Some months later...

I was in a beach watching a beautiful sunset. Rick was behind me, with his head resting on my shoulder and his arms wrapped around my waist.

''I need to tell you something.'' I said, turning around

Rick looked at me with his crystal blue eyes and gave me a curious look. I put my hand on my abdomen and caressed it.

''I'm not really fat, Rick.'' I said nervously ''I'm pregnant. You are going to be a father.''

Rick gave me a shocked look and then he kissed me passionately.

''I'm so happy!'' he said, taking my face in his soft, warm hands. I put my hands on his and smiled.

''Carl and Judith are going to be so happy.''

Then we looked into each other's eyes and smiled. Rick was so beautiful... I made him shave so he didn't look like a hobo anymore. Rick put his hands on my waist and pulled me close to him.

''I love you Daryl.'' he said

''I love you too Rick.'' I replied

Then we kissed passionately. I had finaly found the true love of my life.

~~~~~The End~~~~

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