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Chapter 5: The Journey Back (Ending)

Ash ran after for her mom's car after Delia forgotten to give Ash's cellphone back.

"Mom wait up!" Ash said between inhalations panting heavily.

Delia took a glimpse at the car's rear mirror and spotted Ash chasing after her. Delia instantly stomped on the brakes and the car came to a screeching stop.

Delia stayed still for a moment and waited for Ash to catch up. Ash finally catches up with Delia's car and Delia rolled up the windows.

"What is it Ash?" Delia asked impatiently. Ash showed his hand in front of her and said.

"Mom, where's my phone I need it back please." Delia scratched her head and said.

"Oops silly me, here you go" Delia said apologizing handing the phone back to Ash. Ash then left without saying a word, not even a meek thank-you. "He ran just for his phone!?" Delia assumed unbelievably.

In the meantime Ash was trying to trail what her mom did with his phone. "I know she said she was calling somebody, let's see here" Ash thought as he accessed the call history from his phone.

To his surprise the latest call made was for Serena. "Why would she even call her; they've never even met" Ash wondered for a moment.

"I'll just confront mom later; I don't want to call Serena and she might think of me as gossiper-Gah! Why do I always try to act nice around her?" "I guess my love for her causes me to be this way" Ash thought hard for a while and decided to shrug off his thoughts and focus his thoughts on training his Pokémons.

He ran back to his house and called out to the professor, "Professor Oak could you come with me to your lab; I really want to see my previous Pokémons again and I have decided to train them in order for them to become stronger."

Professor Oak replied with a happy tone, "Sure Ash but should you wash the dishes first before you do anything else" Ash looked at the rather messy table and sighed heavily, "Ahhh, do I have to?"

Professor Oak nodded.

"Fine! But you owe me a solid Professor" Ash said angrily as he grabbed the empty plates from the table, "Mom did cook a lot today It's going to take me a long time to freaking wash these damn dishes" Ash thought, annoyed as he flipped open the handle of the water faucet and grabbed the sponge as he proceeded.

3 hours later….

Ash was done for his training today; he decided that he would challenge Diantha again and he would make sure he would win but he still has a long way to go.

He already has his plan on mind he would use Charizard against Diantha's Gourgeist, his Krookodile against her Tyrantrum, his Pikachu against her Hawlucha, his Greninja against her Aurorus, his Glalie against her Goodra, and finally his Muk against her Gardevoir. He already had this planned, he chose carefully so he can have more type advantages against Diantha. He was so excited but he knew it wasn't going to be easy.

Ash ran back to the house, he spotted his mom on the kitchen.

Delia called out to him, "Ash! Did you do the dishes" she says with a surprised look.

"Yes, oh I almost forgot why did you call Serena on my phone?" Ash asks with a suspicious look.

"Uhh, did I?" Delia lied failingly.

"Yes! It's in my call history! Why would you even call her you never even met her? Mom?" Ash said curiously.

As much as Delia wanted to lie she knew that Ash needs somebody that will take care of him, she wanted the Ketchum family to continue so she decided to tell the truth.

"I told her that you like her," Delia said with a smirk.

"What! What the hell! How can you do this to me Mom?!" Ash yelled in terror and surprise.

"We'll first you have no capability of taking care yourself, secondarily, she seems kind of into you; I bet you too will make a great couple," Delia explained.

"Moooom! Stop it! She doesn't like me!" Ash said in defense. "Does she," Ash thought.

"Go see for yourself, visit her then," Delia says trying to encourage Ash to come back for her.

"I will Mom, but I have to train my Pokemon so I can challenge Diantha again and beat her this time," Ash argues.

"Oh no you don't you are visiting her before you battling Diantha again," Delia counters with a glare.

"Why do you want to hook me up so bad with her?" Ash asks in curiosity.

"Weren't you listening to me earlier?" Delia says irritatingly of how Ash often misses what people say.

"Yeah I was but you know how I am, I easily forget things," Ash says.

"Whatever you will visit her and that's the last thing you will do, I will give you a week to train your Pokémons but you are going back to Kalos and surprise her because she will be not expecting you," Delia says as she started walking to her room.

"Ahhh! Mom is a jerk!" Ash complains as he walks outside the door again to buy some food from the convenience store, he was getting hungry again even though he ate a big lunch today.

"I wonder if she really does likes me, there's only one way to find out, maybe I should visit her even if she doesn't like me at least I tried and I can finally move on," Ash thought as he was on his way to the convenience store.

A week later…

It was a beautiful day on Kalos, the sun shining ever so bright illuminating the window at Serena's room in Vaniville Town. Serena has just woken up.

Serena blinks, stretched her arms and thought, "It's such a relief that Mom's Fletchling doesn't wake me up anymore."

It's been a week since her last interaction with Ash, she counted the days that he is gone by, she already told herself to stop but she couldn't help herself anyways. She always seem to think about him every day while she eats, while she goes for a walk, before she goes to sleep, her crush on Ash was growing every single day, she ache to hear those words from him, "Look Serena, I kind of like you," if he ever says it she would be the happiest girl in the world.

Serena couldn't help thinking about Ash as she starts to walk towards the bathroom to freshen herself up and get dressed. Her Mom doesn't force her on Rhyhorn racing anymore which is a great weight is taken off her back at least in Serena's point of view.

After she was done taking a bath she stood by the bathroom mirror while brushing her messy hair. "I wonder when he will come back, I know it's only been a week but the days seem like centuries, I cannot wait to see him again," she thought excitedly.

