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It's true that Beast Boy was trained to defend himself against psychic attacks on his mind which was all thanks to his old leader and adoptive father, Mento. His own defense was enforced by will alone which wouldn't have been enough to stop Raven. Since he lacks any sort of supernatural power that would otherwise help him, most of the opposition to Raven's intrusion was provided by Mento's own conditioning of Beast Boy's mind. It would take a very skilled telepath to break into the young changelings mind and fortunately for him, Raven didn't specialize in that area.

Jinx had counted the seconds in her mind. 28 seconds. 28 seconds was how long it took for Beast Boy and Raven to snap out of their trances, 28 seconds it took before Beast Boy retaliated and 28 seconds it took before Raven received a nasty clawing alongside her face that would no doubt leave 4 disfiguring scars. Jinx couldn't decide if it was still the 28th or 29th second when Raven's head collided with the floor and a sickening crack followed as the barrier surrounding the ex villainess disappeared. From then onwards, it was just a blur to her. She could hardly recall raising her hands to launch an offensive hex at Robin who was mid air with his bo staff heading straight towards Beast Boy.

Not quite over the trauma of having one of his supposed friends attempting to mind rape him, Beast Boy was in no position to defend against Robin's oncoming attack but a ringing in his ears that reminded him of Jinx's powers snapped him out of his haze fast enough to look up and see Robin seemingly explode in a cloud of smoke whilst he was mid air, sending the boy wonder crashing into a wall on the other side of the room.

Despite the large indentation of where Robin had impacted with the wall, he managed to retain a hold of his bo staff the entire time and still pick himself up with only mild scorch marks present on his uniform, his utility belt was all but toast as it only now slid down his waist to hit the ground making it clear that Jinx's hex hit the belt in just the right spot. The only explanation for Robin not being blown into tiny pieces was that his explosive discs must've had some kind of built in safety to reduce backfire damage, but even still - Robin must've been quite resistant to walk away from that on his own two feet.

Cyborg decided that now was the appropriate time to come barging in through the doors to the ops room, the explosion he heard on his way up startled him and made him double time it. The sight before him wasn't exactly one that he'd wanted to see.

"Hey y'all! What the hell is goin' on?" He saw Beast Boy in an aggressive stance in the middle of the room with Jinx and Robin both on either side of him at the edges of the room, Raven appeared to be knocked out cold.

Not bothering to explain the situation, Robin gave Cyborg the order to attack before charging in to engage Beast Boy. "Cyborg! Take out Jinx!"

No more words were shared as both Robin and Beast Boy turned to ferociously engage each other. Robin opened with a swing of his staff when he was within attacking distance that was surprisingly blocked with one of Beast Boy's forearms, the other was used to thrust an effective blow into Robin's face that sent the walking traffic light flying past Beast Boy due to the momentum they both carried although he graciously recovered with a well executed roll before turning around and heading back to counter Beast Boy.

Jinx took note that Beast Boy was holding his own for now against their treacherous leader so she turned to Cyborg who looked to be frozen with inaction. Quickly deciding that it would be best to get the drop on the metal plated tin head, her eyes glowed pink and soon after a pipe right behind Cyborg emerged from the ground and ejected highly pressurized water at him which sent him tumbling forward onto his stomach.

Cyborg quickly recovered from the surprise attack and promptly brought up his right arm as it changed into a sonic cannon and fired at Jinx who used her cat-like agility to perform a well timed front walkover that delivered her safely out of the radius of the sonic blast, afterwards, she tossed a small hex at his cannon as it was performing its equivalent of priming which made the entirety of his right arm explode into nothingness when he attempted to fire another blast. The explosion sent Cyborg spinning backwards a few feet where he landed on his back this time.

The last thing Cyborg saw from the ground was the ceiling swiftly collapsing in around him.

Beast Boy had never been more skilled than Robin at hand to hand combat and he still wasn't now despite Robin being weakened by his own explosive discs, this revelation made Beast Boy fall back into relying on his animal forms because his ribs were already feeling sore from the thrashing he was getting.

The only saving grace for the young green teen at this point was that Robin didn't have access to anything in his miniature arsenal of gadgets apart from his collapsible bo staff and if you think about it logically, a staff is useless versus an opponent that can shift into animals that are many, many times bigger than you.

Robin somersaulted out of the way of a pouncing Beast Boy who was in the form of a saber-tooth cat, namely the largest kind of saber-tooth cat; the smilodon populator. The shape shifter then absorbed the brunt of a blow from Robin's staff; there wasn't much the boy wonder could do against an animal that was easily more than 4 times his weight, especially without any of his gadgets to help him.

