped his hand to his mouth. Jaune's parents gave a sigh at the sight.

Jaune tries again at speaking. Opening his mouth wide and screamed, but still no sound came through. His hand moved down to his throat. It felt jagged with thin plastic string and bumped scars. He lowered his hands in defeat when he remembered what happened. The bad man from the bank. The sharp sting on his throat. His father carrying him to the hospital. And the doctors putting him to sleep. He realized that he can't talk anymore. Jaune looked up to his parents with watered eyes.

"It's okay, Jaune. Everything's okay." Jacqueline lets go of Issac to give her son a hug. Jaune returned the gesture with running tears. He buried his face in his mother's shoulder. His mouth was wide open and no noise was heard.

"Everything's going to be alright, Jaune." Jacqueline faltered in her speech. Her eyes red with her own tears "Mommy's going to teach you everything she knows. Okay, honey? You'll know how to make the most beautiful clothes and how to cook the most delicious cakes..." She sniffled, trying to drown her cries. Her arms holding on to Jaune tightened.

Issac closed his eyes and took deep breaths. There was no turning back. Jaune's throat was thrashed. He can only hope Jaune is willing to continue living like this. Issac supposed Jaune doesn't have to go to Beacon. However if Jaune ever considers it in the future, he'll be ready with open arms. Issac just hopes Jacqueline doesn't kill him for it. But right now, he guessed he can learn how to be like his mother.

"And I'll teach you how to dance so gracefully. And and..." Jacqueline pulled away from Jaune's hold. She held him by his shoulders. Jaune gave a sniffle in response. His face was red all over and his eyes were bloodshot. "Mommy and Daddy will do everything they can to make you the best boy in the world." Jacqueline promised softly. Jaune calmed down and merely gave a smile that just says 'thank you'. Jacqueline pulled Jaune in for another embrace and rocked.

Issac opened his eyes and backed away from the heartwarming scene. He found himself beside Glynda, who couldn't help but tear up from the sight. Issac leaned over.

"Being a mother has its perks." Issac whispered. "The fact that you have a child who will always love you is reassuring to know, isn't it?"

Glynda nodded. "I... suppose so."

"In a way, you're also responsible for this scene. I guess me and my family have you to thanks." Issac admitted. Glynda turned to him.

"You're... thanking me? For your son?" Glynda stared at Issac in bewilderment.

"Well, of course. It's because of you my wife is getting what she wants, teaching Jaune her women ways. You see, it's the little things that counts." Issac gave a sigh.

"Yes. That's your new auntie, Glynda."

"What?" Glynda snapped her head to see Jaune pointing at her. "Oh. No no no, Jaune. I'm-!" Glynda was about to finish her sentence until she 'felt' the same chilled atmosphere from Jacqueline and her 'sweet and caring' smile. Glynda quickly gave a crooked grin at Jaune.

"Your... auntie..." Glynda forced a grin in defeat. Jaune gave his new 'auntie' a bright smile.

"Now you see how I'm married." Glynda heard Issac's whisper.

"What was that, dear?" Jacqueline gave her trademark smile.

"N-nothing, honey!" Issac straightened his back. His wife went back with talking to Jaune.

"Look. Just... be Jaune's godmother or something. I'm sure Jaune would have want it this way if he could... Well. You know." Issac proposed. Glynda sighed.

"Oh... Alright. But I can't spend time with him all the time." Glynda growled.

"No problem. We'll just call you if anything happens." Issac chuckled.

Glynda can only wonder what sort of trouble she had gotten herself into...

"Happy Birthday, Jaune!"

Jacqueline and Issac announced to Jaune, who sat on his hospital bed with a party hat. Burns and Glynda stood nearby with the former enjoying the cake.

"You know..." Burns swallowed. "This homemade cake is actually quite good! Very good!"

"Why thank you, Officer Burns. Jaune made most of the cake himself!" Jacqueline explained with a proud smile. Jaune also gave a wide smile.

