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Six Years Later

"Ready to go? Pops is on his way." Dom yelled up the stairs.

"This is the last time I do this." Letty huffed as she made her way down.

"You said that with the last one." Dom commented with a smirk.

"I mean it this time." She said gripping the stairs.

"Mami why can't I go?" Alexus complained when she reached the bottom of the steps.

"They don't want kids there." She told her son taking a deep breath to ease the pain she was feeling.

"Oh come on! It's not like I'm Jensen." The boy pointed out.

"No", Letty grunted.

"Come on please!" Alexus begged his father.

"You're not gonna see it." Dom chuckled.

"But it'd be so cool. I didn't get to see it last time!"

"You were five."


"I'll video tape it for you." Dom compromised.

"It won't be the same." Alexus mumbled crossing his arms around his chest.

"Woman in labor here!" Letty hollered by the door.

"Alright, alright." Dom said before turning to their son. "I need you to hold down the fort. Don't let your brother die or anything, and don't open any doors. Pops will be here in a few minutes."

"Just take me with you." Alexus pleaded. "You guys only take us to boring things."

"We went dirt biking last week."

"Oh yeah. That was fun, but I still wanna see guts."

"Trust me it'll be boring. You hate waiting."

"Nu-uh!" He insisted.

"I'll see you later." Dom smirked patting the young boy's back. "Go say bye to your mother." Alexus grudgingly stalked over to Letty and hugged her.

"Bye Mami. I love you."

"I love you too baby." She said kissing his cheek, and she soon felt another contraction. She tried her best to restrain herself from showing the level of pain she was going through because she did not want to worry Alexus. "Let's go!" Letty urged, but unfortunately their second born ran through the living room and attached himself onto her leg.

"Mami I don't want a little sister."

"I'm sorry baby, but she's coming."

"Now?" Jensen pouted as his large eyes gazed up at her.


"No! I don't like girls!"

"Alright little man. Let go." Dom said grabbing Jensen who reluctantly loosened the grip he had on Letty.

"Papi, why a girl?" The small boy complained.

"God wanted it that way." Dom chuckled.

"God made a mistake!" The four year old said with a stomp.

"Watch your mouth. God doesn't make mistakes. Remember that." Dom told him sternly. The boy shamefully looked down at his feet after his father scolded him. "You know Mami's a girl. You want to hurt Mami's feelings by saying you don't like girls?"

"Mami's not a girl. She's Mami." The boy argued.

"You like Tia right?"


"Well she's my little sister and she's a girl."

"She's a big girl."

"Mazda will be one too some day, but you'll always be her big brother."

"Dom!" Letty yelled at him impatiently.

"Letty relax your water broke like an hour ago."

"I swear to God..."

"Mami you don't look so good." Alexus pointed out.

"I'm going to have a baby! So, l need everyone to get it together!" She snapped.

"Woa, alright we gotta go." Dom said as the two boys warily looked between their parents. "Be good." There was a knock at the door. Letty opened it to find Tony standing on the other side.


"Papá!" The boys exclaimed.

"You ok there Let?"

"Do I look ok?" She growled.

"Oh come on, you should be a pro at this by now." Letty glared at him.

"I can't stand men. I can't stand any of you!"

"Mazda is making Mami mean." Jensen told Dom pulling at his jeans. "See? I don't like her." Dom laughed at his son and turned to give his father a greeting hug.

"They're a little excited today if you haven't noticed."

"Yeah, I can imagine."

"Papá can you keep the baby when she leaves Mami's belly?" Jensen asked. "I don't want her."

"That's not happening Juju. We're keeping her." Letty told him sternly.

"Urg! I'm not sharing my toys!" He exclaimed and stomped to the living room.

"Wow, he's just like his father." Tony noted with a chuckle.

"I wasn't like that." Dom spoke defensively.

"You're right. You were worse."

"Papá can we work on your car today?" Alexus asked his grandfather.

"We could do that." Tony answered with a smile, while Dom helped Letty out of the door.

"You good baby?" He asked her.

"No Dominic I am not good." She answered sharply.

