Before the invasion to the prison, back in Woodbury...

The Governor was in his house in Woodbury, listening to classic music and drinking. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

''Philip, it's me!'' said Milton ''I... I have something to tell you.''

The Governor stood up, put his drink on the table and walked to the door.

''It's Mr. Governor to you.'' Philip said, upsetly. Milton stared at him and hesitated for a second. Then, Milton quickly leaned forward and kissed the Governor. At first, the Governor stared at him angrily, but then he gave in. He opened his mouth so Milton could kiss him. The Gov pulled Milton closer to him and Milton wrapped his arms around the Gov's neck and they made out.

Then, the Governor pulled Milton into his bedroom and pushed Milton to his bed. He grabbed the rim of Milton's pants and started unbuttoning them as Milton moaned and tried to unbutton the Gov's shirt.

Months later...

My name is Susy Quackenbush, but my friends call me ''Quacksy'', or ''The Great Quacksy'' because I have a big imagination. I am 16 and I have very curly bleach blond hair, very pale skin and dark blue eyes. I'm wearing a green chess shirt, a while wool jacket, a salmon-red cap, a cheap, fake golden Rolex, big thick black glasses, pink leggings with black leopard spots and gray old-women shoes. I was also wearing a brown and white cross crucifix that had a fork nailed to it instead of Jesus. Since the begining of the zombie apocalypse, I haven't changed clothes.

My whole family was eaten by albino crocodiles and now it's only me and my sister, Britney ''Quackney'' Quackenbush, her boyfriend, Troy Harder and his best friend, Christian Ron-Aldo. We live at the prison now.

Today I went downstairs to have breakfast. Suddenly, Daryl walked up to me. He was eating a bowl with milk, coffee and Chocapics Michonne had stolen from the Governor. He wasn't using a spoon because he had no manners, but I didn't care.

''Good morning Britney.'' he said with his mouth full. Suddenly he sneezed. He looked at me, embarrassed, and cleaned the snot to his sleeve.

''Hello Daryl.'' I giggled ''And please call me Quacksby'' I said as I stretched my arm to reach the Chocapic box. At the same time, Daryl stretched his arm to reach the box as well, and our hands touched. I blushed so much I swear I got redder than Santa. Instantly, I turned my head to look at Daryl. He was staring at me with his beautiful green eyes.

Suddenly, we heard a scream and saw Beth rolling down the stairs.


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