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6 months after the events of Titans Together...

The alarm rung loudly as it always did in Titans Tower when a dangerous villain was on the loose. The team quickly assembled in the ops room although some would say that Beast Boy certainly took his time.

Robin immediately noticed that Beast Boy was the last Titan to report to the ops room. "You took your time, Beast Boy."

"Sorry dude, it's only like..." He quickly glanced at a clock before he continued. "8:30 in the morning."

Beast Boy was promptly smacked by Raven in the back of the head, causing him to stumble forwards a few steps in order to maintain his balance. "Shut it." She said.

Robin quickly dismissed his poor excuse with a sigh before he turned around to find out who was causing a disturbance. After being smacked quite forcefully by Raven and dealing with Robin's lack of patience, Beast Boy felt his temper beginning to flare up.

Cyborg was the first to break the silence. "So... Who is it this time Rob?"

"I don't know. Initial reports aren't very clear so be ready for anything. Titans, go!"

The team was approaching the warehouse where the disturbance was reported and as usual, Robin charged through the doors with the rest of the team right behind him. The large room was completely encased in a void-like darkness, the light filtering in through the door provided no assistance.

Suddenly 2 spot lights turned on, one pointed at the Titans and another pointed towards the middle of the room. The sudden change in lighting stunned the Titans for a second before they resumed their combat stances around each other and not much longer than a few seconds after that a large projector screen attached to the ceiling in the middle of the room rolled out which immediately garnered the teams attention. The spot light directed towards the middle of the room lit the screen up perfectly.

An image was projected on to the screen from seemingly out of nowhere. It was a slightly low angle shot of a mysterious but clearly male figure which was an overt attempt at making him appear menacing.

His head was bathed in pure darkness, masking his identity whilst leaving his chest exposed as he sat in a simple chair, the only identifiable thing about him so far was the emboldened yellow question mark on his form fitting suit and the black and green design surrounding it.

A loud voice reverberated around the barren warehouse. "Greetings, lesser minded fiends."

Beast Boy immediately groaned and proceeded to facepalm himself at the obvious copycat. The rest of the team looked at him curiously, wondering if he possibly figured out something before they did. He quickly noticed their quizzical looks.

"What guys? Don't you see it?"

They all slowly but rather comically shook their heads simultaneously.

"This guy is clearly a Riddler copycat! He has a giant question mark on his suit and also a god complex to go along with it!" He stated.

Robin turned his head back to the screen, unaffected by Beast Boys realization. Cyborg stifled a laugh and Raven just stood there showing no emotion whatsoever.

Starfire responded. "Please friends, what is a Riddler?" She said in a confused tone.

Robin decided to answer her first. "Not now Star, I'll tell you later."

The loud voice returned. "Now if you peasants are quite finished with your inane interruptions, I'll continue."

"What do you want? Because the only thing we're offering here is a free jail cell!" Shouted Robin.

The figure on the screen laughed out loudly for a few seconds before he responded. "Oh Robin. I don't want much, only for your weak mind to concede victory to me - Kwiz Kid, the greatest intellectual mind in this fair city and quite possibly the entire world!"

"Over my dead body, Kid!" Robin retorted.

Kwiz Kid merely snorted at his expected response. "Yes, yes, we'll get to that part soon. I've rigged 5 bombs that are set to go off in 20 minutes, each in a separate location somewhere in this poor excuse for a city. If you want any hope at finding them before they go off then you'll answer my riddle."

Beast Boy butted in. "Wow, 5 bombs. 5 distractions. 5 Titans. You're so original, and way to copy the Riddler dude!"

"Shut it, peasant!" Kwiz Kid took a breath before continuing. "Now, riddle me this. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in one thousand years?"

Starfire jumped for joy and screamed out. "I know! I know! A grizlorf!"

Robin stopped her before she got to excited. "Hold on a minute Star. Let me, Raven and Cyborg handle this."

Beast Boy noticed that he was left out there so he decided to bring it up. "Hey! You forgot about me Rob!"

Before Robin could finish uttering his first word in response to him, Raven levitated Beast Boy in the air and ejected him out the entrance to the warehouse where the team could no longer see him. He promptly landed on on his back, head first against the concrete. It took him a few seconds to get back up but as soon as he did he felt an aching sensation, almost like a head ache but it felt extremely sharp at the back of his head. He tenderly reached a gloved hand to make contact with the aching area which he instantly regretted due to the pain that spiked throughout his body.

