A/N: So I got really bummed out writing Ch.60 of Fast Times, and so decided to cheer myself up by writing a fic that included a Dotty baby that I've had floating in my mind for a while. This will be a short multi-chapter AU story that takes place sometime after Ch.12 of Fast Times. Therefore, if you want some background info on this take of Dotty I'd suggest you'd read that. Anywho here's the first chapter...

"No!" Letty whined to herself as she heaved her stomach's contents into her toilet. "This can't be happening to me." When her stomach settled she flushed her regurgitated food down the toilet. She proceeded to wash her face and stare into the mirror. She wanted to smash it, but that would raise suspicion. Letty searched her school bag for her fifth pregnancy test of that week, and fiddled with the box as if it were an Rubik's Cube. Though she knew what the results would be, she prayed that by some miracle they would be different. Letty opened the box and peed on the small stick. Three minutes later she saw two very defined pink lines informing her of what she had known for the last month, she was pregnant.

"Leticia! Ya llegaste?" (Leticia are you home?) Her mother, Ana, called out as she walked into their apartment.

"Si! Ya salgo." (Yeah, I'll be out in a minute.) She called out.

"Sal pero ya porque mija yo te tengo tremendo chisme!" (Well get out here because I have some crazy gossip to share with you!)

"Si, ya voy." (Yeah, I'm coming.) Letty said weakly as she attempted to hide all evidence of her pregnancy.

"Bueno déjame comensar, tu sabes Sonia, la que vive por la escuela? Bueno-" (You know Sonia, the one who lives by the school? Well-) Her mother spoke through the wall, but when Letty opened the door she knew immediately that something was wrong. Much to Letty's dismay, her mother knew her better than anyone on the planet. "Que tu tienes?" (What's wrong with you?)

"Nada." (Nothing) Letty said attempting to dismiss her mother's question. "Que le paso a Sonia?" (What happened to Sonia?)

"Que tienes en la bolsa? Tu nunca llevas la mochila al baño." (What's in the bag? You never take your bag into the bathroom.) Ana asked with great suspicion.

"Libros." (Books)

"Déjame ver." (Let me see.) Ana ordered tugging at the bag.

"Mami pero y que es?" (Mom what's wrong with you?)

"Tu andas en algo. Esa carita de niña buena no me engaña." (You're up to something. Your innocent looks don't fool me.) Ana said grabbing Letty's bag out of her hand.

"Mami no!" Letty resisted, but Ana had spotted the small box and knew exactly what it was.

"Habla." (Start talking.) Ana demanded waving the pregnancy test in the air.

"No hay nada que decir." (There's nothing to say.)

"Como tu me puedes hacer algo así. Tu sabes el sacrificio que yo he hecho en tenerte? Yo te he hablado sobre esto! Yo no quería esta vida para ti! De quien es?" (How can you do this to me? Do you know what I've sacrificed for you? I didn't want this life for you! Who's is it?)

"No te preocupes, yo voy a resolver." (Don't worry about it. I'm taking care of it.) Letty answered.

" No sabes? No me diga que andabas puteando por la calle por que te juro que no respondo!" (You don't know who's it is? Don't tell me you've been whoring around because I will not be responsible for what I do next!)

"Claro que se! Y tu tambien! No te hagas." (Of course I know, and so do you!) Ana had refused to accept Letty's relationship with Dominic Toretto as a serious affair despite the fact they had been together for almost two years. Ana rarely referred to him by his actual name, but rather, 'el muchacho de por ahi'. (The boy from down the street)

"Bueno querida llamalo ahora porque el se tiene que ser responsable. Los niños no se hacen solos!" (Well darling call him now because he needs to step up and take responsibility for what he's done. It takes two to tango!)

"Ya basta!" (Enough!) Letty cried in frustration.

"Y que piensas hacer?" (What do you plan to do?) Ana interrogated.

"No lo voy a tener." (I'm not having it!)

"Que?" (What?)

