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Chapter: Forty – Edward's Epilogue
Ten years later

It's been ten years since we had our twins—Caden and Cagney. They were two years old, when we got pregnant again, this time there was only one baby. A girl, and we named her Catherine. When Catherine was two years old, we again were expecting. We ended up getting identical twin boys – Cabe and Cain. It's a lot of work having two nearly sixteen-year-olds, two ten-year-olds, one seven-year-old, and the two almost four-year-olds in the one house. We get by, but just barely sometimes.

All the kids are a mix of both Bella and I, and where they are all smart, none of them have Bella's smarts. The Volturi guards that came with us have all been free from the drugs they were taking for eight years now. The Volturi themselves have been in and out of our lives, but nothing on a grand scale. They know that, undoubtedly, we have, and always will have, the upper hand. They hold no threat to us.

Bill Black is still alive and spending his time being a grandfather. Charlie had gone to see him a few years back, and they were able to clear the air. Now they spend one month out of the year on a fishing trip together.

The Masen family is now, not only the largest Mafia family in the US, but all over the world. However, due to our ways, we are also highly respected, too. My business has taken off even more now; mainly, thanks to Bella and the amazing ideas that she comes up with all of the time.

I walk into my building and head to the elevator, still looking at the papers I have in my hand. I stop reading, when my body starts to react. I spin around seeing a young woman grinning at me. I smirk and tilt my head acknowledging her. The elevator stops and everyone but her and I get off.

I can sense her stare, and I only move my eyes to see that she is indeed staring at me. I key in a few numbers and the elevator comes to a complete stop. I drop my papers and push her against the wall.

"You smell sexy," I say sniffing her.

My eyes scan her quickly. I see she has a short skirt on and a suit jacket.

"Aren't you married," she moans out as I start to kiss her neck.

"I am, but my wife thinks she's sly and tries to catch me and my security messing up all the time."

I chuckle, when she moans loudly as I nibble her neck.

"It's been a few weeks since the last time I took you roughly, Albatross." I flick open her jacket, and grin seeing that she's not wearing anything underneath it.

She nods at me, as I run my hand up her leg.

"I can't hear you… do yo ... huh! No panties!" I chuckle.

"Yes, Stark, now, please."

"Then you know what I want first," I say looking into her blue eyes and she sighs.

I wait as she removes the contacts and wig.

"Much better," I say.

Soon we're in a heap on the floor. I roll to the side and pull her to me.

"Not that I don't love these surprise visits …"

Bella makes surprise visits at least twice every six months, to test my security at work. She dresses in different disguises and sees how far and what she is able to do, before someone sees her or questions her.

"Just checking and I think I need to do it when you're not here. You seem to find me quicker each time."

I chuckle kissing her. "I can't help it if I have Bella radar."

I watch her roll her eyes a little.

"Your company scored an eight anyway; you're getting better."

I fist pump that we are now scoring eight out of twelve. It's pretty good, because we were at two when I first met her.

I jump up and quickly get dressed, but watch Bella put her clothes on. I grin widely when I see the mark I've just given her.

"Oh, you are so easily pleased."

I smack her ass and start the elevator again.

"Remember, we have to talk to Betty about Cassie and Cullen's party; the final things that need to be decided."

I pout at her, not really wanting my kids to be sixteen yet.

"And Cassie wants us to officially meet Ben." I snort.

"Yes, but, Stark, we know him – he's been in her class since kindergarten. You know his mother—you and Candice went to school together." Bella turns putting her hand on her hips and gives me her scary arched brow.

"Yes, and Angela is a great person, but back then, Ben was only her friend, not her boyfriend."

I put my hand at the base of Bella's back, walking her out of the elevator.

"I still can't believe you said it was okay for her to have a boyfriend."

"Why exactly is that? Cullen has had a girlfriend since he first turned fifteen?"

"That's different," I protest.

Bella just glares at me with her evil eye.

"Albatross, if you were a man and had a daughter, you would understand. And I'm still pissed that you kept it from me for two days."

I watch Bella roll her eyes.

"It was two days and she wanted to tell you herself."

"You mean like Kate?"

Bella stops and looks at me.

"They're married now, and I told them to tell you."

"But they didn't. They kept it a secret until she was eighteen, and they ran away and got married."

"It's worked out; they're happy and perfect together."

"Just because you said you would kill anyone who tried to hurt Garrett."

"Someone needed to protect him, can't fault him for loving her as much as he does. I mean, he worked in the club, around naked women all the time. He abstained and remained a virgin for his one true love."

"Yeah, but she is Caius' baby girl."

"Sookie was eighteen before Clark took her away and made an honest woman of her. Is that what your deal is with Ben? You do know that Cassie's still going to be your baby girl, you're not losing her?"

