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Annoying Old Guy

Naruto was standing before his daughter as she stared down at him with her ever present scowl. To this he chuckled, "Take a little advice from this old man... try to be more stupid. Life's more enjoyable if you don't take things so seriously, little moon princess."

Satsuki's eyes narrowed on him, something strange was going on, "Why do you dare to act so familiar with the daughter of the man you murdered? Not only that, you're actually trying to be friendly but I sense no ill will from you. Even if you were trying to deceive us, your actions today make no sense." She wiped her sword to her side, the swift motion cutting the air and part of the ground around her feet, said ground being cut by the wind. Naruto noticed this, and it wasn't the sharpness of the blade's edge, but his daughter's skill that made the air around her Bakuzan so sharp.

The blond stepped up proudly, "I'm more familiar with your mother and mostly your father than you think, Satsuki-chan. Enough to say your skills make your father's as a kid be those of an amateur."

"You disgusting piece of filth!" Nonon cried, letting all of her rage show to the man she believed had murdered her best friend's father, unaware of the man before her being said father. "How dare you act so casually with Satsuki-chan, only I can call her that because I've known her best and longer than everyone."

Naruto didn't look at the pinkette but perked at this as he looked at his firstborn daughter, "Hoh, you have a good friend if she cares this much for you... I'm kind of envious of the friends you have, little moon princess."

Nonon snapped, "Satsuki-chan, I'll take care of this fool! If he doesn't want to talk with you, I'll fight him even if you told us not to!"

Satsuki's eyes snapped, "Nonon, no!"

And before the sound of Satsuki's voice could reach the petite girl, something completely unexpected happened. Naruto and Satsuki felt it, the ground seemed to have sunk a bit beneath their feet. The next second both were airborne, with Naruto grunting and tanking Soichirou for giving him his new pitch black greaves to take the damage... And he saw his daughter, flying in the air along him.

Sanageyama barked into his own ear-piece, "Inumuta! What're you doing?! I thought you wouldn't arm the mines now that Lady Satsuki's fighting personally!"

The icy haired boy growled, "It wasn't me! I had all mines turned off... Damn it, could it be that murderer found it and used it?!"

Nonon still had her ear piece on, so she was able to listen to that bit of information. Her mind ran with the thought that this man was fooling Satsuki to hurt her... and soon she saw red when the blond moved in the air towards Satsuki, the girl she had followed when they were in kinder garden, a young woman whose words ever since she was small moved Nonon into believing in a righteous path.

"You're dead!" the pink snake cried in bloody murder. Before the blond could reply seconds away from catching his daughter, he felt something hit him. He didn't know what it was, he wasn't able to see it, and all he knew was that it hit like a truck. He forced his body to balance itself midair and landed on his feet while Satsuki herself landed on her own though with a bit of a limp due to having no armor on her feet.

Naruto turned to the attacker, in his head he was desperate for an explanation, 'Damn it, I knew someone was manipulating my daughter, but to go to this extent… They really want me out of this game.'

"You sure like to play games, don't you?" the young lady said before turning to her subordinate, "Guess I should've remembered what I told Sanageyama, that you're capable of playing with us. So, I'll ask this to make up for my mistakes… Everyone!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, and every student still around her stood up waiting for her command, looking like at this dignified warrior goddess, "I don't ask you to fight for what you don't believe is right, I ask you to fight for a better world. In order to build that world, this school shall be its foundation, a school built with our dreams for the future! Let's fight together to protect our school!"

Naruto's eyes widened and he knew he'd have to stay on his toes, "Damn it… someone really wants me out of the picture here." his face then changed to dread as he channeled his chakra to his gloves, "But man, this is gonna be a long day." He inwardly sighed, 'She's my daughter, no doubt about that, only an Uzumaki could get so many people ready to kick ass, and only a child of mine and Ragyo's could turn the tables this way.'


In her office, Ragyo chuckled, "Truly our daughter, Naruto, only she could move an entire army together to face a major enemy." She turned to her assistance, "The mine was a nice touch, Hououmaru, but next time try not to harm them that much, I still have plans for both my husband and daughter."

