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"A world like this is worth living. It's all filled with hidden kindness, men who would stand against money and power for a higher purpose, and all for what? To enjoy their lives as richly as they can enjoying what they have, because for whatever few years that can last, it will leave its mark in history for others to carry such teachings. I will protect that to my last breath! I will make those ideals that mankind fought to give to the next generation keep on living for eternity! We are capable of taking our fate in our hands, and shape our future, aren't we?!"

"Ahem… Ragyo-chan, perhaps you should shorten your sentences, and most likely make them less… well, over the top."

"What? Really? Not again… Ah, all right, I guess I got carried away in this speech…"

"I still think it was very good."

"You're not trying to cheer me up, are you?"

"I'm being honest. Just, well, for your graduation ceremony it might be too much."

"I… see your point. Thanks, Hououmaru… Heh, I guess even my name means nothing unless someone can knock me down from my high clouds."

"Ah, you could make your speech about reaching high clouds if you're really intent about making the other students want to achieve something more out of their lives."

"Hmm… Could be… Ok, I think I have something."

It was in the middle of a large, underline 'large' about five times, room that two best friends laid on one's bed, looking at sheets of paper with their feet up kicking he air. On the background soft rock music was heard, some actually good J-pop, and the air was filled with the aroma of tea and crumpets laying on a night stand. The room was as big as a house, it had a large double door that seemed to be made of ivory, same with the walls, the bed was king sized and had a mountain of pillows. On the floor two school suitcases were thrown aside, school shoes thrown around, and a few magazines about the Kiryuiin Conglomerate's latest designs.

Laying face down on the bed, using their elbows for support, were two lovely young high school girls clad in white and blue sailor uniforms. The smaller one was far shorter than girls her age, wasn't very gifted as a woman but had some charm, had dark skin, and purple hair done in elaborate braid-like spiraling tails put together in one hair band, acting almost like the tails of a mythical beast. This one girl looked at her friend with a small smile and some admiration. The second girl was far more… ahem, gifted. Just a high schooler and she had breasts big enough to make women twice her age blush in jealousy or depression or a mixture of both, long straight jet black hair with neatly cut bags, said hair which fell effortlessly to her back in a straight line, kind blue eyes which were a bit narrowed in a vixen like appearance, and a plump behind men and even heterosexual women couldn't keep their eyes away, with said women turning to the other side of Sexuality Street.

They were Rei Hououmaru and Ragyo Kiryuiin, both seventeen years old and about to graduate a prestigious private school. Both were unaware of what would their lives turn into in later years. However, both were fond of each other. Rei was once a little bully target for many boys and girls when she was in elementary, so imagine her surprise when a girl regarded as an Ojou-sama by a kind and elderly butler stood before her, held a stick like a sword, and spoke with such conviction, passion and honor combined with complete honesty to tell the bullies to, in many fairly educated and well-mannered words that could be comprehended for kids in fifth grade, basically piss off. The ones who pulled Rei's purple hair and laughed at her got some wicked marks that wouldn't heal for weeks from the girl who'd become Rei's best friend.

A knock was heard at the door, to which the taller girl replied to with a "Come in." Soon the elderly butler arrived, clad in a neat suit, and carrying a kind smile, "Lady Ragyo, I hope everything is to your liking."

The black haired girl smiled kindly, "It is… If only I could finish this speech it'd be perfect." She said as she rolled on her back, threw the papers in the air and let them fall on her face, making her best friend giggle while her butler smiled slightly wider. "Anyway, I believe you're not here for that, are you, Soroi?"

The elder man bowed deeply to her, "I came to inform you because of your moth-" that made Ragyo stand up with a jump.

"Is she all right?!" the girl asked in shock, but rather than try to get answers she opened the other door of her room where Soroi wasn't standing and ran out. The sound of her sock covered feet echoed in the halls, followed by her friend's cries and her butler's tired breathing due to the man starting to lose his good physical condition as the years fell on him.

Soon a door was kicked open by Ragyo, who entered a room with tears in her eyes. She held her mouth with one hand, sighing in relief at who she saw in the bed, still connected to the machines keeping her alive and monitoring her for the doctors to come to her aid. Her mother. A kind woman whose years hadn't done anything to take beauty off her, in face, she looked even more ravaging with her now gray hair falling straight to her waist, pale face with blue vixen eyes like her daughter's, and the same body, only more developed and kept in top condition.

She then noticed something on the woman's lap, "Mother, you shouldn't be working, not on your condition." Ragyo said as she approached the laptop, only to have her mother smile at her and reach to her face, rubbing her cheek with her left arm, her remaining arm. Ragyo tried to move her eyes away from the right side of her mother's body where the scars ran up to her neck, making her unable to hear the voice responsible of lullabies that sent her to sleep when she was a baby. But the high school girl wouldn't let the warmth go unwelcome, she held that cheek to her face, closing her eyes as she let it slip into her.