"Ah. Good on ya, kid! You're a real chef!" Burns scoffed down the rest of the cake. Glynda looked away in disgust of Burns's eating habits.

It's been five months since Jaune's admission to the hospital. The old doctor came by a few days back to inform Jaune's parents that he may need a few more months of recovery, which Jaune didn't mind at all.

During those months, Jacqueline had been teaching Jaune how to Cook, Knit, Clean, Dance, and basic school material. At one point, Jaune was allowed to remove the plastic string from his throat. What was left behind was a thin, narrow, rough looking scar across the front of his neck, which Jaune and Issac thought was cool, but Jacqueline didn't. Jaune remembered his mother saying something like: "It's a pretty scar, sure. But if you like it..."

"Alright! Present time!" Issac announced.

"I'm up first. I gotta go in a few minutes." Burns pulled out a bland small box meant for clothing. Jaune took it and nodded towards Burns, showing his thanks.

He opened it and saw that it was a simple red, long scarf. Jaune was starry-eyed as he inspected his gift all over. He then loosely wrapped it around his neck several times.

"It looks great on you, dear." Jacqueline pinched her son's nose.

"I figured since you have that scar and all, it wouldn't hurt to hide it, would it?" Burns smiled. "Glynda's idea. Not me."

Glynda snapped at the mention.

"W-what!? I didn-" Glynda protested, but was stopped by a sudden hug from Jaune. She looked up to see Burns by the open door with a sly grin on his face.

'Burns... I swear I will...' Glynda cursed the officer and then turned her attention to the boy on her legs. "Alright. Jaune, I know you like the present, but would you please?"

Jaune looked up and nodded. He returned to his bed and crouched to reach for something under it. He came back to Glynda with a blank box of his own. He held it out to Glynda. She looked at it in curiosity.

"Take it. Jaune worked really hard to make it for you." Jacqueline spoke.

"He made this?" Glynda took the box and Jaune scampered back to bed. She took a look at the Arc family, looking back in anticipation to her reaction, Jaune especially.

'Well, might as well get it over with. I mean what can an eight year old make?' Glynda mused as she unveiled the contents.

It was a torn cape with a color scheme of velvet inside and black outside. On the black side were a straight lines of beads crossing the midsection of the cape and finally a crown insignia was sewed above the beads. Needless to say, the quality of the cloak was simply astonishing to Glynda by the look of her face.

"Well? What do you think?" Issac asked, putting his hand on Jaune's shoulder. "My boy, Jaune here, worked day and night on it while you weren't here. He made it all by himself too. Didn't he, dear?" He shook Jaune gently, earning a smile from him.

"Yes, he did. I've never felt more proud of him, especially since he just learned sewing five months ago. I tried helping him, but he just kept insisting that he'd do it alone!" Jacqueline said with a hand on Jaune. "He gave it his all and looked so excited when he was making it. He made it with the finest cloth too. He even begged me to get more when he messed up. He wanted it to be perfect."

Glynda looked up from her present to Jaune, who merely smiled back. 'Why is he doing so much for someone like me?'

"Well? What are you waiting for? Put it on." Issac chuckled. Glynda paled.

"Oh. Um. I- uh." Glynda stuttered. She was hesitant to wear it. It was most likely due to her pride as a huntress to avoid wearing such flashy clothing. It's not like she would just wear something like this out of the blu-

Then she saw Jaune's pleading eyes, as if they were just begging 'Wear it, auntie Glynda!'. Her eyes then drifted to Jaune's red scarf, hiding what she was responsible for. She felt a sense of guilt. She didn't know if Jaune was making her guilty or not. Maybe it's self-imposed. Still, she suppose she'll wear it, for Jaune of course.

"Oh... why not?" Glynda sighed. Jaune's eyes brightened at his aunt's answer.

Glynda took the cape from the box and whipped it to her back. She attached it to her shirt as it was apparently made like so. It felt light as yet Glynda knew she was wearing it.

"It really suits you!" Jacqueline puts out. Issac nodded and Jaune merely gave a look of awe.

