"Oh, hey, Steve. What's up?"
"Have you seen Starscream around?"
"Oh... he's uh... not here anymore."
"What do you mean? What happened?"
"He... he tried to interface with me... I didn't want to. But he kept on trying to."
"Oh, Skyrider. I'm sorry. Are you okay?"
"Yeah. I'm fine. It didn't seem like him though."
"Yeah. I know him. He's not like that. He's really very patient with intimacy." Suddenly, Steve had a thought.
"What is it?" Skyrider asked.
"Starscream isn't Starscream."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean... wait! Did Starscream suddenly start acting different? You know, not his normal self?"
"Yeah. About three days ago. Why?"
"When he started acting different is when he took him."
"What? Who?"
"There is a bot named Makeshift. He has this special ability to shape shift into other bots. The Starscream you were with wasn't Starscream! It was Makeshift!"
"And Makeshift wants to interface with me?"
"It's kinda what he does. He goes after the prettiest femmes, and shape shifts into their mech."
"We gotta tell Megatron!" Skyrider jumped up and ran out of her room with Steve running close behind.

"Had enough, Starscream?" The mech struck Starscream again with the electric rod. The Seeker was in severe pain. "Well?"
"P-please... s-stop."
"Alright, alright." He threw down the rod and caressed Starscream's wings. "I know it hurts, Starscream. This is your punishment for loving Skyrider."
"Y-you can t-torture me a-all you want... I-I'll never stop l-loving her."
"Wrong!" He grabbed the wing and bent it downwards. "You will stop loving her."
The mech screamed as his wing was bent. "You wanna know what I'm gonna do to that femme? First I'm gonna interface with her, and then I'm gonna kill her. How do you like that plan?"
"D-don't touch h-her! I-I'll kill y-you!"
"Ha! Sure. I'd like to see that."

"Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!"
"Skyrider! What is it? What's wrong?"
"It's Starscream. He's not himself! He's Makeshift!"
"We think so!"
"I haven't heard that name since..." He trailed off, not wanting the harsh memories to come back.
"Nothing. But if it really was Makeshift then he has Starscream somewhere."
"What is he doing to him?" Skyrider was scared for Starscream. What was happening to him? Was he even online? If he was, then for how long?
"I don't know. But we're going to find him."
"We have to, dad! We have to."
"We will."

"Yes, Ratchet?"
"I am receiving a high frequency signal... with an embedded message."
"Again?!" Miko asked. "What does it say?"
"It says, 'Cave, chains, help... please? I'm begging you!'."
"Should we trust him?" Arcee asked.
"Only one way to find out." Optimus' face mask came on. "Ratchet, are there any coordinates given in the message?"
The medic looked again, and sure enough there was a set of coordinates. "Yes."
"Activate the ground-bridge. And prepare the medical bay."
"Are you at least bringing any back-up?"
"No. I'm going alone."
Ratchet knew it was no good to protest. Once Optimus has made a decision, it was hard to get him to change it. The medic sighed and activated the ground-bridge. Optimus drove through, wondering what he might see on the other side.

"You know... Skyrider had a mother once... had."
Starscream was wondering what had happened to Skyrider's mother. Why was this mech even bringing it up?
"You wanna know what happened to her? I'll tell ya. I interfaced with her, then... I killed her."
"S-son of a g-glitch!"
"Skyrider doesn't even know what happened to her mother. Megatron does. He hasn't told her yet. Which is why I'm going to be the one to tell her, right before I tear out her spark."
"M-Megatron will protect Skyrider. You c-can count on that."
"Oh, I count on it. And then Megatron will watch as I kill her. Ha! It's brilliant!"
"Megatron will k-kill you before you can do anything!"
"I highly doubt that."
Suddenly a green and blue portal swirled open, Starscream smirked. The Autobots got his distress signal! Sure enough, Optimus Prime himself, stepped out of the portal. The mech quickly grabbed the electric rod and held it dangerously close to Starscream's neck cables. "Stay back! Or the Seeker dies!" The mech then realized whom he was dealing with. "Optimus Prime?!" He dropped the rod and backed away. "How are you still online?!"
Optimus activated his gun, "That is a question that will remain unanswered. Now, I suggest you take your leave."
The mech nodded, ran past him, transformed and flew off.
"Thank Primus, you're here!" Starscream exclaimed.
"Starscream, what happened?"
"Th-that mech, he wanted to..." He trailed off.
"You don't need to explain now. But first, I'm taking you back to Autobot headquarters. You will be repaired there."
"Thank you. But... who was that mech? He seemed to know you."
"He was Makeshift."