Chapter 19: Kirisaki Daïchi

Kuroko Setsuna's POV

I leaned my head against the wall, the cold drink in my hands cooling my fingers. In my head I reviewed the previous match against Josei. Our semi-victory had been a close call, too close to my liking. I had heard bits of my next opponent, some Uncrowned King: Hanamiya Makoto, though obviously not as good as Midorima-kun, he could be dangerous. And so I sat worrying on a bench in a deserted corridor. I also worried about Aomine-kun. I had seen his blue hair in the tribunes and our eyes had crossed once, the grin on his face had raised goosebumps, surely Satsuki-san would have made it clear to him, he couldn't tell Tetsu-nii. A pair of feet disturbed the peaceful silence, I didn't really need to turn my head to see whom it was. When one speaks of the devil, he usually turns up.

"Kuroko Setsuna…" Aomine-kun's voice drawled. His tanned hands were stuffed in his pockets, an indifferent expression on his face but I could make out a glint of curiosity in his eyes.

"Good afternoon, Aomine-kun." His gaze travelled over my body, from head to toe.

"Really, when you know what to look for it's quite obvious you're not a guy."

My expression stayed deadpan. "I'll ignore that attempt to a sexual innuendo and shall take it as a compliment."

Aomine-kun grinned." You even act and talk the same. How the hell did he manage to keep you a secret? Did want to share you?" He sat down next to me, his long legs crossed at the ankles.

I shrugged. "We went to different schools and I guess he never mentioned me."

He regarded me in silence for some time. "Yeah, I would have noticed if you had went to Teiko."

"Because we're twins?"

"'Cuz if you'd take a good look behind your façade, you'd notice you're hot."

I cocked an eyebrow. "Are you flirting with me, Aomine-kun? If so, I don't have any interest in an intimate relationship with you."

The bluehead laughed at that. "Sorry, girl, but however hot you might be, I'm not into flat chested girls." I inwardly rolled my eyes, if only he knew. "I don't appreciate that you look at my chest, Aomine-kun."

"I didn't look at your chest."

"You did."


"You did."


Sigh. "How else would you know I was flat chested?"

"'Cuz I previously thought you to be a guy and as far I know guys aren't supposed to have boobs."

"Touché." I muttered. Smarter than I thought him to be.

There fell a silence as I stared at the wall in front of me and Aomine-kun stared at me.

"Does Tetsu know you're doing this?"

"He does."

"It was his idea?"

"No mine."

A second silence ensued. Aomine-kun scratched his cheek.

"How's he doing?"

I shrugged. "Better."

He regarded me with surprise. "He's been sick?"

"Sort of." I didn't mention it was probably the GoM's fault that Onii-san was depressive.

Before another silence could fall and to satisfy my curiosity I asked the question that had been nagging me for a while: "Aren't you angry with me?"

Aomine-kun barked a laugh. "It's crazy how alike you two are." He ruffled my hair and I pushed his hand away but he just grabbed it to inspect my fingers, looking for a small scar on the side of palm.

"But I guess you're not totally the same either." He said wistfully.

I retracted my hand. "What do you want, Aomine-kun?"

"Your brother's number."


~Changing rooms~


Everyone was listening to the coach with a grave expression on their faces, all had heard the story of Kiyoshi-senpai's previous match against our next opponent, Kirisaki Daīchi. Especially Kagami-kun looked enraged and was even more pumped up than usual for a match. I understood their wish to take revenge for senpai, I felt their anger burning through my own veins, but it was not without worry I left the room with my team.

Emotions as such could cloud our judgement and spoil our victory. We entered the playground. I spotted several familiar faces in the public but paid them not much notice.

We warmed up until it was time. With determination we started the game, intent on making them pay. After all, you reap what you sow.


~The bathroom~


I found myself in the male's bathroom to tighten my bandages. They had started to loosen as I had become too affected by Kirisaki Daïchi High's way of playing. I hadn't tightened them good enough this morning, what I regret now. When I had walked past the mirror before hiding in one of the toilets, I had noticed that my curves had started to show. I'm glad that no one noticed it, though it was strange Aida-san hadn't either.

I took off my shirt and peeled off the bandage from my waist and chest. It would be troublesome if they loosened again, I couldn't afford myself to be distracted in this match. We would definitely win this match. After what they did to Kiyoshi-senpai, I won't accept anything but victory, I felt the anger boil in my blood and tried to calm down. My own resolve of not being clouded by my anger had been difficult to keep after witnessing their foul play first hand.

But first things first and I had to hurry up before Kagami-kun would try to break something again. I wrapped the bandage around my chest again, this time I made sure it was tight enough so it wouldn't loosen again. You would expect I wouldn't be so careless with such an important secret but I had been quite in a hurry this morning. Tetsu-nii had called late in the evening to scold me for giving Aomine-kun's number, not that he's been answering the calls but he was still angry with me and whe had a fight till late in the night. I had overslept and had run out the building without even breakfast.

Suddenly I heard the sound of the door being opened and someone coming in. It's not strange for someone to go to the toilet so I just picked up my shirt without worrying but too late I noticed I hadn't locked my door. The door was pulled open and I was standing eye in eye with none other than Hanamiya Makoto, the captain of Kirisaki Daïchi High. To make things worse I was practically half-naked except for the bandage and was exposing my biggest secret.

The shock disappeared from Hanamiya-san's face and was replaced by a calculating, sadistic look.

"My, my…" his voice sent uneasy shivers over my skin. "Who would have thought that Seirin's triumph card… is actually a girl?"

Setsuna: Belelle apolgises for not updating earlier but life and school have been keeping her busy.

Aomine: We don't need that bitch's stupid excuses! Punish her!

Kagami: For once I agree with ahomine, where is she?!

Setsuna: Hiding, obviously, she knew you'd be mad.

Aomine: Bakagami! I found her! *Drags the author from behind a sentence*

Belelle: Have mercy, good sir,have mercy!

*Kagami and Aomine star beating her up*

Setsuna: *winces* Ow that looks painful. Don't try that at home, children.