A sense of paranoia, occupied Hermione's mind. The white pen moved quickly stopping only for the girl to look over her shoulders. She wiped her sweaty palm on her cotton white shirt, then ran it through her bushier than usual hair. She was writing a letter to Harry, one that Dumbledore had forbade. It was a rule made in fear that an owl might be caught and intercepted, leading Voldemort straight to Harry. It was also one rule Hermione was not going to follow. She could not leave her best friend to mourn the death of his godfather, the man who was as close to his father as Harry could get. Determined to be ther for her raven haired friend, she grabbed muggle paper and a pen and began writing.

Dear Harry,

I know I'm a bad friend for not writing earlier but Dumbledore had prohibited us from writing to you in fear that someone might get the letter and your location. I tried to listen I really did but couldn't. I keep picturing you alone with those things horrible Dursleys. I just could not get it out of my head so here I am writing to you even though they had told us not to do so. I know I can't really understand what you are going through but I'm sorry. I wish you hadn't lost Sirius. I wish you had more time to learn through him about your parents and the love you so justly deserve and I know that right now you are blaming yourself but don't. Sirius died happy, because he got to finally do what he couldn't do all those years; he was your godfather. He loved you Harry and even though he is not with you physically he will be watching over you. I really hope that you get this letter and that my words bring you at least some comfort and remember I will always be here for you if you need me.

I also wanted to tell you a bit of what is going on here. They are fired Fudge, well he resigned but only because he knew it was the only way to go with dignity. He will officially not be Minister by the end of the summer. That is all the news I've heard so far. I am getting nothing from The Order because I'm have not finished my schooling so I'm sorry I could not give you more. Please be careful and write back soon. Don't send it with Hedwig just put it in the wooden container I sent you, tap the container with your wand and it'll get instantly sent to an identical wooden container I have, it works the same for me. This does no require any magic so you won't be getting in troubl for underage magic.

Love Hermione

P.S Did you do any of your vacation work.

The girl hopped that the last bit would be taken as a joke because she did not think vacation work was important at all. She hoped that this could somehow comfort him showing Harry that no matter what she will be there for him, even if it's only to make him smile. Showing him some type of normality saying things will never change between them no matter what happened, was something she though he need.

She lifted the white box from the floor, also grabbing the wooden container and place it in the box, sealing the box with tape and writing Harry's address on it. Once finished packing everything she went to find her accomplice and with a simple nod the plan was in motion.

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