Rei nodded, "The mines were from a No-Late class activity Lady Satsuki has, it seems that they are not lethal but meant to knock back the students who go through said activity. I wish I could have used something more incriminating on Naruto-sama, but unfortunately your daughter seemed ready to talk since your orders were to capture your husband so he be brought here for your purposes under the façade of an interrogation."

Ragyo smiled, her hands rubbing her abdomen and daring to go up, "It's still good enough, now Satsuki doesn't trust her own father, and even if he tries to discuss things, he'll have to beat her into submission. Knowing my daughter, that won't be an easy task even for him… and when he's weakened for not daring to harm his daughter like the loving man who allowed her to be born, I expect you to strike and take him to me, Rei."

The dusky skinned woman nodded, for every time her childhood friend used her first name it meant she was serious. Hacking into Honnouji while remaining undetected was an achievement even for her in order to incriminate Naruto, and even then if she screwed and got caught Ragyo would have forgiven her due to her way to manipulate truth and lies. It was good luck that most of the students' attention was entirely on defeating the blond. But should Naruto not be captured, should there be something that spoiled this plan, then she didn't want to think what her boss and best friend would do.


Naruto had pulled out his hands from his pockets, his arms moving in blurs, swinging like wild whips as he was bombarded by tennis balls. Leading the tennis club that was currently making him rip off Fist of the North Star was a blonde girl with her hair done in long pigtails, pale skin, blue sharp eyes, and a long tongue rolling out of a widely grinning mouth with sharp shark-like teeth. The girl's uniform came complete with a cap with two of the four-pronged stars, a skirt that seemed to be stuffed with tennis balls, and a lens that he knew was looking directly at him for an opening as her hand reached down her skirt for ammo.


Makes psycho women look cuter than they should be

He groaned, 'For fuck's sake, I'm married, I don't want to deal with women when I don't know where my wife is and when my daughter's not only present but trying to kill me.'

The girl chuckled, "You may have defeated Gamagoori-sama, murderer, but you still haven't faced anyone going full force!" she reached back and pulled what Naruto could describe as a massive tennis racket made of Life Fibers from Hell. Naruto felt alarmed due to the racket being made of the same threads he had been guarding, and while he could sense them in these students he was glad none of them were under the control of the cloths. Still, the racket was needlessly big, had spikes at the sides of the head, the pummel had a curved blade, and the net was more like a spider's web ready to catch a ball like an arachnid captures a fly. She threw eleven balls into the air and shot them at the blond with a perfect swing of her racket.

Naruto grunted, because unlike the other girls who were doing their best to hit him, Omiko's shots were faster. He managed to cut some of the projectiles with his chakra gloves, but three landed squarely on his torso, one in the stomach, another in his right pectoral, and the last one on his left lower ribs. He gritted his teeth, "Okay… you're stronger than the others." He then noticed a shadow over him, and noticed Omiko grinning as she jumped at him with five tennis balls between him and her, and her racket ready to slam them into the blond she thought of as a murderer.

"This is the strength given to us by Lady Satsuki, enjoy your punishment!" the shark toothed girl cried with pure fury as she hit the balls… only to hit a yellow flash of light.

She gasped the instant the blond immortal spoke beside her, "Let me tell you something…" he said as he pressed his hand to her stomach, "Strength should be your own… Strive for it, build it yourself because you can get it, not because it was given to you." And with a silent whisper, Omiko was sent flying back… or so thought Naruto.

"Nice advice." His daughter said as she slammed her heels into his face, only to watch him disappear into a cloud of smoke before she could cut him, slicing in half a… log? She landed scowling, "Omiko, stay close."

"Y-Yes, Lady Satsuki!" the blonde girl said as she held her massive racket like a halberd in case Naruto dared to attack the ravenette that helped her become a far better tennis player than any other school could dream.

Soon Naruto appeared, and he was currently buttoning up his white jacket that he retrieved after escaping his daughter's kick. All of the school was backing her up and each and every single student and club member seemed ready to tear him apart. "You're all far stronger than you look, is it your own determination to take down this old man before you, or is it the Life Fibers you're wearing?" he asked calmly, trying to see their reactions while he remained where he was, his hands back in his pockets.