"Ahh, you'll be fine. Your contractions are like twenty minutes apart." He dismissed.

"I've never been in labor for more than eight hours. We shouldn't waste time."

"We're fifteen minutes away. There's nothing to worry about. Mazda's gonna be a chill kid. She's gonna take her sweet time coming out."

"You know she's technically early, right?"

"She made it close enough. Thirty-eight weeks is impressive for one of our kids. I can't wait to meet my little princess." Dom chimed rubbing her belly. Though Jensen's birth had gone much more smoothly than Alexus', Letty had gone into labor right at thirty-seven weeks. It seemed that all their children were racing to meet the world.

"Just drive, Dominic, drive." Letty said waving him off. When they arrived at the hospital Dom had to stop to fill out some paperwork while they took Letty to a private wing. The couple wanted to avoid any public ogling during such a private time. Dom was spotted by a fan just as he finished.

"Hey you're Dominic Toretto, right?" The young man asked.

"Yeah man, how's it going?" Dom greeted shaking his hand. Though he was technically a celebrity, he often made himself very available to the public when his children weren't around. His fan seemed to be in his early twenties, and reminded Dom of a younger version of himself.

"Pretty good. Do you mind if I take a photo with you?" The young man asked enthusiastically.

"Yeah, a quick one." Dom added. "My lady is about to give me another blessing."

"Oh yeah man, I heard about that. Congratulations! Ortiz right?"

"She's Toretto on paper." Dom informed him.

"Lucky man, me and my boys were looking at her Sports Illustrated spread a few months back."

"Not for too long I hope." Dom said arching an eyebrow. Much to his dismay Letty had been offered a Sports Illustrated cover about a month before she got pregnant to commemorate her success as one of the few female drivers in the sport. The photos were a bit too risqué for his liking, which led to an argument with Letty's manager that threatened to shut down production.

"Nah" the young man said shaking his head with intimidation. "But much respect man. You made a bunch of us wanna go legit. Not many of us are represented on the scene, you know?"

"Well we're about to change that aren't we?" Dom said with a chuckle.

"Man you already have." His fan told him excitedly.

"Thanks man I appreciate it, but I gotta get going before I'm in the dog house."

"For sure man, congrats on the kid."

"Thank you. I'll see you around." Dom said before stepping away to find Letty.

"Where the fuck have you been?" She asked when she saw him in the doorway.

"Sorry baby, I got caught up with a kid that wanted my photo." He said making his way to her. When he was at arms length, Letty pulled him to her by the helm of his collar.

"I need drugs. Go tell the nurse that I need drugs!"

"No you don't. Come on you're superwoman, you got this." Dom encouraged

"I can't do it clean man!"

"You know what you sound like? A fucking crackhead."

"I hate you so much right now! Why do I keep letting you do this to me?"

"Because you got baby fever the moment Jensen started walking on his own."

"I just don't understand why they have to grow. I want them to stay babies. Is that too much to ask for?"

"You know what Jensen told me when he saw you go into labor?"

"What did he say?"

"He was like, 'Papi I'm gonna fight the baby because she's hurting my Mami, and nobody hurts my Mami.'" Dom said imitating his younger son causing Letty to laugh.

"Aww, he's my favorite." She said endearingly.

"Don't let Alexus hear that."

"I'm just kidding. I love them all, even this little pre-madonna we're about to meet." Letty said rubbing her belly. "Too bad Jensen is taking it so hard. I just don't understand why he's this jealous. Alexus wasn't this bad."

"Yes he was. Remember when he tried to give Jensen to the mailman or the time he wanted to play 'hide the baby'?"

"Ooh, that was a bad one. That kid got the spanking of his life that day. He's something, huh?"

"Yeah, but at least he turned out to be a pretty good big brother."

"Yeah, when he realized he could manipulate a toddler to do whatever he wanted." Letty pointed out.

"Older sibling perks", Dom said with a shrug.

"Ay ay ay!" Letty hissed as she felt another contraction.

"What did they say?" Dom asked allowing her to squeeze his hand.

"I'm barely dilated. She might not come out until the morning.

"Nah, she'll be here before then. It wouldn't be cool for her to make us wait." He dismissed.