"Does it?" Glynda nervously stammered. She won't lie, she actually liked the cape. It's as if it was made by a complete professional. "Thank you, Jaune. It's quite wellmade."

Jaune gave a nod and his innocent smile.

"Ah well. It's time for the parents turn!" Issac announced with excitement. He grabbed a box from the corner and gave it to Jaune. "Open it up, son."

Glynda watched as Jaune gave his father a hug. Jacqueline's gift was next. Jaune was completely ecstatic of both his gifts, a black hoodie that was too large for him and an encyclopedia. Jacqueline teased her husband for such a gift that could have been for the future. Issac joked his own opinion about his wife's choice of a present.

"A book is not a present!"

"Oh yes, it is! My Jaune is going to be the smartest boy he wants to be! Look at your gift! It's too big for him!"

"Hey! Black jackets are cool! Right, Jaune?"

Jaune smiled over his parent's playful back and forth. Glynda can only process so much of the scene.

Glynda noticed the time and bid farewell to the Arc family. Jaune gave a big wave goodbye to Glynda as she exited the room. As she walked down the hall to her next huntress assignment, she noticed that she's still wearing the cape Jaune made her. She took it off and brought it in front of her.

'... I guess it looks 'cool'.' Glynda pondered. 'I suppose I'll keep wearing it. Jaune did take the time to make it. It's only necessary that I wear it for him.'

And with this resolve, Glynda dramatically wore her cape, pushing her glasses, giving away this sense of noble heroism. Then she tensed as she looked around for people in the hospital hallway.

'I'm so glad no one saw that...' She sighed.

Glynda continued walking for the elevator. With her chin high and a new resolution at heart, she decided that it wouldn't be so bad to be Jaune's auntie.

"Well... I suppose I'll pull some strings." An older and more regal looking Glynda conceded to a just as older and sophisticated Jacqueline and a rugged looking Issac.

The three of them were in a living room with tea and they were just in the middle of discussing something. Jaune was busy outside, working his way with a sword.

"Really? We would be so grateful!" Jacqueline appealed. Glynda puts down her teacup on a nearby table and pushes her glasses.

"But do you realise that Beacon requires both an academic and physical examination? While I have no doubt in my mind that Jaune will pass the academic phase with flying colors, I'm having skepticisms about his... combat abilities."

"Don't you worry, Glynda! I already have Jaune outside practicing the basic sword movements! He really seems to be into it too! That's my boy!" Issac laughed heartily. Glynda glanced at the nearby window to see Jaune indeed going through the motions, slowly, but surely. He had on his red scarf as his expression was focused during his practice.

"Yes. I can see that, but Jaune is 16 at the moment. Students of Beacon usually have at least a decade's worth of training before their attendance. From what I'm inferring, Jaune had only started sword training not too long ago. Even if Jaune were to train non-stop from now to the required age of 17 for Beacon Freshmen, I don't think Jaune will be able to live up to the combat prowess Beacon expects." Glynda remarked glumly.

"I know, but Jaune really wants to got to Beacon! He told me that he wanted to become a hunter just like his father... Not 'told' persay, he wrote it actually. Well, you know what I meant." Jacqueline claimed. "I know I've said I didn't approve of Jaune going to Beacon, but if Jaune wants to be a hero, then... that's what he'll get." Jacqueline gave a weary smile. Glynda took a sip of her tea.

"That's another thing. Jaune's 'speaking'. He's disabled, a mute. While Beacon has an equal opportunity policy for both Humans and Faunus, I haven't learned whether or not it applies to the disabled. However... like I've said, I could ask for favors. It may take a while though." Glynda explained. "Jaune will find his way into Beacon, one way or another." Glynda looked up to see Jacqueline up in tears. Her hands were immediately grabbed by the Arc mother.

"T-thank you so much... Glynda. This family is deeply indebted to you. I-I don't know how we could ever repay you." Jacqueline's voice cracked.

Glynda's eyes darkened.