"Then let me teach you my determination!" cried someone behind Naruto. The blond turned in time to see a short young man, not a midget but still shorter than most kids his age, with a buzz-cut and a missing tooth. The guy wore a white cloak with two stars, blue boxing shorts, had protective gear for his head with two stars on it, and had abnormally large boxing gloves, especially the right one which seemed as big as his body while the left one was like twice his head's size, both gloves made of Life Fibers.


Little Mac and Makunoichi Ippo are his idols

The blond watched a left hook coming towards his head, to which he closed his eyes and sighed, "Faint." He said, making the short boxer widen his eyes as the blond didn't acknowledge the hook coming his way, but raised his right gloved hand to swat the upper-cut that would have nailed his jaw. Takaharu stepped back, raising his fists with a growl. The blond just didn't deflect his attack like it was nothing, but while doing so in just an instant it seemed as if Takaharu's blow was deflected by the air when the man put his hand back in his pocket.

"Iaiken…?" the boxer asked as he stayed on his toes. Deciding to use the proximity of the school president and his fellow club captain to the blond, he reared back his left hand, "Let's see you taste true speed!" the boxer cried and everyone could see countless boxing gloves, now of regular size, shot from the short boxer's left hand at the blond like a machine gun.

Naruto kept his eyes closed and raised his left hand, holding it opened at the strikes. In the next second, the immortal's arm started to spin at insane speeds, the velocity being enough to leave three after-images of the father's gloved hand perfectly still in the air, and instead of looking see through the palms were as solid as the strikes from Takaharu's gloves. The young boxer gasped as his left jabs were parried without effort, with each and every single shot falling down.

The boxer roared, "Fine, how about a straight!" he cried as he moved in for the strike while Naruto kept his eyes closed and his arm spinning around. "Prepare to kiss the canvas! Te! Ken! Fun! Sai!"

The strike neared Naruto at insane speeds, and then the blond opened his eyes, "Corkscrew." He said, being careful to say that one word the instant Fukuroda's fist spun like a drill speeding at the blond father of two. He had spent his years guarding Life Fibers, and even before that he mastered techniques to sense an enemy's very essence in battle as well as their attacks, so sensing Fukuroda about to strike him wasn't much of a problem, what was a problem was the drilling glove coming right at him accompanied by more strikes.

Inhaling deeply, Naruto took a step forward, both his arms at his sides before he exhaled and threw them forward, "Futon! Uzumaki no Tsuki!"

The tennis player, the boxer, and many other club members marveled themselves as Naruto's hands shot a sphere of compressed wind. As he extended his hands fully, the orb of wind expanded itself, taking a bigger form until Naruto was inside a moon of made of wind, a moon from which all the balls Omiko tried to strike the man's back with bounced off along Fukuroda's drilling hand and the boxer himself.

He chuckled, 'Named this to protect my little moon princess, didn't think I'd end up using it like this.' He said as the boxer bounced once on the ground before landing hard on it, and even then the short man still tried to get up, making Naruto want to say "Please, let's stop fighting" but he couldn't. While he wished to stop the fight and talk now that someone else was in the fight, and apparently controlling it, he wished to stop the battle before any of these kids got hurt. That wasn't the case when he heard a cry. Turning, he watched with wide eyes as Fukuroda held stomach before spitting blood.

"W-What was that…?" the boxer asked as he wiped the blood off his mouth, only for his eyelids to feel too heavy for him to remain conscious.

A gasp came next, "H-How…" Omiko mouthed as she felt her knees giving in under her weight before she fell down too.

"There!" Satsuki cried as she swung her sword, cutting the air in that strike, and soon something struck the floor behind her split in two, something that vanished soon after without letting her see it, but making her come to a conclusion, 'This feeling again... It's like he said, it's an energy flowing in me… This fight… Fukuroda, Hakodate, I'm sorry that you had to fall to this man for my whims, but it seems things aren't what they seem.'

