Henrietta Lange should have had a plan A, B, and C on how to deal with Deeks' reaction to Kensi missing in Afghanistan. If she had, she wouldn't be sitting in in the hallway of Director Vance's office, needing to explain how her police officer went rouge and tore up half of Afghanistan.

In her defense, Hetty sort of had a plan and it was the standard plan when giving Deeks bad news- pull him to the side, give the news in a calm, comforting voice, allow him some time to digest the news and then watch him move into action where her agents and she could watch him. When she did pull him to the side after Granger called via satellite to announce Kensi's disappearance, Deeks went ballistic.

"Why the hell did you send her in the first place? Who is the White Ghost? I should have gone with her!"

And in return, Hetty calmly told him the truth, "She has a tie to a dangerous man. I believed she was the best choice and I stand by it. I know you want to go-"

"Don't….just don't…." Deeks muttered angrily and stormed out of the OPS. Sam and Callen gave her the usual we-should-say something, but-Hetty-will- kill-us looks to each other and decided to give him the much needed space. Hetty knows her cop very well- the beach is his go-to place for everything. So Hetty and the team worked diligently to set up a flight, a plan, and the best way to deal with Deeks when he returned.

He never did.

Ninety minutes later, the C-17 Bombardier is ready to take Callen, Sam and Nell to Afghanistan.

"Where's Deeks? He wouldn't take almost two hours with Kensi in danger," Nell asks as she's nearly buried under a tactical vest, her backpack filled with her electronics and the thick sunhat Eric is making her wear.

"Maybe he lost track of time. They have their thing and maybe he's lost it," Callen suggests.

"Not bloody likely," Sam snorts. "Something isn't right. Deeks is too strong to lose it during something like this."

"Then where is he?"

As Hetty listens to both men converse, she takes a step near the detective's desk. Sam has called Deeks five times with no answer and the detective's car is still in the parking lot. Unbeknownst to the team, Hetty has already made a call to the pair of eyes she has on Deeks' favorite beach and finds him to be missing.

He's done something and she knows it and it's confirmed when she pushes a random travel brochure from a pile on the desk and finds Deeks' wallet with his license missing and a bank withdrawal sheet for $800 dollars dated from six days after Kensi had left.

"Bugger," Hetty curses under her breath. The operations manager had always, always, prided herself on knowing her agents, but in the following hour, they find that from the moment Kensi had left, he had made his own contingency plan. Their backup weapons cache in the basement has been cleared out of a brand new Remington MSR rifle, a Kevlar vest, an AR 15 assault rifle, and two Sig P229s along with a Kevlar vest, tactical belt and a sat phone. Twenty five minutes later, an old friend of Callen who had been bonding with Deeks for the past few months calls to check in on the emergency Deeks had told him to get a ride on an emergency military flight that will get him to Afghanistan in half the time.

"Get on the plane and catch him before he gets himself killed!" Hetty barks at her two agents. If it wasn't for the high possibility of loss of life, she'd be incredibly impressed. She soon finds out that Deeks had been practicing assembling and using a sniper weapon on the weekends- hell, the cop could now move through Camp Pendleton's tactical course at the speed Kensi moved at during her early years as an agent.

"Marty, what have you done?" She gave him space, missed his personal training that would best be done under guidance, and now she's certain that her cop has walked into the lion's den alone. The feeling lingers during her team's ten hour flight to Afghanistan and begins to quickly dissipate when she's updated by Granger and the team every hour after they landed.

At the airport, the team is told that Agent Sabatino, a man free to come and go during the case, has just limped into camp and admitted that he and Kensi had been pinned down during a stakeout, she had been kidnapped, and Sabatino had ran for it. Sabatino isn't the least bit afraid to also admit that in his heat stroke induced daze he had walked back in; Deeks found him, broke his arm after finding out about ditching Kensi, and manipulated information about Kensi's last location.

"He was real…I swear he was there and he was pissed," Sabatino mutters when Callen, Sam, and Granger stand in front of him as he lays in the medical tent. "Did you send him to camp or something since last year? How long has he been an agent?"

"He's not," Granger growls.

"He moves like it- he's quick and traveled light. I could see it in his eyes- he's a man on a mission."

An hour later, the team makes it Kensi's last known location and finds two bodies of men thought to be tied to White Ghost. They know the blue eyed man had been there by the fern leaf tucked into one of the man's pockets. There's a piece of paper with GPS coordinates in the pocket as well. Back at the camp, Nell calls them to give the location of the GPS coordinates- a mile and a half walk north from their location as the temperatures are quickly dropping with evening approaching.

"I'll call it in," Granger volunteers.

"No, we should just go and have reinforcements come!" Callen exclaims. His heart is about to burst through the roof.

"We do this by the book. Deeks should have thought about this before going lone wolf," Granger replies. He calls the camp and his attempt becomes useless- shots have just been fired at a small village that match the coordinates. Reinforcements are already on the way with Sam, Callen, and Granger being the closest. So they run as fast they physically can and what they find is earth-shattering.


"Please get to it, Mr. Callen."

"Both Kensi and Deeks are safe."

"Excellent…..what's wrong?"

"You need to see it to believe it."

Now, as she sits in the hallway of the Director Vance's office, the pictures from the village are still fresh in her mind. Her police officer has successfully found a vantage point and easily sniped five patrols silently with his rifle. Two additional men had been taken down by a knife, Kensi's knife in particular. In a room, a chair with cut ropes sit in the middle room with Hendrick Cole, an enemy of Kensi's father, lying dead on the Arabic carpet. In ten minutes, he had taken down eight men.

Hetty slowly looks up to the detective sitting next to her. His eyes are just as cold as they were when Callen, Sam, and Granger had found him walking with Kensi out of the house she was held in. His injuries had been numerous- a bandage covers his cheek where a bullet had grazed him and his hand unconsciously covers the area where had been shot twice. The hollowness in him worries her more than anything else.

"Mr. Lange, Detective Deeks. The director will see you now," the secretary calls out.

Hetty breathes in deeply as Deeks rises. She isn't afraid of the consequences for his actions- she's sure he won't get more than a warning.

Henrietta Lange is afraid because of the darkness that's erupted in her gentle, happy cop to rescue his partner.

She's afraid of the hungry, greedy look in Granger's eyes when he realized that the goofy cop turned into the perfect super agent.

She's afraid of her young brunette agent being antsy or even afraid of Deeks' dark demeanor.

And most of all, she's afraid that Marty Deeks won't ever come back.