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'Wow, the view looks great from up here.' Ruby thought to herself as she sat in the plane as it flew over the city of Los Santos. Ruby felt confident that things were gonna be great for her in a new city. She was a young up and coming criminal, one that managed to stay under the public radar back where she used to work at. Now she had an opportunity to make a real name for herself. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that she wasn't about to pass up.

Ruby looked at herself, she was wearing a red short-sleeved hoodie over a black tank top. Her right wrist had a garden of roses tattooed onto it, a symbol of who she was. Her black baggy pants and sneakers were one of the few things that she had with her. Over her short black hair with crimson tips on it, was a pair of large headphones that blocked out the world around her. While she was proud of who she was, she knew that while she was here, she needed to have more than just this, cause she couldn't go out wearing the same thing over and over again.

The plane started to land, and Ruby checked that all of her stuff was there with her. She had to sit for what felt like forever before she could get off the plane. Even though she was a criminal, she couldn't really do much when it came to getting off of the plane early. She shot her sister Yang a text to let her know she had arrived, before she grabbed her stuff and walked off the plane. After a few minutes walking through the terminal, she came outside and saw her sister outside waiting for her, leaning against a purple car. As soon as Yang saw Ruby, she jumped in the air at the sight of her sister. "Ruby! It's so great to see you!" Yang said. She was very glad to see Ruby. Ruby walked over to Yang and gave her a huge hug. "God it's been what, 6 months since I last saw you? Either way, it's great to see you."

Ruby was feeling good about everything. "Yeah, a lot has changed though since then. For instance, check out the ink." Ruby showed off her tattoo to Yang, who looked impressed by it. "Anyway, what happened to your bike?" Yang usually rode around in a Hexer chopper, however the lack of it at the moment confused Ruby.

"Oh, it's back at the apartment I'm in. This is actually my roommates car. Since I figured you would have some stuff with you, it seemed smarter to bring this instead. You like it?"

Yang rubbed her hand along her roommates Schyster Fusilade, painted a very dark midnight purple. It definitely looked like a beast of a car, and Ruby was impressed by it. "I definitely like the car Yang. By the way, did you suggest we bring this or did your roommate?" Ruby started to walk around to get into the passenger seat of the car. Yang looked at her and scowled.

"I'll have you know that I got my smart moments every now and then. Just be glad that I'm letting you stay with us until you get your own place." Yang started up the car and started to drive away. They had no reason to go crazy, so Yang decided to take it easy for once.

"Yeah, so I gotta ask, how exactly is this whole thing going down?" Ruby asked, fiddling with the radio to shut it off.

"Well first of all, you need a car. Secondly, getting into our crew is the best thing that you can do. Since odds are you're gonna get in, thanks to yours truly, getting work won't be difficult either."

Ruby nodded, then she thought of something that would help her. "Yeah that sounds good, and I just remembered that I still got the Bifta in storage over on the east coast. I'll just have to call someone and have them drive it over. I'm sure this one guy who's into me would do it. I tell you, that guy really wants to get in my pants. Too bad that ain't happening."

Yang started to laugh. "Well, at least you'll get a car no problem. And if you keep leading that guy on, pretty soon, he'd probably jump off of a bridge for you." Yang chuckled at a thought that came through her head. "Maybe you should ask him to do that for you while you're at it. Would probably benefit him in the long haul." Ruby just decided to punch Yang in the arm. Yang pulled into her garage and parked the car. "Well, we're here. There might be some leftover food on the table when we get up there. Also I made sure to stock up on rum for you, so don't hesitate to drink it." Yang led Ruby up to her apartment and unlocked the door, calling out to her roommate when she got back. "Yo Blake, I'm back. My sister is here as well, so get your ass out here and actually socialize for once."

Out of the bedroom walked in Yang's roommate Blake. It was clear that she had just washed up, wearing some short shorts and a tank top at the moment. "Really Yang? I do happen to socialize with people. You just never see it." Blake then turned her attention towards Ruby. "Hi there, I'm Blake, Yang's roommate, and the person who has to put up with her shit. I take it you're Ruby, her sister right?"