Naruto gritted his teeth as he sensed what he thought was his daughter's anger, his eyes darting as his senses tried to pick the attacker to prove his innocence… to no avail. 'Damn it, how're they doing this?!' he shouted in his head, not noticing that the stench of Life Fibers around him hid the presence of someone having her laughs controlling them.


"Fufufufu… Naruto, you're so cute when you're mad." Ragyo said as he right index and middle fingers played with a ball of Life Fiber yarn. "You did well, Hououmaru, to think you'd be able to make projectiles out of Life Fibers for this situation… It is a shame that my husband is immune to them or else this would be over, after all, he kept the Life Fibers at bay for centuries, but this is good enough. Remind me to reward you kindly."

The petite dusky woman bowed with a smile, "No need, my only reward is to know I served you, Ragyo-sama. Also, I made sure not to kill them, considering they could be valuable for the future given their power to make it as club leaders in Lady Satsuki's school." She said, smiling slightly in pride at her boss' and best friend's pleased smirk before turning to watch Naruto being the center of Satsuki's anger, 'These are the consequences of your actions, Naruto-sama. I'm sorry, but it has to be this way to make up for your mistakes.'

She was then brought out of her thoughts as Ragyo spoke, "However, my daughter was able to detect the bullets." She said with a curious look on her face, "Could it be my husband's blood, or something else in her?"


"You bastard… Gloves are off!" Sanageyama loudly declared with pride as he passed by his subordinates along Satsuki. 'Fukuroda… Hakodate… They're just another couple of guys trying to climb the ladder to be the best at our school, and while the rules may be hard they at least do their best, but to have this bastard play with us and then try to kill them…' he swung his shinai as fast as he could against the blond, "This ends now!" he cried as he tried to hit the blond on the top of his skull, "MEN!" The moss head roared, forcing Naruto to take a step back and duck under Satsuki's swing, "DOU!" this time Naruto had to backpedal from Sanageyama's blow to his stomach and parry his daughter's strike with a lash from his hand, "KOTE!"

Now the blond grunted, the samurai-ish boy had not only struck him, but he had made his wrists fall limp, 'Fuck! I'm not trying to hurt them, but they don't give me a choice!' he was desperate. He didn't want to harm anyone, let alone fight these kids who cared so much for his daughter, but so far he wasn't given any other kind of choice in the matter.

At least he had his foot, so with a grunt he used his black greave's ankle to meet the hand guard of his daughter's Bakuzan before she could split his torso open in two. However, he noticed the pinkette rushing at him a bit too late, "We're not called the Four Devas for nothing, murderer!" Nonon cried as she swung her baton forward, a large mass of girls in one-star uniforms with wind instruments blew, using the sound wave to knock Naruto back away from his daughter.

The immortal grunted as he flipped in the air and forced his feet to the ground, skidding to a brutal halt as his steel heels dug into the dirt all the way until about two inches below his knees. As he did so, he was forcing insane amounts of chakra to keep his feet nailed to the ground, and while it worked, the band of musicians kept trying to literally blow him away with their performance.

And just as he was about to use a Hiraishin to move away, Satsuki lunged at him, "Whatever you desire, ends here!" she cried righteously. Naruto's eyes widened, his head hung low as he gripped Bakuzan's blade. Satsuki then spoke lowly to him, "I know not your reasons for being here, or what is it you wished to accomplish, but I got several questions to just let you fall down so easily if possible."

There was a loud bang echoing in the air, followed by a massive cloud of dirt in the air. From it two figures jumped out, one was Satsuki who grumbled as she staggered back and fell to her knees, the other was her father who ended up on top of a roof, looking furious.

"Guess I better return when there's less people getting in between our time together, Satsuki-chan." He said calmly.

Nonon snapped, ready to charge after him, only to feel Satsuki's hand on her, "Don't, he's giving us a chance to prepare for his next arrival, and we'll be ready."

Naruto disappeared in a flash of golden light, leaving the entire Honnouji Academy feeling defeated.

Ragyo for her part sighed, she did see it coming, the possibility of her husband running off. "Oh well, he's not one to give up… Next time let's make sure he stays." She said with a sweet smile, though there was a certain disappointed edge to it, showing she still wished to have her husband and daughter duking it out.