Then, her mother, still smiling, grabbed her laptop and showed her daughter the contents with the title of "Graduation Present." Ragyo blinked, unable to understand what her mother was working on. Sure, it would be given to her on her birthday, but some of the pictures she saw made no sense whatsoever… azure chains, cloth tissue, fox eyes, and maelstroms.

Soroi arrived and bowed, "My apologies, Lady Kiryuiin, I tried to stop her from rushing, but…"

"It's. All. Right." Sang the mechanic voice of the computer, "I. Wanted. To. Surprise. Her. It. Seems. She. Got. Ahead. As. Usual. Of. My. Daughter." The voice was cold and mechanic, but the smile the woman gave her daughter was not.

"What is it you wanted me for, mother?" Ragyo finally asked, kneeling by the bed and holding her mother's hand. All the elder woman did was smile, but her daughter easily noticed the sad edge to the grin.


My dear daughter,

As you know, I didn't get this condition just by a mere accident. No accident would let me live after such an experience. I wish these words were spoken to you with my heart, but I guess there is something better to explain it to you. As you know, our house was built over an old ancient ground. Do you remember that festival, before your father passed away due to his sickness, when you were first introduced to several young men of upstanding positions? Your father planned to arrange you a marriage with such brilliant boys in the future once you became of age. However, I can see your true desires in your eyes. You… You don't want marriage. You want what I wanted, you want what I risked my life for.

You want freedom.

I married your father and fortunately he was a great man, he taught you righteousness while I made sure to teach you kindness. I could never express how proud you made us. But our lineage is far from perfect. We're supposed to take a part in this world and not only keep the status quo from the shadows using business for it, but the perfection we achieved took most of our family members through arranged marriages, like mine, to find the best suitors for our secret. There's still the issue of finding one such man, and yet you have such fire in your eyes that speaks of the way you could change the world, a word that wants you to fulfill your role as a figure of society. But we of the Kiryuiin blood have something no other member of society could comprehend. Go, my daughter, and meet the truth with your own eyes.

Sincerely and lovingly, your mother.


After reading the letter several times in her palms, Ragyo Kiryuiin gulped loud and clear as she stood before a massive amount of gates. The sheer presence behind them was akin to Hell. She wouldn't have been surprised if the stairs leading down would make her see a sign of "Abandon all hope all who enter" or the likes. But as a Kiryuiin she steeled her nerves, grabbed a lantern, and pushed one of the massive doors all on her own. She was Ragyo Kiryuiin, child prodigy, ace student, top athlete, and the ice queen in school who could smell that all the boys who tried to ever date her wouldn't give her a happy life because they were either after her looks or her money, or both. The Kiryuiin blood in her carried large pride for each of its members, and she would carry all of it if needed.

She would… certainly have never expected what she saw in the large chamber. It was more like a cave before her, making her walk towards the inside. She looked ahead, a bright rainbow like light glowing in front of her, as she enters the main chamber. "Just… what is this place?" Her voice came out in a tone of pure wonder, the entire room was consumed by a gigantic red ball of swirling thread that glowed beautifully, strands flying from it at random, and suddenly being evaporated by streams of blue light that sunk into the ball and made it shiver as if being tortured.

But her eyes were drawn to a man sitting cross-legged on a raised pedestal, completely naked! Her face turned red as she admired the sheer handsomeness of this man, long flowing blond hair that covered his back, a body with the perfect amount of bulk to be strong and perfectly crafted for battle while keeping a constitution that didn't make him seem like he was compensating, and looking down she knew he didn't. The poor girl forced her eyes up and away from what was in between the man's closed legs and tried to look at his seemingly sleeping face.

As she approached him, her heels echoed on the floor, making the massive ball of thread shoot several tendrils her way. Ragyo stumbled back in true horror as the tendrils sported what looked like mouths… only to watch as blue energy shot out of the man's back. The energy had the form of chains with blades at the tip, said blades which immediately whipped and destroyed the threads. Needless to say, she was shocked.

Then the man cracked one eye open, showing a deep cerulean orb that stared at her calmly. She now could make that he had a tanned skin of a golden tone, and that some marks on his cheeks that could either be scars or birthmarks adorned his cheeks, resembling whiskers. Two more threads tried to move out, but they quickly evaporated in the man's presence.

The blond remained where he was, both his eyes now open and staring at her, and then he spoke, "You're… a lot younger than I expected."