Ruby nodded. "Yep, that's me. Oh and trust me, I know how you feel when it comes to Yang. She's a real pain for me too." Ruby said back to Blake.

"Well, make yourself comfortable, you get to sleep out with Yang on the couch while you're here." Blake said. Ruby looked at her like she had two heads on. "Well let's just say that there is only one bed, and since the apartment is under my name, I called dibs on it."

"Yeah, and the couch has gotten to be quite uncomfortable if you ask me, which no one ever does by the way. Fuckin' bullshit if you ask me." Yang mumbled under her breath.

Blake gave her a stone cold stare when she heard that. She had really great hearing and eyesight. "Anyway, Yang. Weiss called earlier." At the mere mention of the name, Yang looked over to Blake, waiting to hear what she had to say. "Weiss wants to meet Ruby tomorrow so that she can see for herself what we're getting. You might want to let Ruby in on what to expect."

"What do you guys mean by that?" Ruby asked.

"Weiss can be a bit, distant with people she's just meeting for the first time. Hell, I've been working with her for quite a while now, and she still keeps things from me about herself." Yang walked over to Ruby and threw her arm over her shoulder. "Whatever though, she has her reasons for it, and they're none of our business."

Ruby, Yang and Blake all walked over and sat down on the couch. Ruby finally took a look around at the apartment, and saw all that it had to offer. A pretty decent sized kitchen and a dining room along the one wall, with the door to the bedroom near the entrance. The living room was a pretty decent size, and there was a large tv against the wall, and the window next to the couch had a very lovely view of the street. Blake spoke up, pulling Ruby back into the world she was in. "Don't be upset if you get stuck doing some pretty crappy jobs at first. You're just coming in so you gotta start at the bottom, and we have all done that before. Just remember that little detail." Blake said as she Ruby and Yang kept talking all night long.

The following morning, Ruby woke up pretty quickly, and way before everyone else. She decided to go for a morning run, something to get herself ready to take on the day that she had ahead of her. It was nothing too fancy to start with, she brought a pair of shorts for the exact purpose of a morning run. Ruby left a note for Yang letting her know where she was going to be, and so she walked out the door. She needed to get her mind off of the nerves that she had about today, joining Yang's crew.

Once she made it outside, she opened up a small map on her phone and plotted some directions to hit in her journey. From there she decided to start her run, a daily run when she woke up did wonders for her back on the east coast, so she figured why not try it on the west to see how it would go from there. She started to run through the streets, taking the time to familiarize herself with the initial area she was in. When she left in the morning, she made sure to at least bring a knife with her, because she didn't know what to expect from the people in the area.

As she ran down the street, she looked at someone who was jogging along the opposite side of the road. She wore long white hair bundled up into a ponytail, and a white hoodie with a pair of light gray basketball shorts. When she looked more closely, she saw that tattoos adorned the girls legs all the way down to her feet, and she could barely make out the distinction of the same on her arms. The girl seemed to be used to the jog, and didn't seem to care about what the people around her would say if she ran into them or past them. Ruby figured that it wouldn't hurt to head back by that point, she got a good run in, and she needed to prepare for her meeting with this Weiss person that Blake and Yang mentioned the night before.

Once she got back to the house, she noticed that Blake was awake and making a quick breakfast for herself. "Have fun on your run Ruby?" Blake asked.

"Yeah, though now I need a shower." Ruby said back to her.

Blake laughed a bit before pointing to a door on the opposite side of the room. "Shower's through that door, on the opposite side of the room." She walked back into the kitchen. "I managed to put something together for you to wear before you go to meet Weiss. It should give you a more presentable look for her, and gives you something to change into every so often before you get more clothes to wear."

