This will end with murder. I should have known.

For too long I have been stabbing cigarettes of hate, malice and anguish in your heart. For too long you have taken my sanity, my pride and will to live.

The paths of ours could only lead to this.

To this cold sharp steel quenched by my trembling hand that already knows blood.

Like a reminder of what we became as the years passed by.

Love?! I never needed that. I just wanted you. Not your body or soul...everything.


No Itachi...

It is all much more than that. I love you the way I am but you were always somehow above that.

Indifference be damned!

Let's pretend the red to be wine. Gods and heathens rejoice the heretics have passed.

Red matches you. Your eyes, those mysterious rubies.

Itachi can't you see how I love everything about you.

You have always been the dew that quenches the pain, the healer of lost and sinful.

You are the silent sacrifice.

The frozen cold steel that took away you soiled in crimson... it reminds me that all I can see is black and red, all the other shades are beaten dead.

You leave with smile but I am screaming and cursing all gods to hell. What moved my hand I do not know.

For what sins have we suffered this pandemonium?

For what pains have we endured this doom?

Let this steel remind us what we are.

It has you and now it shall have me.