"Yo no lo quiero. Tu me vives hablando de cuanto te arepentiste de tenerme. Yo no quiero que un niño venga ha este mundo a surfrir y pasar trabajo." (I don't want it. You're always talking about how you regret having me. I don't want to bring a child into this world to suffer!)

"Bueno tu sabrás, pero si tu crees que yo me voy a poner a criar muchachos estas loca!" (Well you decide that, but if you think I'm going to raise your child you're crazy!)

"Te dije que ya iba resolver coño déjame en paz!" (I already told you I was going to take care of it! Now leave me alone!) Letty yelled before storming out of the front door. Letty got into her Torino Cobra and drove off into the night. She found herself in front of the Toretto home a few hours later, but could not bring herself to actually get out of the car. Letty heard a tap on the passenger window, and turned to see that it was her boyfriend, Dominic. She unlocked the passenger door, and he came in.

"Hey good lookin'!" Dom greeted her with a quick kiss, but noticed she did not return it. "So you gonna tell me why your here staking out the place? You can come in you know."

"I have something to tell you..." Letty said just above a whisper.

"What's good with you? You've been acting weird all week." Letty took a deep breath wishing she had dealt with her problem on her own. Dom was beginning to worry at her lack of response and began to second guess her surprise visit. "Oh shit, we're breaking up? Aren't we? Baby, I-"

"I'm pregnant!" Letty blurted out.


"I'm pregnant."

"What the fuck? When did this happen?" He asked in shock.

"I don't know Dom, you tell me." She snapped.

"Sorry, I really wasn't expecting that. Wait. Are you pregnant or do you think you're pregnant?"

"I'm pregnant!" She told him exasperatedly.

"I mean maybe you can try another test."

"I could, but it would only tell me what the other five already have."

"Five? Really? Damn, I guess you are pregnant if you took five." He said finally letting the news sink in.

"Don't worry, I'm taking care of it. I'm making an appointment tomorrow." Letty informed him. Dom gave her a look of disbelief.

"I know you better not be talking about what I think you're talking about." He said warningly.

"Dom I can't have a kid." Letty sighed leaning her head against her steering will.

"I don't think I could ever forgive you if you killed my kid." Dom confessed to her. His words had surprised her. He made it seem like she was some callous murderer rather than the overwhelmed teenager she currently was.

"Don't act like you want it." Letty accused.

"Yeah, I do. We didn't plan it, but I'm down to do it." Dom told her easily. He was taking the news better than she had expected.

"This isn't some game. This is a human life we're talking about." Letty insisted fearing he was not understanding the full scope of their situation.

"I'm aware." Dom interjected. "I think you're freaking out right now and saying some stupid shit about killing my kid, but I'm gonna let that pass given the situation." Letty turned to look up at him and began to cry hysterically. She was feeling so many emotions that she could not put into words. The girl who feared nothing, suddenly feared everything. Dom brought her into a warm embrace. "It's gonna be ok Let. We'll figure this out."

"I can't be a mom." She sobbed into his shirt.

"Yeah you can, and you're not gonna be alone. You got me." He told Letty as he smoothed his fingers through her hair. Dom continued to allow Letty to cry on his shoulder for sometime until she composed herself enough to speak.

"What are we gonna do?"

"Well, you're gonna get fat. I'm probably just gonna feed you." Dom said in attempts to lighten their mood.

"Shut-up!" She laughed weakly as he continued to hold her.

"Baby I don't know. I just know that I love you, and I want you to have my babies." He said emphasizing the last part of his statement.

"Babies? Get the fuck out of here. This one is enough. It already has me throwing up everything I eat."

"Just wait till we meet it. You'll want a hundred more." He said giving her a kiss. She met his lips hesitantly still unsure if keeping the child was the option she wanted.

"I don't want to drop out like my mom did, or resent my kid the way she does me." Letty told him when she pulled away. Though she hated school, she was less than a year away from finishing and wanted to make something of herself.

"I wouldn't let you." Dom encouraged.

"We're really gonna do this?" Letty asked looking into his eyes.

"Yeah, we really are." He affirmed.