However, what no-one took into consideration in the middle of the battle was that Naruto was too stubborn to give up, and was good using clones.

"So… why are you trusting me enough to talk to me right now, Satsuki?" the blond asked his daughter inside the hole he had made in the middle of getting pushed back by Nonon's orchestra, sitting cross-legged before his firstborn daughter who also sat in the same position with her Bakuzan resting on her lap.

The girl raised her right hand, and soon a blue ethereal energy covered her palm, lighting their hiding place up, "This energy is the same one you carry. I believe that merits several questions, starting with the most important one: who are you?" she asked, staring at the man before her carefully before letting the energy disappear.

Naruto chuckled and lighted the place with his chakra himself, using a Rasengan to show off a bit, "Let me start from the beginning. This energy we have is called chakra. Far before mankind could remember, they all started as living beings connected to the natural world. However, soon people took steps closer to power, to try to end conflicts. To do so, it started with one person using chakra to stop wars… but soon those who were born later also carried the big responsibility of this power. With power wars started in order to rule all of it. I happened to fight in the last war where chakra was involved countless years before you were born."

Satsuki stared unblinking at him, "Your story's starting to sound like a fairy tale. If that is so, then why don't people have chakra these days, and why do I carry such power?"

Naruto smiled, "People… forgot about chakra, or rather their connection to it. I'm sure your familiar with the fact that each generation destroys the limits of the previous one. Soon chakra became a myth after the war was over." He said trying to be as calm as he could, but his daughter could read him and the hint of sadness in his eyes.

She closed her own, "I'm sorry for your losses." She said sincerely, before opening her eyes, "But I'm fearing you're trying to avoid my questions… Still, be thankful I have reasons to doubt my intel on you."

"Then let me ask, why not talk to me sooner?"

Her eyes stared colder than usual at him, "The attack that knocked Hakodate and Fukuroda wasn't yours, I-"

"You sensed it." He replied, and smiled as he watched his daughter nod, "That's a chakra ability, to sense things around you. Heh, I'm actually proud you did it with so little practice, it shows you're a very skilled fighter even for your age."

"Do not patronize me, please. I still don't trust in you." She stated coldly.

Naruto sighed, "Yeah, well, I guess I'll continue… After most if not all chakra users were gone after the war, I was left alone. Soon the world started to change and I barely felt useful… until I came face to face with the Life Fibers." Satsuki's eyes showed interest, "Years ago, I had to fight them using chakra, learning how to control them and keep them down. In the end, before I could try to destroy them, I found a clan of wandering warriors who thought they could do something with the Life Fibers I never thought about."

Satsuki narrowed her eyes, "If you had the opportunity to destroy them, then why did you waste it for such fools?"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head with his free hand, "Those fools made me stop feeling alone." He chuckled, "I know, it was selfish from me… But they also had the idea that perhaps they could use the Life Fibers to help mankind, to be ready to fight against any other kind of Life Fibers that could attack this world… Kinda like Kamen Rider, if you've watched the show. The heroes use the villains' powers against them."

The girl nodded, she could see the logic since it was the same she used, "To battle fire with fire in order to achieve the greater good, right?"

Her father nodded, "They dedicated years to try to control the Life Fibers, to grow strong enough to control them with my help as the one guarding them, all in order to make an army that could fight and then eradicate any other Life Fibers that could ruin the lives of countless beings." He then felt awkward at what he was about to say, "The dedication to fight, the sheer will to make this world a better place, no matter how many years it took them…"

"You speak of this family like they've been around for a long time."

Naruto would've cackled but composed himself for his daughter, "They were old enough to build a sanctuary for me to guard the Life Fibers for countless years, a sanctuary over which they built their own house in order to keep the Life Fibers safe from people with bad intentions. These friends ended up growing on me… to the point I fell for one of them. I…" he laughed a bit, "Haha… I never had good luck with women, so imagine my surprise when a beautiful lady spoke to me kindly, treated me with respect, and made me feel… well, like nothing I ever felt before." He remembered his past with her, "There were times I felt the guilty pleasure of being the only one she'd rely when being sad, and she also gave me my first suit, one I never dared to take off and that had to be repaired into this jacket."