"No. It's the least I could ever do." Glynda confessed. "I have to repay you for putting your child in-"

"Are you still hung up about that!?" Issac groaned. Glynda looked up to Issac's annoyed face.

"Look. My son is alive. Crippled, but alive. That's all that matters, Glynda. You don't have to beat yourself up over this anymore. You're a grown woman and an experienced huntress. Something like the past should be beneath you if you haven't realize by now." Issac lectured Glynda. "Jaune is happy. That's all we as Jaune's parents would ever want from him. Sure, he can't talk, but that's just something unique about him. It doesn't mean that its the end of the world for Jaune. So stop thinking about it and live life, your life. You're still young, so you have so much to look forward to. Don't spend it grieving what's already said and done."

Glynda listened to all of Issac's words, all of them full of meaning. She knew what he's asking her, but she couldn't just accept that what's done is done without closure. It can't be that simple, right?


The huntress turned to Jacqueline, who still held her hands.

"You have been an invaluable friend to this family for years. You're everything we ever hoped out of you. If it weren't for you, Jaune would have died back then. There wouldn't have been an operation and we wouldn't have met you. Can't you see? This family wouldn't have been the same if you hadn't been at the bank that day. And because of that, the Arc family is grateful to know you, Glynda." Jacqueline beamed. "Just... please... Be happy that you're responsible for the family you see before you."

Glynda stared at Jacqueline and her soft pleading face. Then at Issac with his content smile. Her eyes then drifted over to the window. On the other side, Jaune was practicing his stances with both the sword and shield. He occasionally tripped and stumbled, but he quickly gets back up and tries again. At that moment Glynda felt this warm and fuzzy feeling. Is this what Jacqueline meant by 'happy'? Glynda had known the notion of happiness all her life, but she never quite felt it like this before. For once after a long while, she cracked a smile. Glynda heard a snicker from Issac.

"Heheh. Told you she has a heart." Issac joked with his wife, who burst out in laughter. Issac joined with her.

Glynda's face flushed red with embarrassment.

"H-how rude! I have a heart! I have feelings! I'm not cold-hearted as some people may say about me!" Glynda glowered, trying to reestablish her credibility.

The Arc parents only replied in hysterical laughter. Glynda kept trying to convince them that she's still grown up, but then, she got caught up in the moment and joined the merry times with her own laughs.

Outside, Jaune took a break from his training and caught the sight of his parent and Glynda with cheerful expressions. Jaune smiled at the heartwarming sight, then went back to his stances training.

Jaune stood before a massive beast. It groans as people were willing to stroll inside. Jaune was not pleased to know that he's supposed to go in with them.

He took one last look at his person before he goes. Black Hoodie? Check. Washed-out Jeans? Check. Converses? Check. Body Armor? Check. Sword and Shield? Check. Scroll? Check. And last but not least, Auntie Glynda's Scarf? Check. Hand on his shoulder?

Jaune turns to see his father with his mother right beside. Jaune takes a breath in relief.


Jaune snapped to attention.

"You're seventeen now. This is a huge step of a lifetime... ignoring your sixteenth year." Issac confided. "You'll finally be going to Beacon. I'm so proud of you, Jaune. You've come a long way, training and studying. It's time to see it all pay off, but don't think that it's the end. Beacon is a school and you train and study in schools. I expect you to continue doing so. Take care of Crocea Mors."

Jaune peeked at the white sheath attached to his belt.

"She's been in the Arc line for generations. And now she's yours. Remember everything I showed you. Beacon is a very treacherous place, so try your best in overcoming it." Issac shook Jaune by the shoulder. Jaune merely gave a smile. Issac stepped to the side to let his wife give her piece. Jaune noticed that her eyes were watered and her smile was strained.

"I'm- I'm going to miss you so much, Jaune." Jacqueline choked out before she gave her son one last hug. Jaune returned the gesture.

"Remember everything I've taught you. And remember to study and shower and eat and. and." Jacqueline weeped into Jaune's shoulder. Issac sighed and pulled Jacqueline away from Jaune. She gave a sniffle and pulled out a handkerchief.