Daily abuse from Raven towards Beast Boy was especially common as of late so the rest didn't think too much about it, they figured since Beast Boy never complained that he didn't really mind so they never really had a reason to intervene. Plus she always seemed to be able to get Beast Boy to stop annoying everyone so it was sort of a blessing in disguise for them.

Kwiz Kid took this as a moment to interject. "Tick tock, Titans. Your time is ticking away!"

The team momentarily forgot about Beast Boy and turned their focus back to the screen as they thought about the riddle. After about 30 seconds of the team just standing there in deep thought, Beast Boy managed to stomp his way back in to the room where he proceed to shout out the answer. "M! It's M! There's one M in minute, two M's in moment and not a single M in one thousand years!"

With that said, the rest of the Titans looked towards Beast Boy, each with a shocked look on their faces. The image on the screen suddenly changed to an enhanced map of Jump City with 5 pictures of bombs, each on a different building spread out across the city. The timer was shown at the bottom of the map, if it was to be believed then apparently there was 14 minutes remaining.

Raven, feeling outwitted by Beast Boy (for once), commented on his answer with a smirk. "Only someone as immature as Beast Boy could answer such a childish riddle."

Beast Boy glanced at the screen before staring down Raven and feeling his temper flare up even further to the point where he just wanted to smash her head in the ground to show her how it feels. Wisely deciding to avoid a fight with the half demon, he spoke out. "I'll deal with the bomb at the courthouse." He then walked out of the warehouse and shifted in to one of his innumerable avian forms in order to get to the courthouse quickly.

Upon arriving at the courthouse, Beast Boy knew that he had enough time to deal with the bomb one way or another so he decided to use caution. After scanning the general area for anyone and coming up empty, he morphed into a brown bear in order to determine what exactly was waiting for him inside the building. He immediately identified the bomb itself which he estimated could easily level the entire building, he also identified 5 different scents, all distinguishably male, unfamiliar to him, hostile and nervous.

'5 thugs and a bomb. Right. I've got this.' Beast Boy thought to himself.

He breached the building as a house fly so that he could remain undetected until he got the drop on them. As you can imagine, there isn't really anywhere you can hide in a courthouse. The bomb was sitting right in front of the judge's bench with all of the lightly armed thugs just relaxing around it as if it couldn't blow up at any second.

He noted that they didn't have any guns. 'Yep, I've definitely got this.'

He landed on one of the thugs then quickly shifted into a brown bear again, the weight immediately forced the man to the ground and knocked him out cold. Beast Boy took a swipe at another man to his left, knocking him through a bench where he didn't rise from.

One of the men was charging at him with a crowbar which Beast Boy noticed. He responded by shifting back to his human form, sidestepping the blow and using the thugs momentum against him by turning around and kicking him into another bench which he impacted with head first, knocking him out. By turning around, Beast Boy left his back exposed to the other two thugs.

Something blunt and quite hard hit him in the back of the head, right where he was already injured (thanks in no small part to Raven) and he proceeded to fall to the ground. When he hit the ground he transformed into an electric eel and reached out to his attackers leg, at which point he shocked the man into unconsciousness. He morphed back to his human form and saw the last man making a run for the emergency exit. A quick morph to a cheetah and a short sprint to the man enabled Beast Boy to take him out of the equation after ramming him through the emergency exit door itself.

Returning to the bomb with the adrenaline of the fight wearing off, he felt his head injuries from the day coming back to him in full force. Dealing with the pain and disorientation of a possible concussion, he was able to see a timer on the bomb. After reading out that there was only 6 minutes remaining, he heard Kwiz Kid's voice emanating from the bomb.

"Riddle me this, animal, and I'll deactivate the bomb. What is so delicate that saying its name shatters it?"

Beast Boy growled in response as soon as he was called an animal but immediately groaned after hearing the pitiful riddle. "Are you serious, dude? That's easy. Silence."

Upon saying the answer the bomb fizzled, a brief puff of smoke came out of it and the timer went blank along with Beast Boy's expression due to his recent head trauma rendering him unconscious.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I hope you don't read the Teen Titans Go! comics because I sure don't. I have no idea how Kwiz Kid is supposed to behave.