E/O Challenge Word:

blow /blō/ v. – to erupt or explode.

Spoilers/Warnings: Baby supply shopping scene from 6x02

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: Triple drabble

A/N: It always bothered me that Dean gave some answer about Lisa having a baby niece to explain to Sam how he knew so much about babies while they were shopping. Really? Please. We all know the real reason Dean knew so much.

You're my baby. ~ Robin Thicke

Dean did a double-take over his shoulder as they entered the store and scowled at the way Sam was holding the baby – the kid dangling at arm's length like Sam was afraid the baby would blow up...or something.

"Dude, what is wrong with you?"

Sam shrugged – having no idea what he was doing – and glanced at his brother for help, allowing Dean to take the baby and settle him in the cart, strapping the kid in the baby seat.

"You drive," Dean instructed Sam, gesturing at the cart and then rounding the corner of the aisle. "Alright..." he sighed. "I'm pretty sure that there's some kind of, like, paste or jelly you're supposed to put on their butt."

Sam wrinkled his nose.

Because yeah...that sounded like fun for everyone involved.

Sam tried not to cringe as he scanned the shelves. "Like, ah..."

He reached for a bright yellow box of "Butt Paste", showing Dean.

"Like that?"

Dean pointed at the box like Sam had found the prize. "Yeah. Grab that."

Sam wrinkled his nose again but tossed the Butt Paste in the cart as Dean grabbed a box of diapers to toss in the cart as well.

"So, how do you know all of this?" Sam asked, watching as his brother continued to collect baby items like Dean had experience in this kind of shopping.

Dean paused at the question, briefly staring at Sam and smiling. "Because I've raised a baby before."

Sam tilted his head in confusion and then blinked as he realized that Dean was talking about him.

That Dean had raised a baby before – and a kid, for that matter – because Dean had raised Sam.

Sam nodded and smiled.

Dean did the same.

There was a beat of silence as the brothers held each other's gaze, a silent conversation passing between them before they resumed their unusual supply run.