Ruby went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower, washing the sweat she just collected off of her body, and relieving her aching muscles. Once she was finished, she walked back into Blake's room and got changed into the outfit that Blake picked out for her. It was a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a crimson red vest with a pair of black dress pants. Ruby elected to borrow a pair of Blake's shoes so that she didn't look out of place with her own on. Once she finished up, she walked back out into the apartment, where Blake and Yang were both waiting for her. "Bout time you got your ass together sis." Yang said once she noticed Ruby. "You look great by the way. I'm sure Weiss will at least be impressed with that."

Blake walked out of the kitchen and over to Ruby. "Weiss wants to meet with you in about 20 minutes. I'll be ready to go in two and we can head over to her place so you can meet her." Blake said. The nerves that Ruby had earlier that morning, started to come back, though not as strong as when she had them this morning.

"Lead on Blake." Ruby and Blake walked down to the garage and got into Blake's car. Ruby sat there patiently waiting as the girl brought the car out of the garage and onto the street where she started to drive over to Weiss' apartment. "Where are we going exactly?" Ruby asked.

"The Business district. Weiss has a really expensive apartment near the construction site of a new skyscraper, next to the bank's headquarters. When she isn't doing business with us, she keeps a guise that she is a wealthy businesswoman and keeps herself in a good light." Blake responded to Ruby, whom ended up growing more nervous. "Relax, as long as you mind your manners, you should do fine."

Not a minute later, Blake pulled up to the building Weiss lived at, pulling into the parking lot nearby. "Calm down Ruby, you'll do fine. From what your sister tells me, you shouldn't have to worry a thing." Blake said as they got out of the car and walked over to the building's entrance. Blake pressed the buzzer for Weiss' apartment and waited for a response.

"Name." A woman responded on the other end.

"Weiss, it's Blake. I'm here to bring the person you wanted to meet." Blake said. Shortly after the door unlocked and was opened up to them. Blake gestured for Ruby to follow her inside, and up to Weiss' apartment.

Weiss sat on the couch in her living room, her pure white suit as clean as she possibly could have it. Her ponytail was pulled off to the side like it normally was, and she had a glass of water in her hand. The suit managed to cover up all of the tattoos on her body and gave her a more professional look when she wore it. The only flaw that she couldn't cover up, was the damned scar that was clear as day along her left eye. It was a symbol of her own mistakes when she first came to the city and was starting young and naive. Since then she has grown to be a very successful criminal, the kind that no one even knows about, and has since amassed a very large sum of wealth and power.

Since the formation of the crew she started with Lie Ren, that success has grown even more, the fruits of her work unknowingly in play even to that day. Since then, she has made sure that anyone who wanted to join their crew be just as efficient as she was when she started. Things went well as they started, their crew growing in a pretty decently large number. Now she was about to see why Yang, a veteran member of her crew, was putting her own sister forward as someone who should join. She was pretty lenient when Pyrrha had asked to let her old friend Jaune join up, but since he started, he was having a hard time getting through, even though he was stubborn and never knew when to quit.

As she sat there waiting, she heard a knock at the door. She saw someone open the door for her, a personal butler who she made sure knew to keep his mouth shut about things that went on in the privacy of her home. Looking over towards the door, she saw her crew-mate Blake Belladonna approach her, with a girl in tow behind her, the new prospect from what she assumed. The strange thing is, she thought that the girl looked familiar for some reason, thinking back to her morning jog and seeing that she was the same person from then.

"Ruby, this is Weiss Schnee." Weiss rose from her seat as her name was introduced. "Weiss, this is Yang's sister, Ruby Rose. She just flew in from the east coast last night, and from what her sister tells me, she has an impressive track record over there, though it was hard to find one in the first place."

That caught Weiss' attention. "Really now? I don't suppose that means that you prefer to not have your work known, am I right?" Weiss said directly to Ruby.

"He-he, y-you could say that." Ruby said to Weiss now.