After a few minutes, she was finished fixing her hair and went downstairs where her mother was watching T.V. Her breakfast was laid out in the dining table.

"Go eat your breakfast Serena," her mom called out to her. Serena decided to get to it and sat on one of the chairs at the table and started eating.

After a week-long training (earlier than planned) Ash decided that it was time to challenge Diantha again but this time he was walking towards Serena's house as he was thinking of various ways he could surprise her and startle her in a good way.

"Maybe I should surprise her by calling her and telling an impossible situation that I was on Kalos on her way to her house but on reality I am already behind her house's front door," Ash thought as he concluded that that was the plan that he is going to do.

As he neared Serena's house, he stopped at the front door, he looked at the window; he cannot be spotted across the window, "Good," Ash thought as he pulled out his phone and dialed Serena.

Serena was finishing up her plate as she felt her phone vibrate on her pocket. "Who could this be?" Serena asked herself as she took out her phone. It was Ash. She couldn't believe her eyes she quickly answered it with a cute voice, "Hi Ash! How's it going?"

"You know, pretty much the same every day," Ash answered in a blank tone.

" Uhh So Se-Serena, how would you feel if I traveled thousands of miles, give you the biggest hug ever, and told you I like you," Ash says nervously.

"I would feel great Ash listen I-'' Serena was cut off by their doorbell's sound. "Wait Ash, there is somebody at the front door," Serena said as she was on her way to the door. "I still couldn't believe he would say something like that, but I doubt it's true, he's just probably joking around," Serena thought while blushing, she opened the door to find Ash standing behind.

Ash went forward and gave her a really tight hug just like he said on the phone earlier, Serena was speechless; she was not expecting this moment but her instinct caused her to hug him back while her mother smiled at the two of them. "Just as I thought, he would come back," Grace thought remembering her time when her husband also came back for her.

The hug lasted for a while until Ash broke away; he was now full of confidence as he grabbed her chin so he can look at her directly at her eyes and said, "Serena, you are my friend, you helped me when I needed it most, I knew a lot of things about you. I was so scared to tell you back then because you might reject me but now I am confident and brave. Serena the thing is, I like you; I like everything about you." Ash says as he was expecting a rejection statement but to his surprise Serena grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss.

Instantly his eyes went round with surprise, but Ash didn't pull away so Serena pressed her lips to Ash's the way she'd wanted to ever since she re-met Ash at Kalos.

No words were spoken, Ash and Serena melted at each other's arms as they kissed. Ash felt his stomach whirled like it was sending out mini fireworks and sparks as

he savored the softness of her lips.

Meanwhile Serena was out of control, she was so happy that he came back and practically threw her lips against his when he told her that he likes her, her cheeks burned like an oven.

A few moments later they broke apart and Serena said as Serena hugged him again, "Thank you Ash." Ash was now confused.

"Uhhhh-Thank you for what?" Ash asked still confused.

"For finally telling me that you like me," Serena giggles as she kissed him on the cheeks. "You don't know how happy I am right now," Serena says as she bursted into tears.

"Oh-no! Serena! Did I make you cry?" Ash said as he brushed her tears away with his fingers.

"No silly, I am crying because I'm so happy," Serena replied as she buried her face on his chest.

"Okay, we'll I have to go now I have to challenge Diantha," Ash says as he tries to pry Serena off him.

"Oh no you don't!" Serena says as she grabbed Ash's collar and pulled him in the house. Grace was seen smiling at the two of them. "I am so happy for her," Grace thought.

"Wait here, I will get my stuff and come with you, don't you think you can escape me after you tell me you like me, I'll come with you," Serena says as she ran upstairs to her room.

As Ash was waiting he turned to Grace and asked, "Can she come with me Mrs. Yvonne?"

"Hey how can I say no to that, after seeing Serena like that, it's probably best to say she's happiest with you. We'll I hope you take good care for her," Grace replied as Serena was heading downstairs with her backpack.

"So shall we?" Ash asked Serena to which Serena immediately said yes. As they started to head out of the door Grace whispers to her, I told you he will come back,"

Serena cheeks flushed and said "Shut up."

"Yo! Serena are you coming or what?!" Ash howls.

"Yes, I'll be there in a second," Serena replies as she gave her mom one last hug before she leaves with Ash.

"Goodbye, Serena!" Grace shouts as the couple was already at a distance from the house.

"I can't believe I'm traveling with you again and by the way where is your Pikachu?" Serena asks curiously.

"Oh he's at the Pokemon Center, I should probably go get him," Ash said as he bolted from Serena. "Race you there!" Ash shouts leaving Serena behind.

"Ash! Come back I wasn't ready!" Serena shouts as she did her best to catch up with Ash. "Typical Ash, always full of energy and determination, that is one of the many reasons why I like him so much," Serena thought as she was running towards Ash. Even though how impossible it seems to be, Serena caught up with Ash and tackled him down.

"Ash you better not run away from me again or you'll regret it," Serena said teasingly as she planted a kiss on his lips.

"Your wish is my command," Ash said as he stood up holding his hand out to Serena. Serena grabbed his hand and was pulled upwards. They continued walking but Ash has something else in his mind.

"You know what Serena I have never felt this way about you before but I think I love you," Ash said making Serena's eyes widen in surprise.

"I-I love you too, Ash," Serena says as she leaned in and brushed her lips against his.

"I was hoping for an another chance to tell him my feelings but I never thought that he's the one who's confessing but I'll take it either way," Serena thought as they held each other while continuing their way to the Pokemon Center.

The End

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