I kiss Bella's head.

"But she'll grow up, and then she'll never come to me anymore. Soon it'll be only Ben who understands her. I know how this goes."

"Sorry, but she's growing up—as a daughter, I still need my father—yet, I will always need you," Bella says wiggling her brows at me.

"I like that," I tell her as we walk into my office.

Bella and I spend the next few hours going through everything, so I can take the next few weeks off from work.

When we get home, I put on my best fake smile as I greet Ben as my daughter's boyfriend. I know deep down he's a good kid, it's just now he's dating my daughter. After he leaves, Cassie and Cullen sit with Alice, Bella, and me, as we make the last decisions on their sweet sixteen birthday party.


I place my hand on Bella's fine ass, as she hangs up the picture board of Cassie and Cullen through the years. Soon, the balloons and banners are all in place. We help my mom and grandmother put out all the food and drinks.

It doesn't take too long for the party to be in full swing with over a hundred kids, and another thirty or so family members being here.

"Oh, it's so hard to believe it has been sixteen years since I carried them," I look to my side seeing Tanya sob little.

"Me, too," I say and wrap my arm around her shoulders as she wipes her face.

"Edward?" Tanya and I groan together, when we hear Sasha's voice.

Sasha broke up with her boyfriend a few months back, and even more sadly, she is back to wanting me. I look around for Bella and see she's talking with Charlie. As I stare at Bella, Tanya pushes me on a chair and sits on my lap and sobs gently again, only this time I know it's all fake.

"Edward, what ... I mean what?" Sasha stutters out.

"Oh, don't mind me," Tanya sobs and she puts her head on my shoulder and starts to play with the buttons on my shirt. "We're just talking about when the twins were in here."

At that Tanya rubs her tummy and then sobs again against my shoulder.

I grin, because I'm on to what Tanya's doing.

"Sorry, Sasha, could you give us some alone time."

I smile as she huffs and walks away.

"That girl is like a dog with a bone, and I know just what bone she wants to play with."

I chuckle a little and give Tanya a nod.

"Hi," Bella says.

I look up seeing my wife and Charlie looking down at Tanya and me. Tanya moves a little on my lap, but doesn't get off, and I shake my head when Bella sits on my lap, too.

"So, how is life with my dad, can I call you Mommy yet?"

Bella grins at Tanya, who frowns a little.

"If you must," Tanya deadpans.

Bella and Tanya became quick friends, while planning the kids' sixth birthday. Several years ago, when Tanya's husband died, Charlie became a supportive friend. They spent a lot of time together and along the way, they fell in love. They were married just last year, and they are great for each other. I'm brought out of my thoughts by them talking as if I'm not here.

"I'm glad, sweetie, he's so good to me. As much as I loved my Mark—he was great—the love I have with your dad is so much more. It's like he can read my thoughts, before I can even think them."

"I know what you mean, that's how things are for Stark and me."

"And the bedroom stuff – that's good, too."

I look to see Bella blush a little and look at Charlie, who's holding back a laugh at the fact they're sitting on my lap talking this way.

"That's good to know, but how about we leave that in the less-you-tell-the-better category?" Bella says and I clear my throat at them.

"Oh, God, you look like a pimp, all you need is a girl between your legs and one on your shoulder," Sasha sneers at us.

I put my arm around both of them and smirk.

"No worries, Kate and Rose will be here soon," I say.

Sasha's face turns red and she stomps away.

"Can I please deal with her?" Bella pleads pouting at me, and I kiss her nose and smile at her.

"I'll have one more talk with her, if that doesn't work, she's all yours."

Tanya and Bella high five each other and jump off my lap.

"Come on, it's time for cake," my wife says with a big smile.

Chapter: Forty – Bella's Epilogue

"Cassie, Cullen, Caden, Cagney, Catherine, Cabe, Cain – breakfast," I yell loudly. I wait a few minutes and then I can hear the thunder of their feet as they all run toward the kitchen.

I set down the plates with the pancakes and another with bacon, and lastly, one with toast. Within seconds, all three plates are empty.

"Cassie, you do the juices, Cullen, you're on syrup duty."

Cassie and Cullen really are a great help to me. They both help Caden, Cagney, and Catherine with homework, while I work with Cabe and Cain. They also do well as older siblings, playing with the younger ones while I clean and make dinner.

"Any food left for me?" Stark asks as he walks in and takes his seat.

"Yes, of course I saved you some," I say putting his plate down and kissing his lips at the same time.

"There are kids at the table, and you are getting to old to do that."

Stark narrows his eyes at Cullen.

"What? People past the age of twenty-five should not be allowed to be doing all this ... PDA, ugh."