"You tried it." She giggled letting go of him and attempting to relax.

"You look beautiful." Dom told her suddenly as Letty attempted to calmly breath through the tension her body was experiencing. She beamed and leaned over to kiss him lightly.

"Thank you for lying."

"I'm not lying. Every time I see you like this I get reminded about how amazing you are."

"You're laying it on pretty thick there Dom."

"It's the truth. You're a great mother, even when you yell at them and feel guilty after."

"You're just happy I got big boobs again." Letty accused causing Dom to laugh.

"Maybe just a little."

"I can't with you."

"Oh shit, I almost forgot." Dom said pulling out his camera.

"You can't be serious."

"I told him I'd do it."

"He's not seeing it."

"It's a natural and beautiful thing."

"He'll have nightmares. Remember when you let him watch that Zombie movie?"

"You're comparing the living dead to the birth of his sister?"

"Yes! You can barely handle looking at it when it's happening and you're the one who put them up there."

"Trust me babe I see plenty."

"Have you been recording this whole time?"


"Urg! Dom! Start it again." Letty complained as their nurse came into the room.

"How are we doing you two?"

"Pretty good" Letty answered. "How can we get her out in like an hour?"

"Baby's come when they want to come. Is this your first one?" Their nurse enquired.

"Third actually."

"Really? You're so young."

"We started early." Letty informed her.

"And now there's no stopping us." Dom added with a grin.

"Correction, I'm done after this one."

"She said that last time." He told the nurse dismissively.

"They always do." Their nurse smirked as she fluffed Letty's pillow.

"He took advantage of me." Letty accused. "I was supposed to at least be thirty before kid number three."

"Wow Letty that's so low of you. Just admit you like being knocked-up."

"I don't like being pregnant. I like the kid that I get at the end of it. There's a difference."

"Don't listen to her. The truth is sometimes hard for her to admit. She loves getting waited on. She even had our boys as her personal servants." Dom teased causing Letty to gasp.

"That's such a lie! Can you please take him away?"

"I'm sure you wouldn't want that now would you?" The nurse said with a smile as she monitored Letty's IV. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

"I can't believe you said that."

"'Lexy go get me that juice I left on the counter.' 'Baby rub my feet. You should get my back while you're at it.' 'Dominic just get it for me. The baby wants it.'" Dom imitated flamboyantly.

"You killed it. That last one I said like one time, and the other two were reasonable requests. I'm with child!"

"You see? Admit it. You love being able to say that." Dom antagonized.

"I'm not admitting anything. Where's my mother?"

"She won't be able to come down for a while. She said she had to take Milo for his check-up and do something after." He answered, and Letty sighed sadly. Ana had been there for both of her former deliveries, and Letty in turn had witnessed the birth of her younger brother, Emilio. It would be disappointing if Ana were to miss the birth of their daughter. "Don't worry baby. At this rate everyone will get here before Mazda does."

"That would be nice." Letty smiled to herself. She loved having their family around, especially during occasions such as these. The couple lived in their own secluded home just outside of LA, and the drive to or from Echo Park could take well over an hour with heavy traffic. They did their best to see everyone regularly, but at times it became difficult with their travel schedules. Fortunately, Mia and Vince worked along with them most of the time. Vince worked pit crew, and Dom hired Mia as his assistant.

Letty had made her way through the ranks from pit crew manager to professional driver not too long after the couple shared their vows at the LA courthouse, which was followed by a traditional Toretto barbecue among family and friends. Because they had not been forthcoming about their relationship it came as a shock for many to find out that they were not only together, but also married with children. Dom's manager attempted to spin the headlines so that they would become the new it couple of NASCAR, but as private people they refused to speak on their personal lives. Their history with Gabrielle had led them to manage their public image on their own terms. Dom had succeeded in pushing her out of the industry, and getting representation of his choosing. The last they had heard was that Gabrielle had been blacklisted and was working a menial job to make ends-meet. They never talked about her, or the drama she had caused except for one instance when Letty randomly apologized for not believing in Dom's word. They had long moved on since that time, and dealing with other more pressing matters.

