Hey Gil.

I know you're probably surprised to see me wrote, but I have several important updates. The good news and bad news, you choose which to read first. Say, "Hi!" to Little Ludwig for me!

The good news.

I GOT MARRIED! To that adorable little Austrian, I'm not sure if you remember him. His name is Roderich, and you would constantly prank him. You know, before you went to the city for a better education. Also, you know that one guy, Vlad? The one who I hate so much I want to bash his head in with a frying pan? He moved away. Not gonna come back ever, those were his own words, too!

The bad news.

Your dad is dead. I don't know how to say it more gently, but the truth is the truth. This is mainly the reason I've sent you this, I can't bear to come over there and watch Little Ludwig cry. Tell him nicely, okay? Plus, you've been left an inheritance, both of you. There are no others that he could possibly put in his will.

I'm so sorry,


Guten tag, Liz.

I know you're surprised I can write, but I have some stuff to tell you. Good or bad, you chose, it isn't my business. Tell Roddy that I have updated his status in my head to, "The husband of the mega-awesome Liz."

The good news.

My brother and I are being ordered by Old Man Fritz to go back home for the will reading. I'll get to see your awesomeness again.

The bad news.

West cried his eyes out. In the middle of lunch. If front of all the higher-ranking men. I got him to stop, but it took a while. Good thing for us, the others just took pity, and nothing happened. Even that- I'll refrain from using bad language, mostly because I'm sure Roddy is reading this- Alfred F. Jones looked like he wanted to help. He didn't know how, though, so he just stared along with the rest of them.

I'll see you soon,


I'm so sorry! It just came out and I couldn't stop it and- I'm sorry.