By: Resident Goddess
Rated: PG-13


Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all its corresponding characters belong to JK Rowling and not I, this story does, however.

Summary: The summer before his 6th year Draco is punished for not taking the Dark Mark of Voldemort. Upon returning to school, the rest of the student body is surprised to see him mute. The Gryffindors see it as a blessing until they learn the real truth--now they'll do anything to get his voice back.

Beware--some slash.


The curse had been simple, really. Draco couldn't understand why he didn't identify it at once. But then Lucius had swept away and left him alone immediately after the spell had been cast, which had resulted in a fit of rage, along with a long string of words from Draco. Words that had never reached human ears. Yes, he could hear his own voice when he was alone, that is why he had thought that the curse had been something else. Perhaps something that would bite him in the arse later--maybe a disease or a deformity that he couldn't see just yet. He had stripped right then and looked himself over more then twice in a full-length mirror. Everything seemed to be in order, and Draco was angry to find himself confused. His father had done many things to him in the past, but all of them had been quite obvious, at least fifteen minutes later.

So he waited. He waited for a long time for the curse to show its self. He waited all through dinner and through the next morning's breakfast before he dared show his face anywhere but his bedroom. On his way downstairs, he discovered the curse. He had run into a servant, or rather, a servant had run into him. A house elf, as it was, the poor dumb thing had dropped all of its clean laundry, and Draco opened his mouth to tell it to go shut its head in the oven, but nothing came out. He cleared his throat, thinking that it was all that yelling yesterday, and tried again. Still nothing. The elf stood there gaping at him and waiting for its sentence. Draco had stalked into the dining room, leaving the house elf still standing in the hall.

When he spotted his father sitting calmly at the breakfast table, dressed and ready to go to wherever it was his father always went in the mornings, he pointed and let out a long string of curses. This was quite ineffective, considering that no one heard him. His mother looked shocked, and his father looked smug. Draco just stood, fuming for several long minutes until Lucius threw down his napkin and placed a kiss on his wife's cheek.

"I'm going out, please keep Draco entertained while I'm gone. He has yet to get his school supplies, maybe a trip to Diagon Alley would suit his fancy." Lucius had smiled curtly then, donned his coat and left.

Needless to say, Draco's summer was not a happy one. He was almost happy to return to Hogwarts at the beginning of fall, though he had no idea what would be in store for him when he could not answer questions, throw insults at Potter and Co. or communicate with anyone. The curse still allowed him magic, though no one heard the words, the spell would still be cast if he made the motions and went through all the steps. It would still be highly embarrassing if he could not answer Potter if a snide remark was made. And he highly doubted that 'writing it down' would be as effective.

Nonetheless, he, along with everyone else went off to school again at the beginning of September. Somehow his two 'friends' knew of his ailment, and both seemed sympathetic. Draco couldn't help but notice that they both supported the Dark Mark on their forearm. The Dark Mark…that blasted thing that had gotten him into this whole mess. At least when he reached Hogwarts he could perhaps find a counter-spell. Yes, all would be different when he reached Hogwarts.


[End Prelude]

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