Beast Boy lunged at Robin again who rolled out of the way as expected but this time he countered by aiming his strike for the tiger's face which yielded much better results as Beast Boy stumbled to his side, more so out of disorientation than pain. Sensing another incoming blow to his face, Beast Boy changed into an alpine swift to fly up and out of the way of the blow. Not giving his opponent time to press the offensive, Beast Boy changed into a green anaconda and landed on Bird Boy before quickly coiling around his upper body, not giving his arms any room to move.

Beast Boy could feel Robin's bones begin to crack and give way under the pressure that he applied which caused Robin to yell out in pain even as he was starting to have difficulty breathing. Being constricted by the largest known species of snake is something that most people tend to avoid as it can be a very lethal experience. Fortunately for Robin, Beast Boy knew that he wasn't a killer; if he had wanted to kill him, he could've done it already in so many different ways. Upon concluding that his enemy wouldn't be able to do anything besides lay there in agony, he uncoiled himself and changed back into his human form to discover that his conclusion was very accurate.

Jinx had just finished removing Cyborg from the equation by hexing the ceiling above him when she turned to see Robin beginning to scream as a huge green snake constricted his upper body. She could tell that Robin was finished. The snake released her estranged leader and he crumpled to the ground, yelling out in pain the entire time. Beast Boy found that his ex leader's cries of agony were far too annoying for his sensitive ears so his leaned down and with as much force as he could muster, he swung his fist down into Robin's face, knocking the boy out cold.

She saw her boyfriend suddenly fall back onto his rear end as he rubbed his ribs to relieve them of their soreness. His distress made her run over to him as quickly as she could in order to make sure that he was okay. Leaning down and supporting him by the shoulders, she spoke with tender care evident in her voice. "Logan, are you okay?"

He really couldn't believe what exactly just happened, all he could do was let out a soft chuckle that brought pain to his chest. "Oh yeah, I'm great."

Not knowing exactly what she could do to comfort him, she decided to play it by ear and pull him into a desperate kiss, one that they both found they needed in a time such as this. Pulling away as she recalled that he was actually in pain right now, she frantically eyed him over for further injuries which he noticed. "I'm okay, Jinx. I'm fine, really. Look." Wincing as he stood up with the assistance of Jinx, he stopped rubbing his sore ribs. "See? I'm fine."

She felt the need to apologize for her insistent worrying. "I'm sorry! It's just that I thought I was hurting you so I-"

Cutting her off with a light one armed hug since he didn't want to antagonize his injury any further, he reassured her that it was alright. "Jinx, it's fine. I love you too."

Finally calming down thanks to the much needed physical comfort that her boyfriend had provided, she returned the light embrace as she rubbed her face gently into the crook of his neck and replied. "I love you..."

Both of them silently agreed to pull away after a full minute of holding on to each other, though Jinx quickly grasped one of his hands with her own and refused to let go. She was trying to weigh in their options at this point but came to a dead end, she asked her boyfriend for his input. "What are we going to do now?"

With a short sigh indicating his discontent with the whole situation, he gave the only reasonable answer he could think of. "The only thing we can, we're leaving."

She had already weighed in that option and found that it held the most merit despite the fact that she had no idea where they could possibly go. "Where can we go? Robin will be bound to look for us."

"I nearly snapped him in two, he won't be looking for anyone besides a nurse for a couple of months while he's resting in a hospital bed." He paused to intake a breath of air. "I know where we can go, let's go and quickly pack a few things before we leave."

The couple made it to their shared room in record time, at which point Beast Boy pulled out two identical backpacks from nowhere and handed one to Jinx. "A single backpack, nothing more. We're taking the Beast."

Jinx nodded to indicate her understanding, she then proceeded to pack a spare change of civilian clothes and other essentials.

Beast Boy suddenly called out from the other side of the room. "Change into your civvies as well."

She looked behind her to see her lover already undressed apart from his boxers, he was in the process of finding something to wear. His request left her confused. "Why? Our skin color will just give us away." Her gaze didn't turn away from his body as she continued to check out her "hunk of a man".

Momentarily halting his efforts to find clean clothing, he turned around to face her and held out his hand to show her a ring but that didn't help answer her question. "What's the ring for?"

He slipped the ring on to his index finger in an effort to show her. His body's features instantaneously changed. He was no longer green but instead his skin color was white. His hair had changed color to a dirty blonde that fit him perfectly. Jinx noticed that his pointed ears and elongated nails were made to look more "normal" as well. The only identifying feature that remained the same about him was his deep emerald eyes. The sudden change left Jinx stunned and only able to comment with a single word that left her lips without her knowing. "Wow..."

