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This Thing of Ours – by: WeeKittyAndTAT

Chapter: One – EPOV

Edward Anthony Masen – Edward Platt

I can't believe I am thirty-two tomorrow. Time seems to fly by, and the older I get, the quicker it goes. In some ways I feel like it's all going too fast and there's just not enough time. In other ways I look at what I have accomplished in my thirty-two years and go, 'wow, I have done all of that?'

I am but only one man, but I wear three very large hats: mob boss, professional business man – owner and father.

Some people personally know me as Antonio Masen, the head of the Masen family. Very few people personally know me, only very trusted, very old and close people know my identity. The Masen family is one of the oldest, and a leader among the crime families in the surrounding area. My great-great-great grandfather emigrated from Italy when he was a boy and he became sort of royalty among his fellow immigrants.

He was the person that everyone wanted as a friend, and no one ever wanted to be on his bad side. I find it a little strange about how much respect he got here, even more so with the last name he was given of Masen. The true surname was changed upon arrival to the States. He was born Antonino Eduardo Manseonie. Upon arrival, it was Americanized to Anthony Edward Masen.

Over the years my family has grown and became increasingly stronger. With that, we have made some enemies, mainly within the law enforcement field. But, as for crime family, versus crime families or criminals, our only adversaries are the Blacks. The Blacks were once our friends, allies even. However, there was a falling out—over a woman no less—and now we're enemies.

The part of my life that the public sees is the dashing and charming businessman. I own Platt Arms & Weapons Specialty Services. My clients chose the resources and materials, and then my company designs and make the weapons they request. I provide and design weapons, mainly for the government. Can you see the irony in that?

The part of my life that takes up most of my time, is my favorite, I'm a father. I have twins, so they keep me quite busy. Twelve years ago I wanted a family. Yeah, I was only twenty, with my whole life in front of me, but it was something I wanted. I lived a normal life, and ran my new business. Like my father, my ties to the family were only that; we were family. Family had always meant a lot to me and I wanted children of my own.

I started dating, trying to find the right girl to settle down with, but things never panned out. See, my grandfather, Aro, decided to retire. Someone needed to head the family. Since family values were deeply instilled in me—and because my father Carlisle was happy being a doctor—leadership was passed onto me. So my dreams of being a father got put on hold and I secretly took reigns of the family, no one was the wiser.

Then the government started contracting arms from my legitimate company. The family business took some restructuring to make most of it legal. I was busy keeping both business and family running smoothly. I used my grandfather's best men, loyal members of our family, to run the different nightclubs and businesses. Before I knew it, four years had passed.

Once things were more settled with the changes I made, my life had settled somewhat. I tried to find my soul mate, but no one I found or dated set the fire inside me. When I felt that burn or desire, I found it quickly burned out after a few months. With no woman or prospects of one on the horizon, my desire for a family only got stronger.

I met with a woman named Tanya. She was a woman in her thirties that had been a surrogate before. After meeting her, I selected donated eggs from the fertility clinic not wanting to know anything other than health about the woman that would share the DNA with my child. The in vitro process was started and there was a successful pregnancy the first try. The pregnancy went well, and five years ago I was blessed with, not one, but two children—Cullen and Cassie. My children have become everything to me, they're all I hoped and wished for.

However, sometimes late at night, I feel lonely.

Chapter: One – BPOV

Bella – Last name: Stanley, Stein – who knows?

I pull down the sun visor grabbing my sunglasses as the sun hits my eyes. I have been on the open road for three days, and I am dog tired. I have been traveling throughout the US, but couldn't find a place to call home. Here I am now; just sixteen hours from the only place I've ever called home, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It's the place in which I grew up, the place I used to love. Now it holds both good and bad memories for me. I'm hoping I can find happy ones there again.

I look to my cell as it rings for the sixth time this hour. I pull over to answer it, knowing that she will not stop calling until I talk to her.

"Oh, I see how you are, Dolce Ragazza. So now you know how to pick up a phone, yeah?"

I roll my eyes at her calling me a sweet girl. I may be young, but I'm an adult and I sure ain't sweet. "Yes, Miss Honey," I say goodheartedly.

"Don't you Miss Honey me ... Now you tell me how it's going with you. How's the job with that boy – what was his name, Al, Jay, George, Leo—?"

I chuckle as she goes through all the boys' names. "I lost my job and kicked him in the nuts."

"What the hell happened?"

I chuckle a little at the pretend surprise she puts in her voice. "There was the big Hall's meeting and I was doing my usual job of taking notes. The meeting was interrupted and Za," what a fucking stupid name, "asked me to get coffee for everyone. I left and when I came back they were all laughing, but I got on with my work of pouring out the coffee.

"I was pouring Mr. Bing's when I felt a hand on my leg. I look at Mr. Bing and he licked his lips, but both his hands were on the table. Then Za leaned over and started to talk in my ear—you know dirty talk—but loud enough for the other assholes to hear. Then he said they wanted a show from me, a wet, hot show. So I gave them one. I poured what was left in the coffee pot over Za and kicked him as hard as I could.

"Before I could get a word out, Mr. Bing jumped up screaming at me, saying that I was fired. So, I throat punched him and then walked out. Fucking, old smelly bastards. Of course I was met by the boys in blue—well brown, a really horrible color. It didn't really help my case, when I told them what I thought of the color of their uniforms."

"Did you get charged?"

"Of course I did. I spent three hours in courthouse and then I was released without charges, just like normal," I say with a smile.

I can hear her chuckling in the background. "I still have no idea how the hell you do that—" she stops talking to me, but I can still hear her voice in the background.



"Do you need any help or money?" he asks right away.

I shake my head as I look at the road itching to get moving again. "Nope, I'm fine. I'm heading home," I say in a small voice. I know he'll know what I mean.

"Are you sure?"

"No, but no place else has made me feel at home. Besides, I have missed it and then there's you two—I've missed you both so much."

"We missed you, too, Dolce Ragazza."

I wipe away the tears that threaten to fall. "I'll see you both soon. Love you."

"We love you, too, Bella," they both say and I hang up.

I start up my truck and pull back out on the highway. I yawn as I pull into the gas station. I head to the ATM first and do a little accounting. Once I have money situated, I fill the gas tank and head inside. I walk about the place picking up some food and drinks.

"Number four," I say as I place my basket on the counter.

I head over getting a few newspapers, but turn and look at the man when I feel his eyes on me. "You staying around here?"

I shake my head at him give him a weak smile.

"Are you traveling?" he asks again.

This time I nod.

"Cat got your tongue, doll?"

I put my head down. "My mama said not to talk to men I don't know," I say shyly.

I can feel his eyes traveling up and down my body.

"Well, doll-face, I'm Harry, if you need a place to crash, I know of a place. A little thing like you shouldn't be traveling at night. You never know who you'll run into."

I refrain from rolling my eyes. What is it with creepy guys working at gas stations? I wonder if maybe a male must be creepy in order to get a gas station job.

"I can't, my dad's meeting me just down from here, and with him being a cop, I've always been told not to stay with people I don't know."

Harry looks at me confused. "What's you daddy's name?"

"Stanley," I say right away and watch as he pales.

"Oh, aren't you supposed to be away at college?"

"I am, but even college girls need time off."

"That's forty-four dollars even."

I hand him my card and he swipes it and hands it back. I pick up my bags walking out. I jump in my truck and wave at Mr. Creepy knowing he's still watching me. If he was smart, he would've realized that the name of the Chief of police was on a flyer on his counter, not to mention, if he'd have looked at my card, it said my last name was Stein. Clearly his name should be Gomer.

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