"I… beg your pardon?" Seriously, what else could she ask this man aside from the obvious? Her mind was too awed by what she just witnessed to form anything more coherent, though she was trying real hard to figure out what happened. The obvious would be to ask the man's name, what the ball of thread he was obviously keeping locked so it didn't attack humans was supposed to me, and why were both him and the ball of glowing thread in her basement like some cheap porno movie… Oh dears! Was her mother one of THOSE kind of wom-

"Usually I get visited by whoever is the Kiryuiin heir when they're in their twenties. You're a teenager, a cute girl to booth." The man said calmly, moving a hand to crack his neck.

Ragyo had to hold her blush at the compliment as she spoke evenly, "I'm flattered, but I wasn't given any information about this place, or who are you. You seem to have some history with my family, which I hope means you're an ally. But, for now, let's state the obvious, I have no idea what any of this is."

The blond stared at her for a while, before looking at the ball of thread, which the girl copied, "This are the Life Fibers, living organisms that crashed centuries, no, millennia ago, and that I've been guarding ever since."

Ragyo's eyes snapped wide open, "Then that would mean you're a… an immortal!"

The blond cringed a bit, "Ojou-sama, I'd like at least one person to state something a bit more original than that, then again, this may be the family tradition whenever a new heir meets me."

She shook her head, "So, you've really spent countless years watching over this thing?"

"Not alone. I'm far older than this piece of yarn. I've only kept it alive because it's helped mankind evolve, but now I'm keeping it locked."

"What do you mean?" Ragyo asked.

The blond chuckled, "You're full of questions, ojou-sama."

She glared at him and stood tall, "I am Kiryuiin Ragyo, in the name of my mother who told me I could learn of freedom by coming here, I shall learn all I can. So please, answer my questions, my friend."

The blond raised a brow, before chuckling, "Friend…? Hehehe… Been a while since any of you called me that. Your first ancestors referred to me as a god, some as a spirit, and many talked about me like some mystery key to the universe's origin… All I am is an old guy who's been guarding this thing and who has had the help of your family to guard it from whoever could try to use it… like your mother."

Ragyo widened her eyes in cold fear, "How did you know?"

The blond sighed, "She… forced me to agree on an experiment of hers… These threads, the Life Fibers, were used to help mankind evolve since my times… One nut-job had already tried to destroy the world on my watch when I was a kid, so I wasn't going to let these things do the same. However, your mother saw power in them, and asked me to let her use bits of it for a perfect dress… a dress I hope she's forbidden you from using."

Her mind flashed into a memory of a seemingly alive school uniform, a beautiful outfit that seemed to have eyes looking at her every cell like a hungry beast… She easily connected the dots, "So my mother's been hurt because of those things?" she asked in shock, "Why would she do that?"

"Power." Naruto replied simply at point-blank, "The Life Fibers guarantee power beyond measure. But your mother realized, far too late, that she wasn't fit to control them so she sealed her first outfit made from these things. She came to visit me, and… I've regretted that decision ever since." He said, looking down at the ground, which the threads tried to use to lash at Ragyo only to be burned once again. It was in that instant, when he looked at Ragyo right in the eye with strong, determined eyes with a will she couldn't even dream of seeing, that she felt something strange in her chest beating, "So long as I, Uzumaki Naruto, keeps on existing, I will keep these monsters locked. That's the promise I made your mother when she visited me after the experiment. I can never redeem myself from how naïve I was letting her have something so dangerous, so I will keep these threads locked until the end of time."

Ragyo stared at him as he proclaimed those words with passion. To say this man intrigued her was… kinda short of what she really started to feel. So, she spoke up, "I guess that I shall assist you, Uzumaki."

The man cringed a bit again, "Actually, just Naruto is fine. I'd prefer not to feel so old. So… Ragyo-chan, right? Well, I guess this means we'll be friends."

The girl smiled and nodded.


Years had passed and Ragyo had kept on growing as a beautiful woman, and as she did so, she kept on visiting her new blond friend at the basement. Hours passed, days came, months flew by, and years were a blur for the two. Rather than take her relationship with Naruto professional or with honor above all, Ragyo decided to talk to the blond and meet him. He told her stories of his life, and she'd listen intently. There were times she cried, like when he told her of his mother giving her life for his, others she felt incredibly mad like when he mentioned a traitor who wanted to kill him for cheap power, and countless she was just awed at the fights he had with enemies far more powerful than him but that he did his best to win for the sake of others.