"And be sure to always go to Auntie Glynda whenever there's trouble. Okay, Jaune?" Jacqueline stressed.

Jaune nodded and picked up his hand to make a gesture. His hand's Index, Pinky, and Thumb stuck out while the Middle and Ring fingers curled in. Before this very day, Jaune had been learning sign language as a form of communication. Although most people can't read sign language, it's convenient to know it for those unique moments. Like this one for example:

'I love you.' Jaune 'said'.

"I love you too, Jaune." Jacqueline tears up and cries into her handkerchief.

"Make us proud again, Jaune." Issac said with a proud smile.

Jaune nodded and turned to leave. He stepped on the metal beast.


Jaune turns back to see his mother cupping her hands.

"Make sure you wear your scarf whenever you can!" Jacqueline yelled.

Jaune gave a thumbs up and the beast's doors closed shut. The beast ascended to the skies and flew towards its next destination: Beacon Academy.

Jaune's parents watched as it did.

"He's gone. He's really gone." Jacqueline muttered.

"Don't worry. He can take care of himself. After all, we taught him everything he knows." Issac answered.

"... I hope he brings back a girlfriend. We still need to think about his marriage plans." Jacqueline pondered, obviously worried.

Issac only gave a hearty laugh in reply.

Jaune stumbles out of the beast, bumping into a trashcan in which he heaves his breakfast. He took a few minutes to regain his composure before setting his sights upon Beacon.

Its architecture was one of massive and majestic proportions. The lawn was freshly cut and the new arrivals were heading their separate ways.

Jaune walked down the path from the Hanger, taking in the beautiful sight of Beacon, ignoring everything and everyone around him. He stops when he noticed someone in his path.

It was a pale girl with a gothic dress of black and red. Like Jaune's scarf, the girl's cape was red. Her face had despair written all over it.

Seeing as she may be someone in need of help, Jaune reached out to the depressed girl. The girl noticed Jaune's hand and accepted it. Jaune pulled her up to her feet. When she noticed who Jaune was, she said,

"Aren't you the guy who threw up on the ship?"

Jaune had a feeling someone would say that...

"Again. I'm really really sorry for calling you Vomit Boy!" The girl desperately tried to apologize to Jaune.

The two of them were strolling Beacon's campus. Jaune gave a smile to the girl, who flinched.

"Are you giving me the silent treatment?" The girl asked in fear. The first day in Beacon and she already made two enemies...

"Is it because I kinda called you Vo-"

Jaune raised his hand to signal her to stop, which she did at the instance. The two were silent as they walked.

"So... My name is Ruby. What's yours?" Ruby gave Jaune a sincere smile, showing her desire to make a friend.

Jaune only blinks and looks at Ruby.

"Uh heh... you're not much of a talker, are you?" Ruby chuckled. She always did dislike her awkward attitude. If it's going to be responsible for chasing away another potential friend...

Ruby noticed Jaune holding up an end of his scarf at Ruby. She saw that it had words sewn on with darker red letters.

"What's this... J-a-u-n-e... Your name's Jaune?" Ruby checked.

Jaune nodded with an honest smile.

"Wow. You'll do anything to get out of talking, won't you?" Ruby accused cheerfully.

Jaune scratched his head with a sheepish smile.

"It's alright. I'm kinda weird myself!" Ruby announced proudly. "... That's not something I should brag about..."

Ruby looked away embarrassed. Jaune kept smiling in hopes of comforting her. It was awhile until Ruby tries to change the subject.

"So... I got this thing." Ruby suddenly pulls a mechanical scythe out of nowhere. Jaune flinched, holding his hands in front of him.

"I'm sorry! Did I scare you?" Ruby panicked. Jaune took the time to gather his nerve until he nodded 'No'.

"Oh good! Sorry about that. It looks intimidating, I know. I'm kind of a dork when it comes to weapons, so I guess I went a little overboard when designing it." Ruby confessed, folding away her scythe. Jaune gave her a bewildered look, but shook it off immediately after.

