Ch.6 Hurting Hand and Healing Magic

Loki came into Jamie's study while Jamie was busy doing paperwork. Jamie looked up and smiled at Loki and said "I take it you want to know more about my past and how I got here to London England when every one has said I was born and raised in America?" Loki only nodded. Jamie said "When I was twelve I lost my mom and dad in a fire that also destroyed my home. I suffered a lot. The only one able to care for me was my god father the Undertaker. I moved to his home in another town, where I met Yuri Trancy the heir to the Trancy fortune. That's when I learned from his guardian Claude who I really was."

Loki smiled sadly at me and said "I know how you feel I recently lost my mother. Well she really wasn't my mother but she was the closest thing I had to a mother since I was adopted." Jamie sadly looked at Loki then grunted in pain. Loki rushed over to Jamie. "What's wrong?" Jamie held her hand to reveal the broken bloody mess. Loki looked at it and Jamie explained "Midgard medicine has advanced so far. The type of break I had came from I later found out to be a Jotun's foot, in other words..." Loki understood then and said "The cold re-breaks your hand. Hmm I can help."

Loki and Jamie sat down on the floor and Loki took Jamie's hand in his and closed his eyes to focus on the healing spell. Once her hand was healed he found the source of the curse, and with a practiced tongue broke the curse that would other wise re-break her hand. Loki looked Jamie in the eyes as she said "Thank-You Loki." she hugged him then got up to finish her work when Loki stopped her saying "Jamie, this may not be a wise thing to do." Jamie sighed then said "Your Right Loki, thank-you."