"Oh, so I shouldn't do this then," Stark says pulling me on his lap, and the kids all groan as his lips crush down on mine.

I get up and smirk at Stark and turn to the kids.

"You do know grandpa and grandma still kiss, and you're staying with them for a few days?" I say, and this time Stark groans.

"No, now they're too old for PDA."

I slap his chest and he rubs it as he looks at me.

"So who's going where?"

I sigh and sit back on Stark's lap, so I can see all the kids.

"Cassie, Cullen, and Catherine, you're going to grandma and grandpa Platts, the rest of you are going to grandpa and grandma Swans. After four days you switch over."

They all nod at us in understanding.

"We're going to miss you," Cassie says and the rest of them pout at us.

"We'll miss you, too, but you all went away with school trips, and we had a very long time away during the summer. This is something for Mom's and my birthday."

They all nod again, but still pout.

We spend the rest of the day as a family, having a family day. The next morning, the kids are all sent off to their designated grandparents where they'll stay, while Stark and I head to our Island.

I chuckle, when Stark picks me up and carries me toward the house.

"I love that I'm back here with you," he says, and I shake my head.

"We come every year, for three weeks, Stark."

He chuckles and nods. "Yeah, but this is the first time we've been back here alone since our honeymoon."

"Not my fault you kept knocking me up."

I can see the grin on his face, and the glint of accomplishment sparkle in his eyes.

"My family is my greatest achievement, Albatross. It's the only thing I can't and will not live without. You and our kids are my life, and one by one they're going to leave us to make their own lives."

I play with the hair on the back of his neck.

"Open the door, Chaos," Stark says, then carries me into the house.

"Cassie and Cullen still have a few years before they are off to college, and they're always going to need us—need you."

I know, it's just they all grow up so fast. I wish I could freeze time, well, not when they've misbehaved—that can be muted or fast-forwarded through.

I nod at him in agreement knowing when they start misbehaving it can be like hell on earth.

Stark and I get settled by putting our clothes away. I turn and grin at him.

"Stark, I have a surprise for you."

He raises his eyebrow at me in question.

"Spike was saying how you didn't get a stripper for your birthday or your bachelor party, so I thought that maybe I could strip for you."

Stark tilts his head at me.

"It's my birthday gift for the man who has everything. I'll give him a special dance and then be his for twenty-four hours."

Stark's eyes start dancing. "Really?"

I nod at him and tilt my head toward a door, we walk through, and it's done up like a strip club.

"How?" Stark asks.

"Spike helped, he was here getting it all done for us last week."

"He hasn't seen you strip, has he?"

I chuckle, but shake my head. "No, regardless of how much he begged."

Stark looks a little pissed and I roll my eyes.

"Get comfortable, I'm going to change. Be right back."

It doesn't take me too long to get ready, and I walk out switching on the music. I move to the pole, and start working on the routine I came up with using the club choreographer. I'm only halfway done, when I can see Stark's trying hard to keep himself on the seat. I move to him, and sit on the floor in front of him, and spread my legs so he can see that I have no panties on. I move close to him and hook my legs up over his shoulders. Stark yanks my hips toward him.

"Stark, my dance isn't done yet."

"You said you were mine, so therefore, I say it's over now."

He releases me and moves my legs down. I get tingles down my spine, when I see his dark, hooded eyes.

"Get on your knees," he smirks and I drop to my knees in front of him.

I look up at him and he mouths that he loves me and I wink to say I love him, too.

Stark and I spend the night in each other's arms, before sitting in the moonlight. The next day is spent in bed and in a warm bath filled with soft and gentle touches. After that, days are spent between the waterfall, playing games and swimming in the ocean.

On our last night we walk around the whole island and then lie down on the beach one last time on this trip.

We're both feeling fresher, when we arrive back home to our family. All the kids run to us like it's been months, and not ten days, since they've last seen us.

Two days later, which is my birthday, we head out for a family meal and movie. I feel overly tired by the end of it and just want to head to bed. Before I can go to bed, we have a few people that we need to check out. Once the kids are all in bed, I head to the command center.

I lay my head to the desk and soon I can feel Stark kissing the back of my neck.

"Why don't you go to bed, love, I can do this."

I yawn and shake my head.

"No, I'm awake, besides, you know how I am about this, I like to double and triple check stuff," I say sitting up.

"I just think I may've overdone it with you at the island," Stark says lowly, pushing my hair out the way.

I go to roll my eyes at him, but stop, feeling too tired to do it.

"Ma'am, Stark," Chaos says and Stark kisses my head.

"Yes?" I say in response.

"Thought you would like to know, Masen number eight is on board and things are looking good."

I sit up and my hand goes to my belly, and I look to see a giant grin on Stark's face.

Oh God, here we go again!

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