"So what do you got?" Ruby implored.

Jaune reached for Crocea Mors on his belt. He unsheathed it for Ruby to see. She was in awe over the meager sight.

"Ooo... A classic! Not a lot of people appreciate them these days, much less use them." Ruby remarked.

Jaune puts away the sword afterwards. The two continued their walk down the path.

"So why did you help me back there? You could have just ignored me and walked on." Ruby called Jaune out.

Jaune only gave a shrug.

"You don't know? Then why did you? Is it because I'm a girl? Or because you're some nice guy?" Ruby interrogated.

Jaune nodded.

"Wait. Is that a yes for the Girl thing or the Nice Guy?" Ruby appealed.

Jaune help up one finger and nodded side to side. He then held up two fingers and nodded up and down.

"Oooh... You're a nice person." Ruby understood. "Yikes. You really don't want to talk..."

Jaune gave a crooked smile. He and Ruby kept walking until Ruby realized something.

"Wait. Where were we suppose to go?"

After some time to which neither are willing to admit to being lost, Jaune and Ruby finally found the auditorium.

"Ruby! Over here! I saved you a spot!"

Jaune and Ruby heard a voice yelling. They both noticed that it was a blond girl in borderline inappropriate clothing.

"Oh! Hey! That's my sister calling. I'll see you later! Alright, Jaune?" Ruby told her new friend.

Jaune nodded and waved goodbye to Ruby as she went to join her sister. He took a deep breath and walked off elsewhere in the auditorium. He waited until it was time for announcements, ignoring the offhand comment by a sophisticated girl in white with a rebellious looking ponytail at one point.

When everyone's conversations had died down, a regal looking man in green had walked up to the microphone on the center front of the stage. And a woman was right beside him. Jaune recognized this woman. It's Auntie Glynda!

"I'll... keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge - to hone your craft and acquire new skills, and when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose, direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

As the man in green walked off stage, Glynda took the spot to announce to the students:

"You will gather in the ballroom tonight; tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed."

Glynda took one last look around the crowd and noticed one particular hopeful with blond hair and his red scarf. He was staring at her with an innocent smile. She merely gave a slight nod to him before continuing off the stage.

Jaune caught Glynda nodded at him and was elated by it. Everyone was exiting the auditorium already. Jaune followed the flow with getting prepped for initiation tomorrow in mind.

Jaune woke up the next morning tired. He managed to fall asleep with his scarf on, despite it being uncomfortable. He was not ready for people to know about his 'condition' yet. Perhaps some day, but not today.

After Jaune washed up and got dressed, he wandered to the locker room, looking for his own locker, 636. He was engrossed with his scroll in the meantime with its map to notice anyone in front of him.

And it's because of that, he accidentally bumped into someone. Jaune lost his footing and fell backwards. He shook his head and noticed two girls looking at him. He recognized one girl. She was the one who made that comment about him yesterday.

The second girl had a rather odd clothing style. Her armor was actually a bronze top over a yellow v-neck and her bottoms was a red miniskirt and bronze greaves. She had waist length red hair and her emerald eyes looked at him apologetically while the girl in white's were quite annoyed.

"I'm so sorry for being in the way! Are you alright?" The girl in bronze asked of Jaune.

Jaune stood up and patted himself off. He nodded to the girl as thanks for her concerns. As soon as he tried to walk away, a hand gripped his arm. Jaune turned to see the girl in white and she seemed quite angry.

"Excuse me? Do you even realize who you bumped into and you're not even going to say sorry?" The girl in white 'patiently' inquired to Jaune. She unhands his arm and folded her own. "Well?"

Jaune only cocked his head in confusion.

"Uh, Weiss? I don't think he wants to ta-" The girl in bronze tried to reason to Weiss, but the latter instantly said:

"This is Pyrrha Nikos. She graduated at the top of her class at Sanctum." Weiss explained.