Satsuki hummed, allowing herself a small mental smile at the man's romanticism, "So, how does this relate to me? Were these warriors capable of using Life Fibers to reconnect people with chakra?"

Naruto chuckled awkwardly, not sure how to say this… so he decided to go all out, "No, chakra ended up being something one was born with… And the woman I was talking about is Ragyo… Ragyo Uzumaki Kiryuiin, my wife."

Satsuki's eyes widened for the first time in her life in what someone could consider shock, "W-What?!" she asked, with her face seemingly angry though inside of her there were countless confused thoughts.

Naruto looked down and sighed, "I never murdered your father… because I married Ragyo and gave her a child, you… I'm your father, Satsuki-chan."

Satsuki stared at her father, her skin had gone pale and her eyes wide… She soon closed them, her face once again scowling as she took it all in, "I… I…" she swallowed, "I need time to take this in, or even believing it… There's too much that doesn't make sense, even if you have chakra as well as I because to be my father and still look so young when my family discovered the Life Fibers centuries ago you'd have to be a-"

"An immortal, yes, that's what your mother said when she first met me."

He then noticed Satsuki's change in her stance, how she seemed more tense, "Yes, my mother." She said, almost spitting the last word before sighing, "We have a lot to talk about…"

Naruto felt her words sinking a deep cold knife in his heart. He tried to reach his daughter, give her a hug like every father should after not seeing his kid for a long time, but all he managed was make her inch away from his touch. "Satsuki… what happened with your mother?"

The girl forced herself to stay strong, "It's a long story… Father."


And that's my rap!

Well, I picture that some of you may be disappointed at Naruto not beating everyone up, but let's be realistic, he wasn't there to kick everyone's ass, he wanted to meet and talk to his daughter… Ok, I did make him say he wanted to see how strong she was, and even gave her tips on how to use chakra, but it was for both bonding and make her realize both have something far more in common than she thought. Also, he needed to fight the school to calm them down, but fortunately the Uzumaki ability to make a crazy plan on the fly is what saves the day from a mastermind's checkmate strategy.

I hope I made it worth the wait after that cliffhanger, next chapter will have more answers. Oh, and an OMAKE:

-OMAKE- Living with Ragyo ep. 1: Love her, need her

"Sweetie, please!"

"Naruto, no! I said no! I'm busy!"

"Come on, honey, you've worked all day, and we could always… you know…"

Ragyo sighed exasperated, the mother hadn't been two months out of the hospital, her husband had taken their firstborn daughter to her crib to sleep, and he was currently on her back. She had to blame herself, she was wearing only a pair of white frilly panties and a blue loosened blouse with the two top buttons letting her cleavage be seen, usually to feed her daughter her maternal milk. But she didn't know if it was her attire or her husband's needs what had his strong warm arms wrapped around her, pulling her close so he rested his chin on her shoulder, gently pecking her cheek. Oh, damn it, she loved the way his warmth was moving into her back, the way he held her protectively, and how he begged cutely with pouts.

She sighed again, but this time with a smile, "I wonder if I married a kid sometimes."

He chuckled and held her tightly, "If I was a kid, we wouldn't be able to- ow!"

"Don't say it, Naruto, just don't… Even if it's true I do enjoy it, we do have a daughter I don't want learning bad things from you."

"Honey, I've been a bad boy since the day I was born." He said with a cocky grin, making her roll her eyes despite her large amused smile.

"Oh, thinking the queen bee is going to be with a delinquent?" she asked with a mocking smile.

He pulled her closer and gently kissed her ear, "There's only one cure for someone like me, you know?"

Ragyo decided that it was best to give in to her husband's needs, or else he'd be even more childish, "Fine… I'll cook your ramen."


"If only you wear that cute little apron I love to see you in."


"I'll wear mine."


"Once I get some pants."


"Perhaps I'll try a new recipe for dessert if you'd like some of my Princess Peach 'cake', Mario."


"That's a yay, darling."

"Oh… yay!"

Life was weird for this two, and they wouldn't have it any other way.


Swordslinger out!