In short, her friend was a hero, one she found herself admiring very much since he ended up giving not a single damn about being recognized. He was protecting the world, and while doing so locked in her basement, she could tell he was proud of what he did… But then something became painfully obvious. Naruto was lonely, ever since he was born he had been alone, and now after countless years of working along the Kiryuiin ever since her ancestors found him and decided to help him, he was still alone and locked in his own prison guarding the Life Fibers.

Then, one normal day in which she was carefully cutting his hair while he burned any thread trying to reach her, the girl now a young woman finally spoke, "Hey, Naruto… Have you ever wanted to go outside and see the world? To leave this place and see what it's like outside?"

Naruto chuckled, "Can't say no… I sure miss ramen, I could endlessly eat those salty noodles. But right now… well, I'm immortal, if I eat something it doesn't make that much of a difference. Besides, I have to guard this damn thing." He turned to the Life Fibers and shot them a glare. They hissed when a thread was burned again, "Yes, I love you too, you miserable pile of shit…"

Ragyo giggled, "You do seem livelier when I visit you."

Naruto sighed with a smile, "It's because I have someone to talk to, rather than myself."

Ragyo smiled, "It's because I feel comfortable, ever since I lost…" she sighed and hugged her friend. It had been some time since her mother passed away due to her weak condition, but Naruto couldn't help but feel guiltily happy when the first person the young woman came to after such an event to talk was him. She stood by his side, and spoke with him, asking him about what her mother was like when visiting him which he replied to truthfully and rightfully complimenting the woman. Ragyo then seemed more calm after that, but as a Kiryuiin she stood on top of her pain instead of sinking into it.

Naruto smiled, "How about we have a little promise?" he asked calmly, "If you find a way to bring me ramen and we can get outside, I'll do anything you'd like me to do, so long as I can do it." Ragyo smiled and held her friend closer, making him struggle to keep his body and blush in check when her large breasts pressed on his back… God damn, and she wasn't a mother yet.

She chuckled, "How about you try on a suit of mine. I promise I'll make you the best suit I can for your first time out, and it'll be anything you want, too."


"Naruto, this is Soichirou, a colleague and dear friend of mine. He's going to help us keep my part of our deal."

"A pleasure to meet you." The young man said with a bow. Naruto raised a brow at how closely the young man was to Ragyo, but seeing that his eyes never darted her way and that he seemed to silently acknowledge he truly cared for the young lady with a warm and sincere smile, the blond did his best to try to get used to him. "I've studied the Life Fibers from outside thanks to Ragyo-sama and her family's generous funding of my research. While I can't quite figure out what they are entirely, I have this."

The young man produced a small briefcase, which opened itself to show a small robot sentry with three legs supporting its body and a "head" that looked like a sewing machine fused with a machine gun. Naruto just watched it react instantly to one of the threads trying to get out, and before Naruto's aura could burn it, the machine instantly shot it down with needles. Soon the room was filled with them and Ragyo made sure that there was more than enough ammo for an entire army.

Naruto whistled, "I wish this had happened much sooner."

Ragyo giggled into her hand, "I know. But it's helped us meet, and it also means you have to keep your end of the bargain." She said as she pulled something from behind her back: the first suit Naruto would wear in millennia. The blond was now admiring his new clothes consisting of a white business coat, a black button up shirt with a black muscle shirt beneath, with white dress pants, matching white dress shoes, and black leather gloves.

Soichirou for his part needed to make a remark, "Rather… retro, don't you think? Very 1970s."

Naruto just smiled, "For the first set of clothes I've had in over thousands of years, you should be grateful it isn't an orange jumpsuit."

Soichirou wanted to ask but felt too confused to do so after the statement while Ragyo laughed at knowing what her friend meant. The young woman then grasped Naruto's hand in her own and dragged him out so he could once again see the world, and enjoy the ramen he had missed so much.


Years had passed again, and now a completely nude Ragyo woke up in her bed to an equally naked Naruto brushing her black fair away from her face to look at her with a bright smile she returned before their lips were firmly locked.

That was the beginning and the end of their happiness.


And that's my rap!

Yes, I know I made interactions rather short with these two here, but this is the prologue. Also, we've all seen lovey-dovey romances building up to something big and taking perhaps too much time of the story when we're in the stories for the comedic antics between the couple instead of the fairy tale stuff. I decided to make it short in order to jump to the action. I tried to balance the light exposition with something deeper in it such as showing Rei and Ragyo as childhood friends for the petite assistant's future role.

I know I can't be forgiven for a lot, but I'll do my best to remedy it with this twisted romance between Naruto and his possessed wife later on. Think of Batman and Catwoman from the Burton movie only a tad crazier and with some rough love making… Hint for lemons? Hah! I'm focusing on plot, mates, not lemons. But if they happen, well, that's what my AFF account is for with the link in my profile.

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