"Oh my God!" Letty hissed tapping her foot repeatedly as she felt another contraction. She had been in labor for about ten hours and the contractions were becoming very intense with each one that passed.

"You got this baby. You're doing so good." Dom coached.

"It hurts so bad."

"Just think about how wonderful she's gonna be, just like her brothers." Dom soothed Letty rubbing her back.

"I just want her out!" Letty yelled in discomfort.

"She's coming. You just have to hang in there."

"Fuck this. How the hell did I do this without drugs two times?" Letty asked rhetorically.

"You don't need them."

"Dom..." She fussed uncomfortably.

"What did you tell me?"

"I don't know." Letty said. She was clammy and slightly disoriented.

"Real women give birth naturally."

"I was wrong!"

"You're gonna quit? You're so close."

"Bueno, yo me meti esa vacuna y quede como si nada." (When they gave me that shot, and I didn't feel a thing after.) Ana said as she witnessed Letty's grueling labor.

"Buscamela" (Go get it.) Letty urged. "No puedo más. Esta tigerita viene fuerte." (I can't take it anymore. This girl is putting me through hell.)

"It's really that bad?" Dom asked her as he witnessed Letty's desperation.

"Worse than Alexus." She breathed out.

"I don't think anything compares to that."

"His birth was at least fast. This shit is taking too long."

"Alright I'll get the nurse." Dom said letting go of her hand. When he returned they informed them that she was too far along for an epidural and would have to endure the birth naturally.

"The baby's positioned and ready. You can try pushing if you'd like."

"Anything! Just get her out." Letty yelled at her physician.

"Ok honey I need you to focus, and give me one big push." The doctor encouraged as two nurses held Letty's legs up as she bore down. "Beautiful, again." Their doctor commanded. "We got the head out. Dad you want to come and help the rest of the way?" The doctor offered and Dom made his way around and lightly put his hands where she told him to and pulled out his baby girl with Letty's last push.

"Wah!" His daughter's screech hit the ceiling.

"Oh my God." Dom said to himself in awe.

"Place her right there so mommy can see her and you can cut the umbilical cord." Their nurse directed him. He did as he was told. Although he had been in the position two times before, it did not diminish the wonder of that moment. He felt himself grow emotional as he gawked at his daughter.

"She looks like Jensen." Letty noted as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"She has more hair than Jensen."

"Hey baby girl." Letty cooed at the child in her arms. "I'm your mommy."

"She's gorgeous Let." Dom told her with a sniffle.

"She's bigger than the other two."

"Yeah, you'll probably need stitches again. Sorry." He offered.

"It was worth it." She said snuggling against her baby. "Thank you." She told Dom softly once she looked up at him.

"You did all the work."

"You gave her to me."

"It takes two to tango baby." He said kissing her forehead.

"I love you." She said puckering her lips so that he'd meet her in a kiss.

"Ditto." He smirked against her skin. They took Mazda away, but returned when she and Letty were both cleaned up.

"You're still not showing Alexus the tape. I swore way too many times." Letty told Dom as she stared down at their newest addition.

"It wasn't anything he isn't used to hearing. Between you, Vince, and Ana there was little hope. That kid already got a mouth on him when he gets upset."

"Don't even mention it to him. He won't even remember."

"Right." Dom said sarcastically.

"Déjame ver esa preciosura!" (Let me see this gorgeous child.) Ana cooed before taking her granddaughter in her arms. "Ay no pero esta ganó. Salió la más linda de todos." (This one won. She's the cutest of the three.)

"Yo pienso que si." (I agree.) Letty radiated.

"Ojalá que no salga como tu de sinverguenza." (Let's just hope she doesn't turn out like you.)


"Bueno yo pasé trabajo contingo. Las hembras no son facíl." (You don't even know what you put me through. Girls aren't easy.)

"Bueno por lo menos ella va tener un Papi muy bueno." (Well at least she's going to have a really good father.) Letty said caressing Dom's face.

"Eso si. Toma me voy." (I agree with you there. Here, I have to go.) Ana said handing Mazda over to Letty.

"Tan pronto?" (So soon?)