Weiss could see how nervous she was, though she wasn't surprised. She looked pretty young and eager. "Blake, would you be a dear and give the two of us some privacy?" Blake just nodded and walked out of the room, she knew how Weiss worked, and just let it happen as it would. Once Blake was out of sight, she turned her attention back towards Ruby. Something about that girl seemed to captivate Weiss, but she put it off to the side for the time being. "Sit down with me." She said to Ruby, who nervously sat down, then proceeded to stare out the window. "Admiring the view?"

"Oh-yeah, it's a pretty nice view of the city." She was clearly nervous, Weiss could see that easily.

Weiss sighed, somehow she decided to try and put this girl at ease before starting, something she didn't do before. "Ok, why don't you take a moment to relax? It looks like you need it." Weiss said to Ruby.

"That obvious?" Ruby asked.

"It was very noticeable ever since you walked in. And I'm sure that you were nervous even before showing up as well." Ruby just nodded, answering what Weiss thought in her mind. She gave the red haired girl a few moments to try and calm down before she decided to bring up what she saw earlier in the day. "Normally I wouldn't be this nice with someone like you, meaning that I don't know you at this point. Though for some reason I'm curious about you, and it peaked my interests." Ruby seemed confused for a second, but just decided to roll with it.

"Um, ok, well then, what do you want to know about me?" Ruby asked.

Weiss was impressed that Ruby caught on pretty quickly, even if she didn't know why. "Well, I believe that earlier today I saw someone that looked exactly like you go for a run. I guess that was you, and that's not what I want to know, but what I do want to know is, why come out here?"

Ruby hadn't truly thought of why she picked Los Santos to set up where she was living now, and she had to take a second to think of it. "Uh, well um, I guess it's because, I honestly don't know why I chose here exactly." Weiss raised an eyebrow at this. "I mean, obviously my sister is out here, and she would be able to find work for me to do, but to be honest, I don't really know."

Whatever Weiss wanted to know, it was nothing compared to what this girl was doing to her mind. She was acting very strange, the very essence of this girl screamed that she was very unique, and somehow that piqued Weiss' interest. "Well then, why don't I help you try to find a purpose for you while you're here?" Ruby was screaming in her head, trying to figure out what this girl in front of her was saying, yet meeting no success. "I have a job for you, something of an initiation if you want to call it that. If you manage to pull it off, you'll become the newest member of my little crew." Ruby's eyes widened at the prospect of getting into the crew with her sister.

"First things first, there is a few things you need to know about." Ruby nodded excitedly once Weiss began to speak. Weiss stood up, and noticed the change in demeanor and seemed curious at how she managed to pull off the change as quickly as she did. "One, you will need to buy yourself a gun, and a car. While we may sometimes be traveling in one car if the job requires it, we generally use our own vehicles so we can do jobs on our own. Two, you're starting from the bottom, which means that your jobs early on, will be trivial and boring. Just get used to that right now, because it's going to be that way for the first few weeks until you can be trusted with bigger jobs. Finally, when I call, you answer. If you don't answer, it better because of something where you couldn't, based off of your current situation. Understood?"

Ruby stood up enthusiastically, saluting Weiss. "Understood."

Weiss rolled her eyes, at Ruby. "Don't be so dramatic." Weiss said, her friendly demeanor being pushed away for a second.

"Oh uh, sorry." Ruby said back to her.

Weiss decided to let it slide, she knew that Ruby was probably just excited. If she was normally like this though, Weiss would either go insane, or find some way to adjust to it, probably thinking it would be the latter of the two. "Now, go tell Blake to drop you off at Simeon's. He will give you your job. One of the other crew members will be working with you, and you will meet with him there." Weiss walked over to the kitchen to place her glass of water. "I have business to attend to, so since you have a job to do, I suggest you get to it."

Ruby could tell that her time there was over, so she nodded her head and walked to the door. "It was a pleasure to meet you by the way Weiss." She said before she opened the door and walked out of Weiss' apartment. Weiss walked over to the window, she looked out on the horizon and the city skyline. She sighed as she went over the events that just transpired in her head.

"What have I gotten myself into?"