Note: This was written for the Zexal Flash Bingo challenge.

Michael drew a hand across his sweating brow, and then laughed as he realized he'd probably just managed to smear himself with dirt. Yuma looked up at him and laughed as well. The two of them gazed into each other's faces for a moment, grinning. They were both so grimy that they were almost unrecognizable, with sweat marking tracks down their faces and plastering their hair to the backs of their necks.

Michael didn't know when he'd seen a more pleasing sight.

The two of them hadn't been seeing as much of each other as they liked - they were both in high school now, and busy with schoolwork - so when Yuma had suggested they take this trip together, Michael had jumped at the chance. Master Rokujuuro had given them permission to dig around on some patches of land around the temple where outbuildings had once stood. The two boys had spent almost the entire day talking and joking as they carefully brushed away earth, digging up scraps of pottery and bits of rusted metal that were, in their eyes, as glorious as gold.

"This was the best day," said Yuma, echoing his thoughts. "I wish we could do this every day."

Michael grinned. "What, you mean do without electricity and hot showers?"

"Hey," said Yuma, "my mom says the best men are like archeological finds - always covered in dirt."

The idea tickled them both, and they both began to laugh.

"If that's true," said Michael, "we must be the best in the world."

Yuma grinned. "We're pretty close! Here, I'll help you a little!"

He scooped up a handful of sandy earth and tried to rub it across Michael's cheek. Michael laughed and made a halfhearted attempt to dodge. He attempted to copy the motion, and the gesture turned into a game, because it couldn't possibly be anything else but a game between two boys whose lives revolved around games. The two of them dodged and laughed and dodged some more until Yuma's hand accidentally landed on its target, and Michael froze at the sensation of Yuma touching his cheek. Everything seemed to slow down as their eyes met. Michael raised his hand and gently rested it on Yuma's face, then slowly slid it down his neck. Yuma looked surprised, then grinned and reached up with his free hand to rub a smear of dirt across Michael's nose. Both of them laughed, leaning forward until their foreheads touched.

Then they kissed. It felt like a natural transition, as if it were the only possible outcome of the digging and the laughter. Yuma's lips were warm from the afternoon heat, and tasted faintly of sweat and dust, and that was exactly right too.

Some great discoveries really did come out of archeological digs.