"Querida, tu fuiste la primera pero no se te olvide que yo tengo un hijo. Ciao." (You may have been my first born, but don't forget I have a son honey. Bye.) Ana said kissing Letty's cheek before heading out.

Dom took his little girl into his arms and ogled at their daughter for quite sometime before they were interrupted by a loud but small, "Mami!" Letty saw a tiny blur coming in her direction that was followed by Tony and Alexus.

"How's Mami's little bad boy?" Letty greeted.

"Is that her?" Jensen asked attempting to poke the infant's forehead.

"Woa buddy." Dom said halting the boy's hand. "You gotta be gentle with the baby remember?"

"She looks weird."

"That's not nice Jensen. Why don't you try giving her a kiss?" Letty propositioned. The boy looked at her horrified. "Look, like this." She demonstrated, and Jensen puckered his lips to give the baby a peck on the forehead though the look of disgust did not leave his face. "You see? That wasn't so bad, huh?"

"She's your baby Mami?" He asked her.

"Yeah, she's my baby, and you and Alexus are my babies too."

"Yo Lex, come here." Dom called his oldest over. "I want you to meet your sister."

"Did you video tape it?" The boy asked him curiously.

"Yeah, I did. You wanna hold her?"

"I don't know." Alexus said apprehensively.

"Here" Letty said passing Mazda over to her older brother. "Support her head and hold her tight."

"What if she doesn't like it?"

"Do you hear her crying?" Letty asked with a small laugh as she watched Alexus hold his sister. "Dom take a picture." She urged him. "You're such a good big brother Lexy."

"Ma'" he complained. Alexus hated being called Lexy. The boys from his peewee football league would tease him whenever Letty chanted it during games.

"Right, Lex." She corrected herself. "Look at you. You're almost grown." She said tearfully.

"Not yet he isn't." Dom interjected while Alexus handed Mazda off to Tony. "He's only nine Letty. At least let him get to the double digits." He said before he leaned down to kiss Letty soundly.

"Eww!" The boys reacted. Alexus even added a shiver for dramatic affect.

"Oh hush."

"Yeah, don't you want parents that love each other?" Dom asked them.

"No, that's gross." Jensen voiced. Dom kissed her again causing the boys to feel repulsed.

"That's just wrong!" Alexus commented. "People shouldn't share spit." Dom and Letty laughed.

"Come here so I can kiss you too." Letty said grabbing Alexus and smothering his cheek.

"Mami! You're so embarrassing!"

"What? You don't want everyone to know how much I love you?" The young boy rolled his eyes in annoyance. Not long after, the baby began to cry and Jensen looked up startled.

"Uh-oh somebody's hungry." Tony said handing the child to Letty. "Boys why don't we go get a snack?"

"Can we get happy meals?" Alexus asked.

"Anything you want."

"Yes!" The boys exclaimed and ran out of the patient room before Tony could fully gather himself.

"Pops..." Dom began. He hated when Tony spoiled them.

"Let me be. I'll see you guys later." He dismissed before leaving.

"What are we going to do with them?" Letty smiled while she breastfed.

"I have no idea. I'm making this shit up as I go."

"At least we know Jensen won't be too too bad."

"We'll all be just fine." Dom said sitting bedside her.

"Who would have thought that ten years after I got pregnant we would be married with our third kid, with NASCAR careers, and money, instead of broken-up and on welfare? You can't write this shit."

"It's because I'm amazing, you're amazing, and two awesome people make shit happen." Dom said simply.

"My babies saved me." Letty said looking down at the child attached to her breast.

"Yeah, life was pretty crazy before they came along."

"They make everything worth doing. You always push for more because you don't want to let them down."

"I wouldn't want a life without any of you." Dom murmured against her lips.

"God, if I didn't just give you a baby I would put it on you so good right now." Letty smirked.

"I'm expecting some serious delivery in six weeks." He chuckled.

"So am I. I have needs too." Dom snickered.

"You right, Ima lay it down. Don't worry." He grinned before kissing her once again.

"Mmm, give me another one." She told him and he conceded. "I love you."

"I love you too."

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