A bright smile came onto his face at hearing his girlfriend's silent approval. "I know, right? It's sort of like the holo rings that... Stone used." He found it difficult to say Cyborg's name so he resorted to using his old villain alias. "I programmed it to make me look like I did before..." He didn't need to continue, Jinx understood that he didn't want to talk about it yet.

Attempting to ease his discomfort, she steered the conversation back on track. "Do I get one?"

He appreciated her knowing gesture. "Of course. Get changed first. We need to get going soon."

Knowing that they were probably going to be riding on Beast Boy's second love for a while, Jinx dressed herself appropriately, much to her boyfriend's joy. She settled on wearing a very form fitting unbranded dark green T shirt that accentuated her upper assets. She knew that she couldn't compare to other woman in regards to bust size but Beast Boy had told her multiple times previously that he greatly admired her athletic build. Matching her dark green shirt quite nicely was a pair of black skinny jeans that highlighted her firm rear perfectly. Finally, she slipped on a tight black leather jacket that had one of those straps that button up at the collar that she couldn't resist buttoning up since she was used to wearing the collar on her uniform, she left the rest of the jacket unzipped for now. Fortunately for her, Beast Boy could tell that the jacket itself was made out of artificial leather so he didn't see any reason to complain.

Beast Boy had dressed himself in khaki cargo shorts and a fairly form fitting plain white T shirt. His choice of attire made Jinx arch her brow until he simply reminded her that he doesn't get cold easily. Once again grasping her partners arm with her own two arms, they approached Cyborg's room that was quickly hexed open. Beast Boy had proceeded to scan Jinx in with the same scanner that Cyborg had once scanned him in with. Using the same easy to use tool that Beast Boy had once programmed his own holo ring with, he quickly did the same for Jinx and uploaded it to an unused spare holo ring that was in one of Cyborg's drawers. The whole ordeal in Cyborg's room only took 5 minutes.

Handing her the ring, he spoke. "Put it on."

Sliding the ring on, Jinx's rather unique skin tone had changed to match Beast Boy's and her vibrant pink hair that she had left down had changed to an inconspicuous brown that blended in with her sharp facial features quite nicely. His brand on her neck had been covered by the ring and her bright feline eyes changed to look more human but they retained their original pink hue; anyone looking at her eyes would think that she was wearing contact lenses of some description.

Beast Boy concluded that she looked stunning but didn't give her a chance to check it out for herself since there were no mirrors nearby and they had to go now. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her out of the room and up to the roof, assuring her on the way that she looked beautiful. "You look beautiful with and without the ring, now let's leave before the others get up."

Glad to see that there were a good few hours of daylight left to burn, Beast Boy handed Jinx his own backpack before he shifted into a pterosaur and carried her off into the middle of Jump City once more.

To be continued...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sequel it is then! I guess I was always leaning towards that option. Since this is the final chapter of the story, I'll be writing a long author's note this time. I had a lot of fun writing this story and I hope that you all had just as much fun reading it.

I try to avoid justifying my writing choices because doing it all the time would make me look like a moron but I feel the need to do so for this chapter at least. The fighting scenes in this chapter? As always, I aimed for realism (realistic for a cartoon anyway) over just writing in: "Beast Boy turns into a beast and kills everything in sight for the lols because he's magically a god-like character now." Beast Boy and Jinx probably wouldn't normally stand a chance against Raven OR Robin, I think I wrote their defeats in very well.

Do I have any regrets? I seriously regret not giving Cyborg more face time, there was so much more that I could've done with him. I semi-regret not making Jinx more IC, however from what little we've seen of her relationship with Kid Flash in the cartoon show, who are we to judge if she's really a bossy little bitch to her lover? I don't really know anything about the comics, sorry. Most of the scenes I've showcased with her interacting with anyone besides Beast Boy are perfectly/reasonably IC for her (I think), but to be fair, those scenes are few in number - I'll try to work on this in the sequel.

I'd like to thank writerzero, JP-Rider, BartWLewis, CrimsonKaiserDragon, waterfire98 and probably a lot of other people for their continued support. I'd like to thank LiumD and FF8cerberus for their sort-of-support; it's hard to please you bastards. :P To those of you who complained/might complain that Raven, Robin and Cyborg got let off easy then did you really think that I would have Beast Boy sit them into torture chambers and torture them for days on end? Hehe, nope. The pain for them is supposed to come AFTER the fight.

I started this story (my first fan fiction, ever) with two goals in mind; get Beast Boy and Jinx together, write a full on lemon and have Beast Boy and Jinx leave the Titans. That's three? Oh... I guess I'll get to the lemon part in the sequel then. To be honest though, I wanted this story to be different from the others on this website and for the most part, I believe I succeeded just by having Jinx in it.

I have a lot more planned for the sequel! A name is in the works and I hope to get the first chapter out soon! Thank you for reading.