Jaune was silent with a blank expression. Weiss, unfettered, continued to try to make a point.

"She's won the Mistral Region Tournament four times in a row. A new record!" Weiss exclaimed.

Jaune remained quiet as he blinked a few times at Weiss. Pyrrha giggled slightly over the sight.

"She's on the front of every Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes box!" Weiss flailed her arms in an attempt to drive the fact into Jaune's mind.

Her only response was utter silence. Pyrrha's laughs were slightly louder after the childish display. Suddenly, the intercom came on:

"Would all first-year students please report to Beacon Cliff for initiation? Again, all first-year students report to Beacon Cliff immediately."

Jaune knew the announcer was Auntie Glynda. In an attempt to get to Beacon Cliffs, he tried backed away from Weiss, obviously afraid of her.

"Where do you think you're going!?" Weiss demanded Jaune to answer. This spooked Jaune as he ran out the locker room in a hurry.

Before Weiss gave chase to the boy in a fit of blind annoyance, Pyrrha stopped her.

"Oh stop, Weiss. I'm sure he didn't want to say anything for a reason." Pyrrha talked her associate down with visible results.

"Hmph. Fine, I just wish I never meet that boy again." Weiss declared as she stormed out the locker room, completely ignoring Ruby and her sister who happened to be nearby. Pyrrha sighs.

'Looks like this year's going to be quite exciting.' Pyrrha thoughts as she began to make her way to Beacon Cliffs herself.

Jaune found himself on a panel that was last in line of other panels. The man in green and Auntie Glynda were by the side. She ignored Jaune's stares at the moment.

"For years, you have trained to become warriors, and today, your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest." The man in green made known.

"Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of 'teams'. Well, allow us to put an end to your confusion. Each of you will be given teammates... today." Glynda announced to the group of hopefuls with a strict tone.

Jaune heard Ruby groaning in despair.

"These teammates will be with you for the rest of your time here at Beacon. So it is in your best interest to be paired with someone with whom you can work well. That being said, the first person you make eye contact with after landing will be your partner for the next four years." The man in green continued.

"WHAT!?" Ruby cried in shock. Jaune heard a student down the line exclaiming with glee.

"After you've partnered up, make your way to the northern end of the forest. You will meet opposition along the way. Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path... or you will die." The man in green added on.

Jaune's stomach churned. He willed it to stay put. His father did teach him to never show signs of fear.

"You will be monitored and graded through the duration of your initiation, but our instructors will not intervene. You will find an abandoned temple at the end of the path containing several relics. Each pair must choose one and return to the top of the cliff. You will guard that item, as well as your standing, and grade you appropriately. Are there any questions?" The man in green concluded. His eyes weren't even scanning the line of students for raised hands.

Soon the panels started firing everyone into the Emerald Forest, each of which gave their own battle cry. Ruby was last to go before Jaune. Jaune was the only one left to be launched. Jaune looked at Glynda with a warm smile and a wave of his hand. Glynda returned the smile with her own.

"Hello, Jaune. It's wonderful to see you here at Beacon. Try your utmost best to remember your father's training and do try to come back alive. Understand?" Glynda requested of Jaune with her rare smile.

Jaune nodded with enthusiasm and prepared himself for the panel to launch him, which was immediate. Glynda noticed that his form was just enough to be average, not that she'll judge him for it. She did know that Jaune had only trained for a year, which was still an achievement by regular standards.

Glynda noticed the man in green looking at her with curiosity.

"Glynda, do you know that boy?" The man in green asked of his assistant. He took a sip from his cup.

"Why yes, Ozpin. I suppose you could say that." Glynda wistfully answered before turning her attention to the boy, who is her accepted god-nephew, as he fell deep within the Emerald Forest.

Author's note: This is a one shot. I spent a few days thinking whether or not to write this, but I did. So... Yeah.

Also if you want an example of how Jaune wears his scarf, try thinking about how Misaka from Attack on Titan wear hers.

I would like to thank my new editor, shadowfox68, for taking the time to proofread my story. You're the best, man!

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