Phantomhive Loki

Ch. 1 Found

He was running from his enemies. Somehow they had found him masquerading as the all father. Conveniently anyone who might be worried for the all father were away and the guards had let their guard slip. He tried to fight back but he had been beaten and they dragged him out into their world far from Asgard and the other eight realms. They had their "fun" with him then they sold him to some black market traders. They though him a pretty beast even for his rare blue skin and even rarer red eyes, little knowing that one blue haired blued eyed captive they had years ago would be back for vengeance.

"Sebastian this is an order burn this place to ground. Grell do me a favor and get the Jotun on the alter there please?" said a girl with a husky male voice. Both said "Yes my Lord." all he could see is two green yellow eyes look at him and let him lose saying "Ohhh your pretty for a frost giant from Jotunhinm." soon he pasted out.

He woke later in a ravish room. He saw the bluenett from before and said "Who are you Mortal?" she scoffed at getting called mortal and said "Aralesser Jamie Ellea Phantomhive. I already know who you are Loki Laufeyson of Asgard." Loki blushed for a moment then said "Thank-you for saving me although I am quite sure you said 'Burn this place to the ground' my question then becomes why?" Jamie smirked and then taking on the cold look of her ancestor said "Why you ask godling? Like you there shreds of my past I want gone."

Loki narrowed his eyes in suspicion to the mere mortal who had both a demon and a reaper in her control. But he spoke nothing of knowing this. He watched her leave and asked "Where are you going?" Jamie flinched and snapped "Not that it is any of your worry but unlike you I have to company to run. And unlike Mr. Stark I give two shits about how my company fairs. Good day."

He soon heard a low whistle and there stood the ginger. He was rather easy on the eyes, and Loki could tell that he was gender confused like the girl who thought she was male, he thought he was a girl. The ginger said "Well for a sliver tongue you let her walk allover you. I'm Grell Sutcliff and thanks to Jamie I know that your name is Loki Laufeyson. So Loki of Asgard why are you here in our world? This is not one of the nine realms your familiar with. This London England in 2014. This world knows demons, angels and reapers as well as gods, and others races." Loki really had no clue as to why the cultists bought him from the Chitari.

Loki knew as the God of Mischief that Heimdal was always watching everywhere and would be able to find him now. Heimdal always knew he was Loki under the two guises he had used. He strangely heard him say "Young Prince of Asgard I will tell no one of where you are for there is a reason to why you are there. Thanos would not give you up so willingly unless he found a new puppet to play with. Help Arlesser Phantomhive with her tasks and all will be forgiven." he wanted to cry bull shit but then again Heimdal was never wrong. Who could be more evil than he? Who could be more a trickster than he? He guessed he would find out. And the first step was to start over with the Aralesser fresh...but where in this labyrinth of a home was she?